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Shop special

Miss Pretty

Miss Pretty is an exclusive lingerie shop, specialised in renowned designer's night wears. The line ranges from material suitable for daily use to ones required just for a special day such as wedding, anniversaries, valentine's day etc. You name your need and Miss Pretty has it.

Padded, non-padded, changeable strap, transparent strap: bras of all sorts are available in different colours and style under one roof. Night wears of different colour and fabrics specifically made to suite your need are available from designer graduated from UK Central St. Martine School of Art & Design.

For the first time, Miss Pretty is offering lingerie, which is specifically designed and made from materials, which conform to health and hygiene concerns. Every piece of the exclusive collection of lingerie is dermatological tested and certified by AZO that no carcinogenic material had been used in the fabrication of the products.

The concept of this shop with the trial room, is to create privacy for ladies who needs time and care in choosing the exact product of their specific need with the help of friendly assistance. This also offers choices of other products such as toiletries, cosmetics, blouse and petticoat.

The lingerie products range from Tk.150 to Tk.5000 and the night wear products range from Tk 130 to Tk 1500. All products offered at Miss Pretty have value for money.

Discover new shopping experience with Miss Pretty, at Anam Rangs Plaza in Saat Masjid Road, Dhanmondi.

News flash

Training professional art restorers

If you have paintings in your acquisition it is your responsibility to preserve it in order to restore the heritage for the next generation. There may be various reasons why the precious paintings may become damaged. Whatever the reason might be it needs immediate restoration. Restoration of any medium of arts should be left to professionals. In Bangladesh if one wants to do so it is impossible to find an expert who would take care of the job, as there is none. However, there is some good news. The Shilpokala Academy recently organised a 9 month long training workshop on professional art preservation, which will end this June.

With the help of Norwegian government they are training 8 individuals who are receiving training on preservation, restoration, and renovation. Several of them will receive more intensive training abroad. Subir Choudhury, Director, Dept of Fine Arts at the Academy tells us " We wish to build a permanent conservation laboratory. Our Basic goal is to restore legendary works of our artists and provide conservation services to individual art collectors". The restorers have already started conserving the damaged paintings in the Shilpokala's collection. They also helped several private collectors.

In the future Shilpokala Academy with the help of these trained experts will arrange more workshops on preservation. The basic goal is to create professional experts who would meet the countries need.

Art appreciation course

Zainul Abedin, quayum Chowdhury, S. M. Sultan, or Mustafa Monwar they have created legends through their palettes and brushes. With only a few stroke of the brush they have portrayed beauty, love, hunger or may be the simple meaning of life. To create better understanding of their work, the Shilpokala Academy every year arranges Art History and Art Appreciation Course. It is a three week long course with total 42 classes.

This year the classes will start from June 7th. The cost is surprisingly minimal. It is only tk50. The course is open for individuals from any discipline having graduation degree. The Last date for submitting application is May 31st.

The course will briefly present lectures on art history. Impressionism, Expressionism, Cubism, Abstract, Pop and more will be discussed. Along with Bangladeshi art they will go through Greek and Roman arts. Composition, colour, tone, perspective, form and space, these issues will be addressed. Those who wish to acquire a little knowledge on art or learn to appreciate the works of legendary artists contact Shilpokala's Fine Arts department.

By Shahnaz Parveen

Shop talk

Rechargeable light
With the arrival of summer we all enjoy having succulent watermelons, lychees and mangoes. However, one thing that we do not enjoy is the frequent power failures. Usually the power failures happen after dusk, and it is then that we begin to find out how it feels to be blind. Under such circumstances it is absolutely imperative to have a rechargeable light at home, as it will ensure that our experience of blindness is only temporary. Rechargeable lights are widely available at electrical stores all over the country, and they cost between TK 600 to TK 1100.

A wheelchair is indispensable to any invalid who hates being stuck in bed. It is especially important for convalescing senior citizens, for whom walking around unaided is hazardous. Besides helping elderly people, a wheelchair can come in handy for people who have broken their leg or sprained their ankle while playing. At AP Sports (Hockey Stadium) a wheelchair is sold between TK 3500 to TK 12000.

Hair remover lotion
Are your hairy legs creating unwanted friction against your trousers? Does the thought of a painful waxing give you nightmares? Tweezing too troublesome? One easy, painless, and reasonably safe method to remove unwanted body hair is to use hair remover lotion. Nair hair remover lotion is a renowned brand, and at Shop n' Save (Uttara) it is sold for TK 295.

In recent days the weather has been stiflingly hot. On returning home from outside there is nothing more pleasing than drinking refrigerated juice or a glass of fresh cold water. Also, the prospect of having ice cream sounds very appealing at this time of the year. To enjoy these godsend things you must have a fridge-freezer at home. At Samsung Sales and Display Centre (60 National Stadium Market), a 12 CFT model can be purchased for TK 23900 and a 14 CFT model for TK 28250. If you have a bit more cash to spare you can buy a 27 CFT model for TK 70110.

Not everybody has the time to go to a gym for a workout, and parks these days aren't safe either. So how does one stay fit? By purchasing a treadmill we can at least burn a few calories while staying at home. At Shah Sports (Hockey Stadium) a treadmill is sold in the range of TK 7000 to TK 18000.

If you want to hang a painting on the wall of your living room then instead of using a nail and a hammer to pierce the wall, use a drill. This is because a drill is simple to use and the plaster will not get chipped haphazardly while the piercing is carried out. Besides using a drill to pierce walls, you can also use it to pierce wood. At hardware stores in Dhaka City a drill is sold for about TK 2200.

By Sayeed Mahmud Nizam





Essentials Special

Tending precious paintings
When you decided to buy a painting you probably thought the hard part was choosing the right one for your home. Think again because now you have to preserve it for future generations. You cannot just hang it anywhere and expect it to look as good in a few years time as it does now. Here are some easy ways of preserving painting at your home.

Handle carefully
Handle the painting and frame with care. Never carry it by the wire or cord, always hold on to either side of the frame. If you cannot hang the painting immediately or have to take it down for some reason, never store the painting lying flat, it should always be stored upright.

Hang it in the proper place
Do not hang the paintings close to areas where it can be accidentally knocked down. When you are hanging a picture with an especially heavy frame, hang it from two hooks on the back of the frame, rather than from a single wire. Hang it on a wall that never receives direct sunlight because that will bleach the colours. Do not hang the painting above any heat source. If you use spotlights to light the picture, make sure they are the kind that does not give off heat. Humidity is also a danger to paintings so make sure the room you hang it in does not get steamed up or is damp. Do not hang it close to windows.

Cleaning carefully
Only the lightest cleaning should be done at home. Attempts of any serious cleaning at home might destroy the precious work of art. This should be done with a very soft clean cloth and soft brush. Even cleaning materials like these can cause damage if used incorrectly. Renovations, restorations, and repairs of any form of artwork should be done by experts only

By Shahnaz Parveen




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