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Shop special

This n' That

A shop just around the corner is stuffed with gift items imported from Tibet and India. Sounds great, doesn't it? Yeah! "This n' That" situated at 41, Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani is a shop that is the "in" thing in Dhaka right now. It has been just a month that they have opened but their look and feel drew attention of all the shoppers around the city. The yellow walls and bright lights make the small gift shop appear very sweet and appealing. As beginners they don't have any concrete plans for the future; right now their focus is on the present

This n' That is a gift shop. Next time you feel indecisive about what present to buy, just drop in and you'll walk out smiling. They have items for every occasion, be it a wedding anniversary, birthday, Valentine's Day, achievement party, house warming party and the list goes on. They have items for all seasons and all occasions. They have items such as silver glass lanterns, silver shisha, decorative silver mirrors and much more. The prices for the Tibetan silver items start from Taka 1500 and go up to Taka 5,000 depending on the work and cut done on the silver. For the high market demand they have ordered a variety of products in silver and glass.

Among the clay products, they have the local pottery. Plates, glasses, and flower tubs are the items in that category. The price is also very reasonable. Perfumed aromatherapy shower gels and shower items are imported from the US. They will cost Taka 450 only. Different colours and shapes are the main attraction of those perfumed shower gels.

Apart from these items they have a good range of clothing. These clothes are mainly imported from India. Fotua, sarees, kids wear are available at a convenient price. The baby clothes are very nice and will suit kids of age 2 to 6 years. The small jewellery box, lamps, candles, and ornaments on display are of good quality. And the price is reasonable too.

Looking for a perfect gift? So drop in to This n' That and look for yourself at what treasures they have in store for you. The small cosy shop will be a delightful shopping experience indeed.

By Bohemian Soul

Shop talk

Glass Bangles
Although beautiful glass bangles once graced the hands of Bangali women, they are rarely available and seen today. However at Naina's (the beauty salon is located in sector #3, Uttara), you will come across beautiful glass bangles that are neatly arranged in shelves. These colourful hand accessories are available within tk.20 to tk.100. So step inside Naina's the next time you want to hear the melodious tune of our traditional glass bangles.

Cellphone hangers
Accessories and decorative pieces are coming out to give a cuter look to your favourite cell phone. There are charming cell phone hangers available in the Banani branch of Archies. The hangers are characterised by strings in pastel shades and cartoons of frogs, dogs, girls, guys and so much more. They are lovely, colourful and ready to enhance the attractiveness of your little phone. Some of these hangers even have small bells that jingle as you move your phone. Available at tk.80, these hangers are really worth buying.

Hand woven saris from Sirajganj
The weavers of Sirajganj are dextrous; they weave excellent taant saris that bear high quality and smooth texture and are beautiful to look at. These exclusive saris from Shahzadpur, Sirajganj are seldom available in the shops of Dhaka. Yet if you want to be a proud owner of one such exquisite sari, you can pay a visit to Naina's Beauty Parlour where the owner has kept some exclusive hand woven saris from Sirajganj in display in the reception chamber of her salon. These impressive saris are available within tk.850 to tk.1500 at Naina's.

Lovely decoration pieces
Souvenirs and decoration pieces with your loved one's zodiac sign stamped around could be an ideal gift on his/her birthday this year. There are beautiful candle stands characterised by signs of various horoscopes available at the Banani branch of Archies gift shop. Besides within tk.150 you can get hold of other beautiful showpieces marked by teddy bears, and different horoscopes inscribed on top.

Insect creams
With the summer season in full throttle, it seems the ideal time for the bugs to attack. Imagine keeping those bugs away from you without happening to smell disgusting. Sounds impossible? Well, Odomos is here to save you all from the bugs out there. Odomos, a cream which keeps the mosquitoes away after you simply put it on your skin, is effective as well as cheap. You can find the cream at most stores, including Prime Collection in Dhanmondi, at Tk. 50.

Slip-ons or cool sandals seem to be the in-thing this summer. With the heat of the sun above your head, make sure that you add these comfortable sandals to your wardrobe. Slip-ons are both comfortable and easy to use something that is rare for other footwear. Slip-ons for women are available at Bata Bazaar between Tk.200-400. If you want to purchase something interesting when it comes to sandals, Rakhi Shoes located in Gaffur Mansion at Elephant Road, offers trendy shoes with different Hindi cinema names.

Tackle those harsh sunny rays, with cool shades this summer. Sunglasses have many different shades and designs available at different parts of the city. The coloured light-green, yellow and aubergine shades, in metal frames and rimless, are in this summer. Large 60's goggles are in this summer for women as well, so try to check those out too. Its hard to get a pair you like, so do surf a lot before you buy one. On top of it, dark shades are always in.

By Wara Karim and Mishel Ali Khan




Essentials Special

Facts on mosquito
Mosquitoes locate humans primarily by smelling carbon dioxide and lactic acids that are excreted from the bodies. They can find us from a distance that is as far away as 200 feet. Cologne, soaps, and lotions can also attract mosquitoes. Adults and obese humans have an increased risk of being bitten by mosquitoes, due to their large body mass and more carbon dioxide being excreted from their skin. The majority of mosquitoes feed early in the morning or late at night and only the female mosquito bites humans. She needs the blood meal for egg production.

The mayhem they cause
Mosquitoes can cause serious mayhem for a human's domain. The annoying noise and biting are not the only things they do. They can cause severe havoc in the society. We have all seen the fatalities of dengue fever in the past few years. Mosquito bites can transmit serious diseases such as malaria, the already mentioned dengue fever and several forms of encephalitis. People die of these diseases. Some of the diseases such as dengue have no vaccine.

Mosquito bites
Everyone has had the unpleasant experience of being bitten by a mosquito. Mosquito bites can cause severe skin irritation through an allergic reaction to the mosquito's saliva and this is what causes the red bump and itching on the skin. Some children under one year of age have severe reactions to mosquito bites. Intense scratching can even lead to infection.

Fighting mosquitoes
Old tires, buckets, plastic covers, cans, jars, flower tubs or any other container can be a breeding ground if it has standing water in it. Empty all sources of stagnant water from your surroundings. Check the water flow of the drainage system regularly so that it does not become clogged. Attach mosquito nets to windows. If there are no nets try shutting the windows before dusk. Replace your outdoor lights with yellow lights, which will attract the bugs away from inside the house. Try wearing outfits that will cover most parts of your body such as long-sleeved dresses. If the mosquito population increases to an unbearable level you can lodge complains to the DCC. After a complain DCC sends personnel with repellent sprays

By Shahnaz Parveen




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