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Oxygen cylinders at BOC

Does a member of your family have breathing problems? If so, then you probably ought to keep an oxygen cylinder at home. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

In Dhaka City you can either buy or rent oxygen cylinders from BOC. A 1.36 cubic metre medical oxygen cylinder with accessories is sold for TK 14727, while it is rented with accessories for TK 15304. Initially it might appear strange to you that it is more expensive to rent a cylinder than to purchase one. However, actually it is cheaper to rent, as out of the TK 15304, TK 15000 is kept as a security deposit. In other words, when you return the cylinder to BOC, they will refund TK 15000.

For each day you rent a cylinder, BOC will charge you TK 25 in addition to the initial payment of TK 15304. Although renting an oxygen cylinder is the better option of the two, it is worth mentioning that a cylinder can only be rented for a maximum of 30 days. Therefore, if you require a cylinder for more than 30 days, you simply have to purchase one.

How long a 1.36 cubic metre oxygen cylinder will last depends on how regularly it is used. In other words, if you use it on a regular basis then you will have to get it refilled frequently, while if you hardly use it then you will probably never have to refill it. It is worth mentioning that BOC charges TK 76 for refilling an oxygen cylinder.

Please do keep in mind that an oxygen cylinder should be used very carefully, as there is a risk of a fire happening if it is handled carelessly. Also, flow rates and concentrations should be clearly specified by a doctor, as incorrect administration can have fatal consequences.

In conclusion, an oxygen cylinder can prove to be a lifesaver for a person suffering from acute breathing problems. Therefore, it is judicious to keep one at home. By getting in touch with BOC, you can obtain an oxygen cylinder. Their contact details are:

BOC Bangladesh
285 Tejgaon Industrial Area
(Near Polar ice cream factory)
Phone: 8824471-74

By Sayeed Mahmud Nizam

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It is still may be summer but in Bangladesh frequent splashes of rain are normal during this season. Kalbaishakhi brings some or a depression in the coastal belt might cause rainfall in the city. Way before the season starts Prabartana is all set for these splashes with its collection.

The collection includes shirts, fatuas, short kameezes and panjabis with two-tone cotton and khadi. Block print and "fabric manipulation" adds an extra appeal to the collection. Kameezes will cost tk700 to tk1200. Shirts cost tk350 to tk500 and fatuas will cost around tk250 to tk450. Prabartana is situated at 2/8, Sir Syed Road, Mohammadpur.

New Tetley Tea

Famous tea brand, Tetley, has introduced its new variant, Tetley Dana Fresh Tea, to the Dhaka market. The tea has big granules and offers rich colour, alluring aroma, special taste and a glowing freshness. Dana Fresh is available in 250g and 500g packs. The tea comes with an attractive carton pack with a special metalised-foil pack inside to preserve its colour, aroma and freshness.
-LS Desk

News flash

UPS: A perfect FIT for the fashion industry

Brown was one of the hottest colours at the renowned Fashion Institute of Technology's (FIT) first-ever graduate student fashion show in New York. The May 11 show highlighted the work of six semi-finalist designers in a competition to create mock high-fashion UPS uniforms representing every region the company serves. A panel of fashion industry elite judged the uniforms, and although the winning outfit won't become an official driver uniform, UPS awarded cash prizes to the students with the top three winning designs.

UPS's sponsorship of the FIT student fashion show is the latest initiative in the company's ongoing collaboration with the fashion industry. Whether it's moving garment samples around the globe or providing trade finance, UPS offers tailor-made solutions for fashion businesses. The winning FIT student from the online poll will be honoured with a donation in their name to DIFFA Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS.

UPS is the largest express package delivery company in the world. Established in 1907 in Seattle it has expanded to over 200 countries and territories and 360,000 employees worldwide. With 265 aircrafts of their own, 319 chartered aircrafts, and 88,000 vehicles, they deliver 1.2 million packages internationally everyday to 7.9 million customers. Air Alliance Ltd (AAL) is the service partner of UPS in Bangladesh.

HOTEL hotline

Happening at Dhaka Sheraton

Japanese Food Festival
A three day long "Japan Trade Show 2004" is going to be held at the Dhaka Sheraton Hotel from June 8, 2004. The Embassy of Japan and the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) has jointly organized this event; which is the first of its kind in Bangladesh since Japan established its trade relationship.

The festival will feature traditional Japanese food & beverage with a wide array of authentic Japanese cuisine at the Bithika Restaurant.

The diners will have the opportunity to have their fill of Japanese food, as two Japanese guest chefs will be preparing food during the festival. Treat your self to Sushi, Sashimi or Teppanyaki. It's a great experience.

American food promotion
A weeklong American Food Promotion begins at the Bithika Restaurant at Dhaka Sheraton Hotel from June 1, 2004 jointly organised by Emirates Airline and Dhaka Sheraton Hotel marking the inauguration of Emirates' new service to New York from Dubai from 1 June. The diners will have a chance to win a free ticket to New York courtesy of Emirates and a host of other attractive prizes at a raffle draw to be held on the concluding day of the American Food Promotion at the Bithika Restaurant.

Emirates, a world leader in airline luxury, since its founding in 1985, launches daily non-stop passenger services to New York from Dubai, offering convenient connections to most discerning North America-bound passengers, especially from this region, including Bangladesh.

-LS Desk


Eyes on etiquette

by Farzana Shakil

Nitty gritty
As the proverb goes "Face is the index of the mind", before you even speak to anyone your looks say quite a lot about you. New acquaintances may never have the opportunity to know you better, but they will judge you primarily by your appearance. Thus it is very important to always be neat and well groomed. Good grooming involves your total appearance. Any well-groomed woman knows that many little things add up to form her overall image. Sometimes people notice dandruff on your clothes, uneven hemlines, unpleasant outfits or worn heels, quicker than that mole on your chin. Carelessness and sloppiness in your attire and personal grooming are within your power to correct. Going to parties and getting dressed for a gala evening is not only important, but taking care of yourself everyday for glamour and elegance is equally important. So, remember it's never too late. Hurry and make a list of the items you need to achieve a well-groomed look and be glamorous and elegant.

Hanging Out

New Paradise Fruits

Aglass of fresh fruit juice would feel refreshing in this sizzling summer. Fresh fruit juice is not only invigorating but it is nutritious as well. But Dhaka is devoid of outlets where fresh fruit juice is prepared. Don't you think it would be simply wonderful if there are places where we could enjoy fresh fruit juice in this scorching season?

However in this scarcity of juice bars, New Paradise Fruits of Dhaka New Market is a store that specialises in fresh fruit juices. At this place you will get mouth watering fresh juices made from fruits like orange, mango, pineapple, papaya, apple, grapes, anar, malta, grapefruit, banana, litchi, melon, wood apple, rock melon and carrot. This juice store also prepares mixed fruit juices and fruit cocktails. All you have to do is place an order and wait for a few minutes as the staff prepares the juice right before your eyes. The price of each glass of juice will vary by season. For instance, this summer, a glass of orange juice will cost you tk.80 and grape juice will cost you as high as tk.100. But since mangoes and litchis are abundant now, each drink made from these fruits will cost you tk.30 and tk.20 respectively. The mixed fruit juice will cost you tk.25.

The manager of New Paradise Fruits said that they buy and bring all the fruits at their store directly from Badamtoli. The store prepares the fruit juices in a hygienic way. They store the fruits in large refrigerators and glass shelves that are clean. The place is air-conditioned and if you want you can even sit on the upper storey of the store. Every single day, this particular store attracts a large number of consumers and admirers of fresh fruit juice. The staff said that the crowd increases especially during the summer. Many shoppers who come to shop at New Market don't forget to stop by this store to sip a glass of their tantalising fruit juice.

If you want you too can visit the Dhaka New Market in this summer to buy a cool and fresh fruit juice from New Paradise Fruits. You will love it. If you want you can even take a jug or jar along with you and fill it with the juice of your favourite fruit from this store and take it home for your friends and family. The Address of New Paradise Fruits is 290 Dhaka New Market, Dhaka 1205.

By Wara Karim


The severe power crisis, which gripped the country since last week with the shutdown of two private-run power plants, is set to worsen further.

Structures built dangerously close to transformers in violation of safety codes have cropped up at different parts the city posing serious accident hazards.




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