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pink bedroom

SWEET sleep and pleasant dreams…these are the goals for any bedroom. Therefore, the most important facet of the design of one is comfort. The room may focus on a bed or may be disguised as a sitting room but a soothing environment is the key. Shut out the noise and chaos of the outside world physically and psychologically through various design options.

Our focus this week is on a pink bedroom for a little girl Simran. The house is 14 years old, and the little girl is the apple of her parents' eyes, hence the challenge was to create a dreamy pink bedroom fit for such a special person.

When planning the bedroom, as with other rooms, function is the first consideration. Although, by definition, the primary use of the room is for sleeping, the bed can be disguised to make the room appear as something else, such as a study, a living room or home gym. Or the bed can be featured as the central focus of the room. A bedroom is the one space in the house that can be closed off from the rest of the world. This is the room where very day begins and ends.

Floor Graphics: The floor works were the first consideration because the floor is the vital part of any room. Initially the floor was covered with a drab, discoloured mosaic. This was replaced by 18" x 18" off-white mirror tiles. Pink tiles were set in a triangle shape on two sides of the room. These tiles are of the Miraz brand from Italy. The simple design and elegant colour of the floor make the room look spacious.

False Ceiling: Few people think of turning their ceiling into an eye catching feature but a bedroom is one place where it's likely to be appreciated. This decorated ceiling, painted all over in white and teak beat combination, is curved and set over the window and the baby's toy cabinet. Spotlights are installed to create a dramatic impact among the all-white surroundings.

Furniture: Comfort also involves a degree of convenience, so appropriate accessories should be included in the room such as some form of bedside table on both sides of the bed, if possible. These would provide surfaces for keeping books, eyeglasses, drinks or alarm clocks, and maybe lamps or not. Sufficient lighting appropriate for the planned functions of the room must be considered and this, too, can be made convenient by having a control switch placed within reach of the bed. A shagun teak bed with bedside table was placed centrally, propped up by the wall. Long built-in wooden cabinets hold dressing accessories, while a punch space beside the bed contains the placed baby's coats. A beautiful triangle shaped glass cabinet was arranged to carry toys. A rocking chair and small tea table were also placed in front of the bed. The dressing area was also renovated. A new dressing cabinet was arranged to store clothing. Simple, sweet furniture, loaded with toys make for a dream bedroom for any little girl.

Colour: Pastel colours score highest for fairy tale bedrooms. Pale pinks with plenty of white or cream make a dreamy mix. Behind the bed, pink and cream stripes create almost a tone on tone effect that is subtle and tranquil. The bed is covered with a flowery purple quilt.

Window: Designer arranged pink mugha silk pinch-pleated for curtains. Light pink muslin draperies match the room's environment. They are steeply curved and held in place with a flowery silver holder to give the window a more romantic look, while white floral sheers are used under the pink curtain.

Lighting: In bedroom design, ambient light should take priority. An indirect source of light is another important part in a bedroom. So tube lights were placed in the false ceiling. Halogen spot light source on the top of the tall toy cabinet puts the toys in focus. Accent lighting is not as important in bedrooms as it is in other areas of the house. Still, there may be a special painting, or photographs that you would like to enjoy in your private space. With this in mind, a three-piece accent light was placed over the baby's photographs, with an adjustable dimmer to keep the source of illumination hidden, and let the photographs enjoy the focus.

Toy: Toys are an integral part of a baby's bedroom. Simran's mother Sabrina helped arrange lots of beautiful toys to decorate the fairy bedroom.

Photograph: Photographs are another touching accessory to make the room lovely. Simran's different moods and memorable photographs are set on the wall. All beautiful table lamps beside the bedside table set the mood for sweet dreams, turning Simran's bedroom into a real fairytale setting.

Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
For further details contact e-mail: journeym@citechco.net
Photo Credit: Hasan Saifuddin Chandan













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