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ACE: Servicing Centre and Workshop

If you are looking for a dependable and reasonable place to take care of your car then Ace Workshop and Service Centre is the place for you. Equipped with all the necessities of a good servicing and also managed by trained staff, ACE is truly a one-stop solution to all your car needs. The centre has a workshop, a car parts shop and even a servicing wing, something that is rare for a servicing station. The centre located in Tejgaon, also adds special consideration to environment issues, increasing awareness and also importing environment friendly machinery.

One thing that stands out about ACE is the quality of servicing. They log all the changes that are carried out in your car, so that the mechanic knows exactly what happened to your car the next time you come in for servicing. It's not only the servicing logs that catch the eye at this workshop, every car is looked at with care with options for a full diagnosis. For automatic cars, they have ATF Exchangers, which drain the gearbox oil completely, and replaces it with an accurate amount of fresh oil. This can further increase the performance of your automatic gearbox car. They also intend to purchase the computer engine analyser in the near future, which shall further enhance their services.

Customer service is their top priority, with innovative ideas for the improvement of their services. They have customer evaluation draws from time and time and also give out promotional material for regular customers. The one thing that really catches the eye about ACE is the newly launched web page of the centre. This option has given car-owners in Dhaka a completely new experience, with prospective customers able to book their appointment at the service centre and workshop though the internet. This reduces the hassle and also the waiting time, so someone can just come in during the appointment and save time. The web-page also has good means for feedback, with online forms that are used by ACE to improve the services. Car services through the internet are revolutionary in Bangladesh and it is a well taken step by the management of ACE. They even have a portion of their web-page dedicated to children, to increase awareness about the environment amongst the younger generation.

The car shop is also a place to visit, besides the service centre and the workshop. One can purchase everything from car speakers to alloys, from automobile decorations to audio CD's, so one has a large array of products to choose from. For a car lover, this is definitely the place to be. Spare parts and all sorts of car oil can also be acquired at the store. They also have body covers and even car mats. The car oil at ACE is bought directly from the original importer without the use of a middleman, something that helps the store get original oil. Prices at the store are reasonable and payments can also be made through credit cards.

ACE also carries out CNG conversions, which is really a booming market now. However they have a contract with Rahimafrooz and are working as their dealer, so the quality of conversions are good.

The workshop wing of the centre is also environmentally aware, with the option of using HFC instead CFC as car air conditioner gas. HFC is much more environmentally friendly and does not batter the Ozone layer, although the prices are a bit hefty.

The inspiration behind ACE comes from providing car owners a centre where everything about cars can be bought. ACE can truly be called One-stop as everything from denting work to engine tune-ups can be done here, and the spare parts are dependable and available in the shop on the first floor. Adding the customer service to all this, it makes everything convenient for car owners.

In the future they are planning to focus more on the environment through different products and are also hoping to establish an online payment system that would make matters more convenient. Although most of the city dwellers do not use the Internet as much, the option of having such services does attract customers. ACE is a great place to shop for your car and get it tuned up conveniently, to suit your needs and save your time.

By Mishel Ali Khan


Care for your jewellery

Are you fond of pearls? Most of us have at least one piece of jewellery ornamented with lovely pink or white pearls. But do you know how to take care of these pretty pearls? You sure don't want to see your favourite pearls in grimy condition. To make your pearls shine forever, clean them using a washed piece of cloth and olive oil. Rubbing olive oil on a pearl and then buffing it with a dry piece of cloth will remove all the dirt from your pearl.

To cleanse your costume jewellery, dip them in white vinegar. Since vinegar acts as a good cleaning agent, dipping costume jewellery in vinegar will remove from your jewellery any residue of the years gone by.

Scrubbing your jewellery with a small brush and dipping it in ammonia will also separate dirt from your costume jewellery and make them light up with new sparkle.

Necklaces and chains often get little knots in them. Although it often appears to be a tough task to disentangle these knots, it's actually very easy. Just put the necklace or the chain on a flat surface (say, a table) and then use a pin or a needle to unknot these knots. You can also add a drop or two of baby oil, as it will make your chain move fast.

By Wara Karim

News flash
Birthday parties by Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut has started a new service dedicated to little birthday boys and girls. The inauguration took place on the 17th of June in which members of the press were invited to take a peek at the birthday celebrations.

Pizza Hut arranges the party in their dining space with special utensils, decorations, hats and party goodies based on a theme centering a dog. It's all about a dog called Pizza Pooch and his fellow mutts in love with pizza. The spoilsport here is a villainous mangy cat called The Cat who wants to spoil the doggie chow time.

That's basically the background info on the characters. What happens is that a big costumed Pizza Pooch comes dancing into the room surrounded by the staff pretty much like the CIA does for George Bush. It makes sense when you see the children go wild but their cheering is evidence enough that the dog is a big hit. The party includes invitation cards, games and prizes.

The packages cost about 350-400 taka per child with the food consisting of a couple of slices of pizza with garlic bread or fries and of course, soft drinks. In this day of ready made goods we now also have a ready made party. The one enticement for parents is that they won't have to tax their lungs by screaming when cakes and drinks are spilled. They no longer have to worry about the cleanup.

By Ehsanur Raza Ronny

Diary of a Food Obsessed Person
By Sam Q

Dear diary,
Screwed up really badly today, I had a lovely creamy pastry. Believe me diary, you should have seen that thing. Sitting regally on a cake plate, under the bright light of the counter, cream oozing out like seduction out on full force. I surrendered. I didn't even have a chance. The only thing I could think about was my pearlies biting into it and how wonderful I would feel eating it. Hate myself. But I'm feeling so good. I know… I know what I'm doing. I'm doing what a friend of mine does, saying something and instantly contradicting herself in the same breath.

Last night a couple of us met up at my house for after-dinner coffee. As usual the conversation turned towards diet and weight. Who has lost how much and who has gained how much, who is looking good and who is looking bad. You should've seen me, diary. I was talking about the charts, the diets, the exercises like…like I was the worlds most authorised dietician. Even I was amazed at my audacity. The best part was how my friends indulge me and pretend I am one of them, physically speaking.

My sister who has a pear posterior syndrome along with a very tall bohemian friend was asking advice from ME how to trim that particular part of their body. There I was in my most serious doctor like-poker face dishing out my vast knowledge on body sculpting. Mind you, yeah, I'm fat. I think I must be one of the most well-read and well-versed people in the field of health. One of my friends is just plain lucky. She is slim to the point of perfection. So when I hear women saying how hard she must be working to keep that perfect body…well…perfect, I wish I could tell them how she slaps, cold hard butter on a Marie biscuit and eats them in dozens.

I have two more slim friends with there prolapsed discs and migraines, who make me look at them in awe, you know why, inspite of physical constraints how serious they are in their quest of losing 3 to 5 odd pounds.

Lastly, there is my 'foodie' friend. She loves food so much that the word 'diet' gives her allergies. So what she does is work out like a maniac to her favourite music for 2 to 3 hours at a local gym and enjoys her food. I wouldn't mind such a life. If only I could lose that first 50 pounds.

So today I am going to finish off writing to you with a recipe for a dessert.
Sam's favorite brownies

3.5 cups raisin
1/3 cup of dried dates or apricots (chopped)
125g butter
100g chopped walnuts
2 cups of brown sugar
1 cup plain flour
¼ tsp baking powder

Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Place apricots, raisons in a small bowl with half cup of water and soak for 1 hour. Place chocolate and butter in a heatproof bowl and melt it in the microwave oven. Strain the dried fruits from the water. In a large bowl, combine sugar, eggs, baking powder and melted chocolate. Mix to combine. Stir through nuts and fruits. Pour mixture into an 18cm X 28cm tin. Bake for 35mins. Cool and cut into 4cm squares. A blob of nestles cream on top of each square will only enhance the flavour.



Eyes on etiquette
by Farzana Shakil

The Office Look
Looking well groomed for office actually means you have prepared yourself the night before. You can save precious time in the morning if you have planned the previous night what to wear. It is important to wake-up early and dress at a leisurely pace. It allows you sufficient time to dress, eat breakfast, and you will be relaxed and ready for the day. Make sure your shoes / sandals and handbags are in good order when you need them in the morning.

Your hands need to look their best, as they are very much in evidence during the day, either on the keyboard, or handling paperwork or signing documents before clients and customers. Extremely long nails are a no-no, as they affect your work, and are inappropriate for the office anyway, but nails which are too short look chewed-off, so strike a balance. Bright nail colours are OK, as long as they are not gold and silver, which is essentially meant for evening wear.

Heavy make-up should be avoided under any circumstances in the office. You will not look businesslike or professional. You may use mascara discreetly, but never eye shadow, which is taboo for the office. Always aim at a natural look; make up should enhance your features, not mask them, and it should relate to the tone of your skin. Lightly scented perfume, toilet water, or cologne are best for office use. Heavy scents are unsuitable for the daytime, and should be avoided for the office. In warm weather, particularly now, you would want a lighter scent than usual.

Your hair should look alive, so take care of it with regular wash and use of conditioners. If you want to let your hair loose, do so by all means but do not make it fluffy. You may want to put it up in a bun or chignon, but never in a ponytail for office.

Clothes play an important part in the impression an office girl can create. Try and look as businesslike as possible. Always wear clothes which have sleeves. Try and avoid sleeveless blouses, or kameezes for the office.

Party dresses are inappropriate for the office, rather go in for simply styled casual dresses, sarees which are not too loud or shalwar-kameez which are conservative with regard to length and colours. Above all, the clothes should fit well. At the end of the day, your clothes should speak a lot about you; just tight enough to show you are woman, yet loose enough to say you are a lady. Even in the office!

By Farzana Shakil

Hanging Out

Hot Breads
Are you fond of baked goods? All sorts of mouth-watering baked items as well as tasty patisseries are available at the branches of Hot Breads. Hot Breads has been around for quite a long time and its popularity has only grown over the past few years.

Customers occupy their Banani branch at every hour of the day. Students and office goers stop by at Hot Breads for light snacks with breads, tarts or pies. The interior of the shop upholds a cosy ambience, with small comfortable tables and chairs and of course, quality food. Their self-service facility allows you to pile up your tray with your favourite delicacies.

Hot Breads represents an international chain of bakeries extending over many countries, including France and the US. The prices offered at Hot Breads are quite reasonable, which is an added attraction of this food outlet. They prepare excellent chocolate éclairs and Bonbons.

Hot Breads' branches are spread around Road 11 of Banani, Gulshan and Uttara. So in your everyday busy schedule if you ever feel the need to be with your friends in a quality place among good baked foods, coffee and serenity then do pay a visit to Hot Breads.

By Wara Karim


Dengue and dengue hemorrhagic fever caused by one of four closely related but distinct viruses have staged a come back in the capital with the onset of monsoon.



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