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IMAGINE you are by yourself, your hair down, no worries, no pressing issues to be sorted out, and no deadlines. You are sitting in a beautiful room lighted by the sun, scented by the belis and dolon chapas, and Vangelis in the background with his serene music.

On the elegantly laid tea table are tea sandwiches, cold cuts, salsa and nachos, deep dark chocolate cake and your favourite espresso. Now isn't that a fancy worth millions or what? Whatever you think of me but I am going off to my friend's, meet the others, let my hair down, play a few hands of bridge and chill out. Its my time out, I need to this in order to be the professional behind the desk every day, nine to five, to be the mother, the daughter, the wife, the homemaker. I need to unwind.

Kitty party conjures up images of rich and fashionable women having a good time in each other's company. However, it would not be wise to generalise kitty parties. The kind of kitty party a particular group will be having depends on the social strata of the participants as well as on their idea of having fun.

The first question that comes to mind is why are kitty parties called so? The word "kitty" originally meant the pool of stakes to be played for in certain card games. The word, in colloquial term, means any fund to be used for joint use like the chit fund. Later the system of raising a common fund became common among women of the high societies.

In kitty parties each member contributes some money and some games are played where the winner is honoured with the fund so raised. The fund raised is used for picnics and other recreational activities. In Kitty Parties women generally have good food and chat and gossip about literally everything under the sun.

This is the general view on kitty parties but it is actually much more than this. Kitty parties are emotional outlets for women where they can share experiences and express their feelings. They nourish friendship and bonding and helps a woman de-stress and feel great! Kitty Parties are also the place where a woman can share her deepest secrets with her friends, something, which she cannot express even to her closest family members.

Many people have a negative idea about kitty parties and they think that in such parties affluent women who have nothing to do get together, show off their money and status & vile about their time. However, kitty parties can have a positive influence on a woman's life. The company of other women with different experiences can give a woman more exposure about life and a broader outlook. Kitty Parties enable women to form a social clique whose members help each other out when they need it. It is a way of networking and developing friendships.

Kitty Parties can be a refreshing change for the busy homemaker who is busy with her husband and children as well as the career woman who needs to chill out badly. The bonding and the little bit of "juicy" gossip is something that every woman wants!

By Malina Islam Halim













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