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Shop talk

With this week's torrential downpour and with the rainy season in full throttle, Shoptalk is dedicated to Monsoon Products.

Umbrellas come in different shapes and sizes and are ever popular with people from all around the world. With all the rain at this time of the year, carrying an umbrella in the car and one around the house is a must, if one wants to come back home dry. Umbrellas are even produced as fashion products at times, so picking the right one is important. 'Cherry Umbrellas' are available at different shops at New Market and at Palwell Market. For double-coloured ones (i.e. double clothed), price range between Tk.150-160 and single colours cost around Tk.120. They are available in 'auto' and 'manual', a statement that seemed ridiculous but widely used by shopkeepers. Auto umbrellas are ones that are Tip-system, i.e. open at pressing a small button, and manuals are the more conventional ones. At New Market one can find many varieties of products, with different colours and sizes available.

Raincoats for adults
Raincoats for adults come in two different designs, one a full-length coat and the other comes in a 'jacket and trouser' design. Both these products can be purchased at the first floor in New Market and in Palwell Super Market. Maliha Enterprise in the market has a good collection with double clothed full-length costing around Tk.600 and single clothed ones costing Tk.320. The full-length coats go down right until ones knees and come in different colours and designs. The other design comes with a separate jacket together with a trouser. The jackets are quite fashionable and look better than the full-length raincoats. However at New Market the jackets cannot be purchased without buying the trousers, i.e. they are sold in sets. The sets cost Tk.500, but the trousers are of bad quality at most of the stores.

Water-proof Mascara
Applying make-up during the rainy season is a big hassle. However, eyelashes made over with pitch-black mascara gives you the sensuous look that nothing else can give you. It's raining outside, but so what? To give your eyes that dramatic look, don't forget to buy waterproof mascara during this season. Pay a visit to the branches of Almas Super Shop to check their collection of water-resistant mascara. At Almas, mascara from Avon is available at Tk.220, Maybelline at around Tk.380 and Constance Carroll at Tk.180.

Plastic File covers
If you are a student and need to protect your stationers from water during a heavy rainfall, then a plastic file cover is a must-have item for you during this season. There are colourful plastic file covers available at the outlets of PQS for Tk.145. These Thai file coverings are wonderful and in come in shades like light blue, pink, green etc. Mind you that these file cover are especially suitable for girls since they come in light shades. However, you can also check stationery stores like Boi Bichitra and Gyankosh for synthetic file covers. Price will definitely vary by size, country of origin and durability.

Raincoats for children
Raincoats for children can be bought from the second floor of New Market and from most of the kids' stores at large shopping malls such as Rifles Square, Navana Shopping Mall and Rapa Plaza. Not surprisingly the prices at New Market are the most reasonable. Ujjal and Brothers in New Market sell Korean-made children's raincoats. These can come in handy when your child gets off for school, or even when she/he is getting out of the house. Prices for the raincoats vary according to sizes and can be bought between Tk.180-220.

Bags for rainy season
Say a big NO to leather bags during this rainy season. Use totes or handbags made from artificial fabric and other materials at least for the next 3 months. At Metro Shopping Mall, there are a lot of stores, which sell chic bags directly imported from countries like China and Thailand. These bags are available in almost any colour, ranging from regular black and brown to blue, pink and red. Usually characterised by multi-sized pockets and short straps, these are available within tk.350 to tk.450. These brightly coloured synthetic bags can the best things to carry when a rain hits your town.

Rainproof shoes
Rainproof shoes, which may come in very handy during this time of the year, are available at Palwell Market and in Bata. Bata has brought out a new collection for men, which is especially suited for the Rainy Season. The shoes in the new set have been made from synthetic materials, rather than conventional leather and this makes it completely waterproof. The shoes are available in a number of designs and in black and brown. They can be bought from select Bata outlets at Tk.695. However, they do look at bit tacky at times. Water-resistant shoes can also bought from the Palwell Market. Surprisingly, most of the shopkeepers here claim that their shoes are all waterproof, even the leather ones, so one should take a good look before purchasing. However, the products here are of good quality and can be bought at relatively cheaper prices than at Elephant Road, but be sure to haggle for prices.

Flowers Galore
In the monsoon season, flowers can surely brighten up the day, with all the clouds above your head. However, indoor as well as outdoor pot-plants for this time of the year do beautify as well as keep the air fresh. Flower plants such as 'hybrid joba' can be bought from beside Dhaka College and Shahbagh Crossing. 'Bely' flowers can be bought in packets each costing Tk.20 and of course they do smell good.

By Mishel Ali Khan and Wara Karim





Essentials Special

Riding in the rain…
can be very risky. Extra precautions should be taken. Always make sure the lights and horns are functioning without any problem. Protect yourself from the rain and use eye protection gear. Be visible. Get yourself some extra lights in the rear and front that will make you visible during downpour. Bright neon coloured attire helps too. Stay dry. Get yourself rain jackets, gloves and shoe covers. Plastic bags are a cheap way to keep your feet dry. Stay warm. When you get indoor after riding in the rain, drink a hot cup of tea or milk. It will make you warm instantly and get rid of wet outfits as soon as possible.

Under no circumstances…
..touch, kick, pull or attempt to pick up a fallen wire or anything in contact with a downed wire. Even a telephone wire could be deadly if tangled with a power line some distance away. Water conducts electricity. Do not touch any electrical switch while your hands are damp. No electrical cords, appliance or switch should be handled while in water. Check all the electric connections regularly.

Preserve wet documents
Handle soggy paper gently. First support single sheets with dry paper towels. Unprinted newsprint paper also soaks wetness. Expose wet papers to sunlight if possible or place them around the stove. Don't let it turn crispy. Use fans to circulate air. If there is dirt on the papers clean it after they are dry. It is easier to remove dried dirt. For a book, place regular paper towels inside the covers. Do not try to flip the pages instantly. Open books and stand them on edge. Place paper towels or newsprint paper throughout the book and replace the inserted paper as it becomes soaked.

Clean water reservoir
WASA's supply lines are always leaking. During the monsoon when the city is submerged there is always possibility that the supply of water will be contaminated. Sometimes sewer matters even taint it. It would be wise to clean the water reservoir regularly.

Deadly dengue
The deadly aedes mosquito is back in town. The outbreak of dengue fever is being reported. It is time to strike against them. Clean all the plant pots; get rid of materials that can store water from around your house. Clean fish tanks regularly. Check the drainage system to see if it is clogged. Keep the flow of water. Learn about the symptoms of dengue fever. If any one in the house has fever immediately go to a doctor.


By Shahnaz Parveen




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