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News flash

Monsoon at Mayasir

Mayasir presents a wide range of designer's wear for women, men and children. The collection, which is has been created for the rainy months, features colours taken from Nature, in keeping with the international vogue. The range incorporates styles in short and long kurta for men. Casual shirts for men in button-down and zipper-front versions. The women's range includes long kurtis paired with scarves, short kurtis, short casual kameez paired with trousers, long suits with flowing duppattas, all in myriad of colours.

The children's collection in particular comes in fun styles in both casual and dressy ensembles. In addition Mayasir brings to you a lovely collection of silver jewellery, beads, terracotta, and wooden accessories, leather and denim bags, as well as women's footwear in smart, comfortable styles.

We at Mayasir wish you a great time as you entertain and have a blast this monsoon season.

Bata launches new Italian design Oxford shoes

Shoes reflect the personality and status of the wearer. Under the able leadership of GL Zanacco, an Italian veteran and a reputed shoe designer who has recently taken over Bata Bangladesh as Managing Director, there is a mission to develop a better shoe line to serve and cater the needs of customers and to maintain leadership in the market. During the last month a good number of new designs have been marketed and have received a good response. Shoes are now really making their presence in stores and there are a good number of them in the pipeline for marketing.

Accordingly, Bata Bangladesh has recently introduced a classic European Oxford style, designed by the Italian designer. These shoes have a smooth look and are made of genuine leather with natural rubber soles. These shoes will be durable, comfortable and will have a good value for money. The target customers are executives, service holders and professionals. The price of these shoes are Taka 850/- only. The size ranges from 5 to 10 (UK). At the moment they are available in black but brown ones are making their way too shortly. The Italian shoes are available only in selected Bata stores around the country. If you need shoes worth your money you can try these Italian designs.

By Ekramuzzaman

A true taste of Asia BY Tommy Miah

Sabhudana Payasam
Sabhudana 100 gms
Sugar 2 cups
Cashew Nuts 10
Saffron 5-6 strings (optional)
Milk maid /Condensed Milk 1 cup
Milk Half gallon
Ghee 3-4 teaspoons

1. In a pressure pan add two teaspoons of ghee and fry the Sabhudana till it starts to splutter. Fry it in low flame (heat).
2. Add milk to it and pressure cook it till done. You can also add water with the milk. Do not add the sugar now.
3. Add the 2 cups of sugar to the cooked 'Sabhudana' and stir it well so that there are no lumps found.
4. Add the condensed milk/ Milkmaid to it and stir well.
5. Remove from the flame and add the strings of Saffron to it.
6. Add ghee on another pan and fry the Cashews to golden brown.
7. Top it with the Golden Brown Cashews and is all set to go.

Kosumbari (Salad)
Perhaps the most popular SALAD from Karnataka, the Kosumbari is easy to prepare, is very high in protein and is a tasty snack in its own right. Called KOSUMBIR in Maharashtra it is synonymous with festivity, and is offered as Prasada in most temples. It is really very popular as a starter in most festival foods (marriages, major festival lunch etc.,).

Payar Paripu
Moong Dal
Green Gram split
Kadala Paripu
Chana Dal
Bengal gram
4-5 green chillis
Kothumbari soppu (kothumalli, coriander leaves, dhaniya leaves)
Freshly grated coconut
Fresh cucumber and carrot (optional) lime
Mustard for oggarane' (tarka, vagar).

Soak 50 gms each of Hesaru beLe' and Kadale' beLe' separately for one hour. Grate the coconut to provide one handful of turi (grated material). Drain the water from hesaru beLe' and kadale' beLe'. Peel one cucumber and cut it into small pieces of the size of a pea (optional). Chop two green chilli. Keep one spoon of oil in a banale' (wok, kadai) warm it and put mustard. Wait till they split, then put the chopped green chillies, turn around and put a pinch of hing (kayam, asaphotida). Put the entire thing onto the bele'. Add salt to taste and then squeeze the juice of half a lime (green variety). Turn around and then put the grated coconut. Adding cucumber or the carrot is purely optional and is not in any way necessary. It does alter the taste slightly. Cucumber makes the kosumbari a little watery and therefore it must be consumed rather quickly (half to one hour). Salt tends to bring out a lot of water from cucumber. Adding either of these two is popular when it is consumed as a snack or prasada. It is not common when served as a starter during festivals along with lunch. Traditionally both the hesaru beLe' and kadale' beLe' kosumbari are prepared together. Sometimes the Kadale' beLe' kosumbari alone is prepared

Sarso Maach (Mustard Fish Curry)
Rohu fish pieces - 5-10(raw)
1 Onion cut into thin slice
1 large sized Tomato (small pieces)
2 tbsp oil
1/2 tbsp Mustard seeds
1 tsp Cumin seeds
10 Groundnut
10 flakes of Garlic
3-4 Green Chillies (depending on taste)
Coriander leaves
Salt to taste
Grind garlic, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, green chillies
and groundnuts to a smooth paste.
Immediately mix it in a one glass of water in a
bowl.(mixture) Put your Pressure cooker on the stove and pour oil.
Add the onions and fry in the oil till brown.
Now add the fish pieces and fry a little bit.
Add the chopped tomatoes and then add the mixture.
Add salt and close the cooker.
After first whistle, reduce the flame and after the second
whistle remove it from fire.
Let it cool down by itself.
Garnish it with coriander leaves and serve hot.



Eyes on etiquette
by Farzana Shakil

The ultimate feminine touch
Perfume should be a part of every woman's personal care; part of her fashion personality the ultimate finishing touch that makes her grooming complete. Perfumes should not just be reserved for gala occasions- a fragrant aura adds to one's femininity and helps you feel glamorous at all times. In fact, if you have a favourite perfume, use it as your 'signature'.

The best way to get to know the different perfumes is to buy them yourself, because only then you will be sure to get the one you really like. When buying perfumes, never sample more than three fragrances at a time because your sense of smell gets confused after three. Try not to sniff from the bottle, since you will get only the alcohol fumes then, rather rub a few drops on the inside of your wrist and inhale the aroma. Use your other wrist to try the second scent, and the crook of your elbow for the third. Then you can get the true impression of each fragrance.

When it is time to use the perfume, remember not to use it on your clothes. Apply directly to the body. The heat of the body develops and brings out the fragrances and accentuates the scent. This is why any one perfume is never exactly the same on two different women- something in the chemistry of each individual skin changes the scent slightly. The most effective places for perfume are: inside the wrists, at the pulse point, inside the elbows, nape of the neck, base of the throat, base of the knees (if you are wearing a skirt or something short). Contrary to popular belief, it is wasteful to use it behind the ears.

Apply it while you are dressing, not when you have finished. The perfume should become part of you, and the warmth of the body will gradually release the scent as you move.

An atomiser is very effective for applying perfume but remember the scent usually stays for about four hours, so be prepared to renew it if needed. During the day select only two sites of your body to apply the perfume; at night you can use all of them. For evening wear, spray some on your hair, because the natural affinity between aromatic oils and hair oils 'fixes' the fragrance and retains it for hours.

After you have opened one perfume, use it every day. Contact with the air tends to change the scent, and perfume also evaporates, so use it up - on yourself!

Hanging Out


It is sometimes fun to sit outside in the open air and munch light snacks as you chat with your friends about studies, secrets of life or the future of the world economy (!). At Dahlia's, you will get this superb opportunity to sit outside on cute chairs, accompanied by little tables. The shaded area outside the store is the key appeal that attracts numerous people to Dahlia's everyday.

This food outlet has been around for quite a long time, and is a popular hangout for many college-goers. Located on Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Dahlia's also has a cosy interior. Their prices are very reasonable and the regular consumers admit that their food is savoury too. Dahlia's sandwiches will cost you as low as tk.15. People say that their cheeseburgers are mouth-watering. So if you ever feel like visiting Dahlia's, don't forget to try their cheeseburgers. Dahlia's also sells crispy and tasty French fries.

Although the food outlet doesn't boast a dashing outlook like most contemporary fast food stores of the town, Dahlia's has successfully managed to attract young people of Dhaka since it started its journey years back.

By Wara Karim






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