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THE future is a world of travel, of abundant mobility. The number of travellers of all kinds will increase dramatically, as will the frequency of their journeys. Future mobility will know few geographical limits, and it will affect every area reached by transportation. In effect, the whole world population will become mobile.

July: the middle of monsoon, when it's raining almost incessantly and the backdrop is one of extreme humidity. Almost all the educational institutes are closed SSC and HSC examinations are completed. Many prefer to make this their holiday time whether they stay home or go abroad. Luggage and baggage take the spotlight during this vacation season.

Moon-moon Leather is a suitcase showroom. They are the sole agent for brands like Samsonite and President, and have recently renovated their work. They wanted to make the shopping process as easy as possible.

Retail design might be called "the design of the times." Even the most traditional retail establishment must exemplify a contemporary zeitgeist, a design spirit that makes merchandise look new and desirable, appeals to the consumers' aesthetic needs and ultimately persuades them to buy. We started interior work from the walkway.

The floor was covered with discoloured tiles, which were replaced with beach coloured porcelain 18" x 18" square tile, with tiles of a little deeper shade set in a geometric pattern. False ceiling is another important item in any showroom. They cover all the unsightly wires and pipes that run along the actual ceiling. In order to stay within the budget, a 2' x 4' Gypsum board was set vertically in the ceiling. Lighting is another important consideration, needed to highlight the products. 1' x 4' double tube-light was set in the ceiling.

Cabinets are the key item in a showroom. After taking measurements of various types of suitcases, two different categories of storage facilities were made. Racks of garjon wood and1/2" commercial board were used material to make cabinets strong, so that they can easily hold the suitcases. Tamar lamination was used in the cabinet to make it more attractive. Light is very important. Tube-lights were provided in the cabinet's steps. SS Pipe makes the total cabinet gorgeous. Cosmetic boxes are another popular product of this showroom. A different corner was arranged for these. The pictures show another covered cabinet door next to the open cabinet. This is a DV board in which all kinds of switch and circuit breakers were placed. A pair of big SS handles was used for easy opening. Electrical service is most important. In retail design we should be conscious about electrical arrangement.

Pillars create an obstacle in interiors, though they are essential for structural work. The existing pillar was re-modified with American super teak and plain commercial board, which was painted a deep ash colour with a deep group line to give it an artistic mood. A counter table is necessary in a showroom, but in this particular shop, space problem was acute, a small glass-brick and SS pipe wall was created, which was then fitted with a tabletop to form a counter table. A sliding door was attached to the counter table for security.

Over the counter table a designed false ceiling was arranged. The ceiling was made of garjon wood, Burma teak board and SS pipe. Spotlights are also attached. Deep ash border makes the entire false ceiling more attractive.

Accounts are important, so a large closed cabinet with ornate shutters was made for them. A small glass cabinet was set in front of the main door. This is for displaying wallets and Samsonite beauty boxes.

The entrance to any place creates the first impression. The previous wooden frame blocked partition was replaced with a new clear glass partition with bold SS pipe and an air curtain was arranged in the circulation area.

For the interior a good design should also reflect efficient space planning, good ergonomics and optimal functionality. So, proper product display arrangement turns a tiny shop into a spacious place, which is necessary for attracting clients. The shop's owner achieves this through the personal attention to client service. Hence good environment, influenced by properly planned surroundings makes the shop healthy and purposeful for client service.

By Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
For further details, contact: journeym@citechco.net
Photo Credit: Mr. Mohidul Haque













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