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Shop Special

Prominent Sweets: Experience makes the difference

The sweet shops of Dhaka have changed their outlook in recent times; these days the outlets look classy, elegant and engaging. Prominent Sweets is one striking difference in the crowd of mundane, typical sweet shops of the city. With about 60 varied sweet items, Prominent has already earned the confidence of the Dhakaites. The showrooms look more like ice-cream parlours from outside than common sweetmeat outlets. The eye-catching decor, glass shelves and delicious sweets of different colours, kinds, taste and flavours uphold a festive mood for the sweet lovers.

With 3 branches spread in different areas of Dhaka, Prominent prepares excellent quality sweets for those who have a tongue for the sweet. Each kilogram of Prominent's special items like Irani Bhog, Prominent Shar toast, Sondesh and Shar roll, Kheer Mohan, Kheer Sagar and Malai Chop will cost you Tk.345. Roshmalai is a favourite sweet item of many and each kg costs Tk.225 at Prominent Sweets.

Each kilogram of their assorted sweets will cost you Tk.295. Prominent also makes interesting sweet items like mimi sondesh, which are as tiny as marbles with chocolate sprinkled on top.

Items like Malai Chop and Kacha Chana are exclusively prepared for the diabetic patients. So gone are the days when the diabetics stared while others gobbled down luscious sweetmeats.

The shop which was inaugurated on June 2003, and now has three branches located in Dhanmondi Tower (Dhanmondi), Kulsum Tower (Shanti Nagar) and on Road # 11, Banani. Prominent has also planned to expand and reach the consumers living in and around Uttara, Gulshan, Gulistan and others.

The sweet outlet has a wide variety of gift baskets, boxes, ribbons, laces and frills in their collection. If one desires to decorate the sweets, then it can be done for special occasions, but then of course, extra payments have to be made.

With cute little chairs and tables gracing the interior, Prominent has introduced a whole new definition of Dhaka's sweet shops. The sitting arrangement provides the consumers an opportunity to sit inside the stores and feast on the gustatory savour of Prominent's premium quality sweets.

By Wara Karim

Shop talk

Tennis Craze
After watching the recently held Wimbledon tennis Championships, you might feel tempted to try your own hand at tennis. For those of you who intend to become the next Roger Federer or Maria Sharapova, it is absolutely imperative for you to have decent tennis equipment. At the Elephant Road branch of Inter Sports a racket is sold between TK1300 - TK5000, while a cylinder containing three balls is sold between TK340 TK360. So, without further delay go to Inter Sports and make Bangladesh proud by becoming a Wimbledon champion!

Mosquito Net
Due to the inefficiency of our 'beloved' City Corporation, a very good 'friend' of ours is back with a vengeance. That 'friend' is none other than the Aedes mosquito and it is going around our houses spreading dengue fever. If you want to survive this onslaught of the Aedes mosquito, make sure that you go to sleep with the protection of a mosquito net. At bedding stores of New Market you will be able to purchase a mosquito net within TK500.

Pen Drive
Are you fed up of using a floppy disk? If so, then you are in the majority because floppy disks are unreliable and they offer a very limited amount of storage space. Nowadays the vast majority of people are opting to use a pen drive instead of a floppy disk, and we suggest that you do so too. At Choice Computers situated at Elephant Road, a 128MB (USB 2.0) pen drive is sold for TK2700, while a 256MB (USB 2.0) pen drive is sold for TK4900. Please note that the prices quoted may change due to market conditions.

Uninterruptible Power System (UPS)
Has it ever happened that you are almost done typing a lengthy document, and then suddenly a power failure takes place and so you end up losing everything that you typed? If you have used a computer long enough then you have surely experienced this situation. In order to ensure that the vagaries of the electricity supply do not make your life miserable, simply purchase a UPS as it will give you back-up after a power failure. You can purchase a UPS from Choice Computers at Elephant Road in the range of TK2400 to TK 5000. Please note that the prices quoted may change due to market conditions.

Beard Trimmer
Nowadays it seems that some men are very confused as to how they should impress women. In their state of confusion they totally forget about basic grooming skills, and end up growing an unkempt beard. Consequently, instead of attracting women they end up repelling them. If you truly want to keep a beard, then use a beard trimmer to keep it in shape. A beard trimmer can be bought from Almas (Gulshan 1) for TK1300.

Hair Straightener
Are you dissatisfied with your curly hair? Ever wished that your hair were as straight as Jennifer Anniston? Well, now you can make your hair straight without going to a beauty parlours. All you have to do is go to Almas (Gulshan 1) and buy a hair straightener for TK3800.

It is that time of the year again when many students of our country will go to the "land of the free" for higher education. If you are one of those many students who will be catching a flight to USA this year, then you will basically have to pack all your belongings in one of man's most handy inventions i.e. a suitcase. At Samsonite situated Gulshan 1, you will find some excellent suitcases and they are sold between TK4000 Tk18000. If you are looking for cheaper options then New Market and Baitul Mokarram is the place for you.

You should occasionally go for a handbag that matches the colour of your dress. That is because the effect of a splendid dress can get marred if you do not have a matching handbag to go with it. Never underestimate the power of a handbag to give you a stylish and trendy look. Within TK200 to TK1200 you will find some splendid handbags at Almas (Gulshan 1).

By Sayeed Mahmud Nizam






Essentials Special

Learning to drive
Sitting behind the driver while he takes you to your destination is not always fun. If you have the need for speed then you better learn how to drive. Other than the fun, it gives you certain privileges; most important of them all is you get to save the money that you pay your driver.

Early in the morning
Early in the morning is the best time for beginners to drive, especially the first seven days. Traffic movement is low during this period of the day. Beginners feel comfortable when the streets are empty. However, one must learn to drive in busy streets as well. Move on to busier streets gradually.

Manual gear
It is always best to start with a car that has manual gear. While the whole world is going auto, manual gear cars are still helping people to learn to balance the four wheeled metal object.

Don't panic
When people first start driving some of them panic. A good instructor always helps the learner when they need it the most. Learning to trust your instructor is very important. Remember there is an emergency brake in front of his seat. However do not remain dependent on him for long. Try to take control slowly. If you think that the instructor will come to your rescue all the time then you will learn very slowly. Keep your eyes and ears open. Be alert so that you don't hit anyone but don't be too stiff and do not fight with the steering wheel.

Wear comfortable shoes
While learning to drive always wear comfortable shoes. Both the feet remain very busy during driving. At the beginning it is hard to balance them. To feel at ease always wear very comfortable shoe. There may be muscle pain in the first few days. However it all becomes perfectly clear after a few days of practice.

Watch out for cops
Training cars are regular targets of cops for easy money making schemes. Ask your instructor to bring all the legal papers of the vehicle especially the fitness certificate, as vehicles used by training schools are rusty and worn out most of the times.

By Shahnaz Parveen




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