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Shop Special

Folk International

If you're in search of home decoration pieces, fabrics, artifacts, or simply unique gifts for loved ones, Folk International is the place to go. Previously known as Ideas this handicrafts trove changed its name about a half a dozen years ago and from then on (if not from before), it has become a major haunt for a clientele that mostly boasts foreigners.

Predominantly showcasing tribal crafts, Folk International sells a unique range of tribal fabrics, tribal dresses, tribal bags, tribal jewelry and tribal tableware. Apart from these it also sells carved wood figurines, NGO initiated books, leather and metal conversation pieces, furniture and children's toys.

What makes Folk International so endearing to customers are its helpful and friendly staff, its sleepy, laid back decor and above all its near to rock-bottom prices. Among Folk International's most recommended wares are the tribal wall tapestries and table place mats, the wooden figurines, and it's leather stools, bins, and storage boxes.

Folk International mainly sells tribal ware done by the Chakma tribe. The rich collection of these tribal products makes Folk International such a coveted shop especially because it is difficult to find a wide range of tribal products around town.

If you're in a dilemma about buying gifts, or you are planning on furnishing your home or you simply want a new shop to haunt on occasional whims, Folk International is the place to go.

If you have trouble finding Folk International, here's how you get there: house- 7G, road- 104, Gulshan-2.

By Tahiat-e-Mahboob

Shop talk

Man scents
For the women there are lots of men in their lives. There is the occasionally irritating brother, a meddling father, an exasperating son, a dumb friend or an unromantic and lazy significant other. But there are times when you think the world of them and to show the affection there is a cool set of men's body care product by Fa. The package consists of a deo, shower gel and cologne in cool silver containers at 550-600 taka and is available at most shops.

Math pencils
Multiplication tables are often a pain to learn. Kids facing these equations for the first time exhibit tremendous capabilities in head scratching. Multiplying is a drag. Staedtler has come up with pencils that have the entire multiplication table printed on it. It's a bit fat with a funky day-glow neon eraser on the tip. It might even make math a little bit fun. A set of twelve costs 90-100 taka at New Market and PQS.

Tape dispenser
Rolls of tape have a habit of rolling away and disappearing. Then there is the annoying bit about finding where the tape starts so you can start peeling. Get a handy tape dispenser that's heavy and won't be lost as easily. Watch out for when bosses get angry and the dispenser is dispensed at your head. Medium to large sizes cost 100-150 taka. These come with a rubber base to prevent sliding and scratching your desktop.

Magnetic game board
Road trips on the great roads of our country mean everything will go flying due to the countless bumps. Long trips are also a bit of a drag. If you're into board games like backgammon, chess or checkers try out the magnetic sets available at PQS for 295 taka. If you don't know the rules there are the basic instructions included.

Car window shades
Shades for the rear car windows keep the heads of the rear occupants from frying in the sun while providing some sort of privacy. There are small shades that come in pairs and can be stuck to the glass using rubber suckers. You can unhook a clip and the shade rolls out of sight when not needed. These cost about 300 taka and come in different designs. The basic black and white is the classiest while there are others with pictures of surfers, islands, animals and winking women. Available all over Bangla Motors but the single color shades a re a little rare.

Teeth brushing gimmicks
Kids hate brushing teeth because they have to stand still for an entire two minutes or so. Besides, it's good for them just like milk so naturally they will hate it. A good way to entice them is to buy them brushes by Oral-B that offer a small toy car. The price is 40 taka and the car is a simple metal piece good for playing "accidents". Of course, you can get them to buy it but will they brush? Its found at most general stores and the big supermarkets.

By Ehsanur Raza Ronny






Essentials Special

Remember those childhood dreams of being a ballerina, or an astronaut, or a comedian that you ditched for more 'practical' goals as you became older? Does your current profession make you remember those dreams with a sigh? Believe it or not, there are ways to get the best of both worlds. All you need is a little determination, and the rest is all about strategizing.

Create a profile of Your dream job
In a perfect world, if you were allowed to choose your career, what would your job description be like? What would be your responsibilities, your hours of work? A profile would help give you a clear idea of what you want out of a job. Once you've created that profile, think of the goals you've listed there, and see if you can achieve some at your current job. Suppose you wrote, "Travel to new places". Keep your eyes peeled for any offer for training courses or seminars that take you out of the country, or even the city for a short while, and then immediately apply for it. If you can't achieve at least half of the goals you've dreamt about, either your dreams are really unrealistic, or you need to move into a new job. At any rate, creating a profile will give you a clearer idea of what you want from your career.

Making money isn't always making a career
What are you doing in your current job? Are the working conditions and the nature of the work such that they offer you true mental satisfaction, or are you working just to be able pay the bills? You need to plan your career moves according to your long-term goals, so that even if the money is a little slow in coming, in the long run, you are happy, and have no regrets.

Talk to people who already have your Dream job
Their stories might give you the inspiration and the know-how to help you get where they are. Alternatively, knowledge of what the work entails might help you decide whether you really want to try for that career.

Work on career-building skills
If you are serious about switching to your dream job, then it's important to acquire the skills needed in that particular field. Instead of spending a lazy afternoon watching that soap rerun, go and attend that workshop and see if you can pick up on some tips, or at least helps you network with people who can help you build on those important skills.
Even if your childhood dream was to be an actor, and you know for sure that you won't quit your job at the bank to join the theatre, find some time to attend drama classes. It never hurts to develop a new talent or learn a new activity. Maybe you might find some use for it in your current job. In any case, it'll keep your work life interesting.

Remember that dreams are just dreams unless you do something to make them true. The choice is yours, and all it takes is a little planning.

Sabrina F Ahmad





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