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Check it out

PDAs for You

These days professionals crave for a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), that is easy to carry and simple to use and not to forget the world of benefits that a PDA offers to one. PDAs are quite affordable these days; besides, they are sleek and useful.

If you too want to own a quality PDA and keep up with the latest computer technology, pay a visit to G.S.M. Mobile Communication, located on Kemal Ataturk Avenue. The various model of Chinese palm One PDAs available at this outlet include:

Zire (Tk.6, 950), Zire 21 (Tk.9, 950), Zire 71 (worth Tk.17, 950 and comes with a built-in camera), Tungsten e (Tk.16, 950) and, Tungsten t3 (Tk.29, 950).

The shop also provides upgrading facility and software for these palmtops. And since these palmtops come with a one-year warranty, after sales support is also offered to the customers.

These PDAs are aimed at attracting students, businessmen, medical experts, salespersons etc. Actually, each Palmone model is catered to a particular group of people.

PDAs are small and lightweight. You can carry one around in your pocket rather than carrying massive textbooks in a large carrying case. A PDA can be used for E-books along with other applications such as MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, date book, calendar, telephone list, and wireless internet.

To get your work done quickly, to make decisions with fewer hassles, start planning to purchase a PDA in the near future.

By Wara Karim

Parachute with a new look

News for those who take pride in their hair and use coconut oil for its care, Parachute now comes in an attractive new pack with a symbol of purity in the pack.
Proven by multitude of precision tests, Parachute with its unique quality penetrates more than any ordinary oil, making hair long, black, healthy and lively. It also helps arrest hair fall.

Parachute's pack size varies from 5ml to 500ml.

English language course for journalists

Dhaka Language Club and Bangladesh Nari o Shishu Pachar Birodhi Shangbadik Forum arranged an English language course for journalists. The two month long course both for print and electronic media journalist will be held in the campus of DLC, situated at house no 395, road no 29, new DOHS.

Blue and White at Aranya

Aranya one of the renowned fashion houses is Dhaka is working with the craftsmen of Bangladesh for quiet some now. This time to preserve our indigo industry.
To promote deshi indigo and help out the producers in marketing, a two week long exhibition highlighting the colour blue and white is being held at their outlet. The exhibition will start from August 6 and continue till 20th and has been aptly named 'Blue and White Collection'.


No more tears

Those of us, who cook, must be aware of the long tearful session that follows soon after we lay our hands on onions. But many a cuisine would simply be tasteless without the flavour of onion. And then think about those vegetable salads that we prepare at home…Will they ever look complete without slices of onions? In order to prevent those tears rolling down your cheeks try the following tricks.

Place onions in the freezer for five to six minutes before slicing them, as this will bring fewer tears to your eyes.

To prevent onions from tearing up your eyes, light a candle near you. The heat and light from the candle will make the whole slicing session less tearful.

You can also wash the onions thoroughly in a bowl of water before you start slashing them. Washing will get rid of some of the biting juices from the onions.

To eliminate the sharp smell of onions off your hands and kitchen counters rub them with a paste of baking soda and water. You can also rub your hands in vinegar before and after cutting onions in order to get rid of the sharp onion odour.

By Wara Karim

Handy hints

Keeping closets organised

If you're a victim of popping drawers, you're reading the right paper because Lifestyle is here to help. The following organisation tips will keep your closets manageable. So read on.

· Categorise drawers according to items. Have a separate drawer for undergarments and slips. The same goes for socks and towels.
· Colour code your socks and clothes. Keep the all the blacks together, all the whites together and so on.
· Also categorise according to casual wear and formal wear.
· Try hanging outfits in two-folds rather than storing them as piles on shelves.
· Label the different racks and drawers so you know exactly where your things are stored.
· Once a month air your closet out to get rid of damp and other elements.
· Use silica gel packs to remove moisture and naphthalene balls to keep out cockroaches.
· Use the same sized hangers so that they don't interlock.
Closets are very tricky and they get messy before you realise it. A few simple rules will help keep them organised. So try it out.

By Tahiat-e-MAhboob

News flash

Restaurateur flies to aid flood victims

Star chef of Bangladesh Tommy Miah, flew to Dhaka in an urgent attempt to increase aid to thousands of people hit by the worst flood since 1998.

Around three million people are reported marooned in the north-eastern Sylhet region where he spent his childhood. Thousands of villagers have seen their homes swept away by rivers swollen by a month's incessant rain.

Hundreds of schools have been closed, road and rail links inundated, and the main regional airport shut for days. Crops have been destroyed, including the vital summer rice harvest, and survivors are desperately short of food, drinking water, clothes and medicines.

The Moulvibazar area where Tommy spent his first 10 years in a tiny remote village is one of the worst hit. Another badly hit place is Habiganj where a monsoon refuge on high ground was built as a result of a Scottish fundraising campaign he organised.

-LS Desk


Hanging out

Buckaroo- for Authentic Western Cuisine
Far away from the heart of this Dhaka City, an off-track restaurant was established some 7 months back. Buckaroo, the restaurant, is an ideal place for sumptuous steak and barbecue. Buckaroo is an international chain restaurant with one outlet in Georgia, USA and two in Singapore. The franchisee of the Bangladesh outlet, Suzan Uddin Talukder worked for Buckaroo, Singapore, for long 6 years as an Operations Manager.

Every ingredient of Buckaroo's delicious cuisine is brought directly from the USA; even minor items like mayonnaise and tomato sauce are also delivered from the USA to ensure high quality and flavour of the original cuisine.

Some of the popular and unique items of Buckaroo include Soup in the Bun, Buffalo Wings, and Leg of Lamb and Cowboy Burger. Mr. Talukder stated firmly that they prepare the best burgers of the town. The Cowboy burger is priced at tk.105. Their Leg of Lamb, which is grilled with rose marry, includes an entire leg of lamb and served with fried rice and roasted potato. Leg of Lamb is priced at tk.525. They serve Buffalo Wings with carrot sticks and special sauce, which is unbelievably hot and spicy, and is cooked only for those who want their tongue and throat to burn from the sharp taste of a special Mexican chilli.

If you ever stop by Buckaroo, don't forget to try their chicken/beef BBQ that is cooked in a special firepot called silver bullet. Most of the restaurants of Dhaka use either gas or coal to grill meat. But many of us are unaware of the fact that direct exposure of animal flesh to gas makes it poisonous. At the same time, direct exposure to coal overcooks the meat and makes it dry and less palatable. But BBQ is done slowly (the entire procedure takes as long as 11 hours!) in the most healthy way at Buckaroo by controlling the flow of oxygen in the silver bullet, and avoiding any direct exposure to coal. Although the grilling takes a long time but the output is juicy, tender and mouth-watering chicken or beef BBQ.

Four kinds of Pasta are available at Buckaroo within tk.160 to tk.265. Delicious Striploin, Tenderloin and T-bone steaks are available within tk.285 to tk.450; these steaks are served with roasted potatoes, fried rice and your choice of black pepper or mushroom sauce. Then there is a special menu named Li'l Buckaroos for kids 12 years and under.

Buckaroo upholds a homely ambience. With glass windows surrounding most parts of the attractive building, the restaurant has clean tiled floor and wooden furnishings. You have to climb a stylish wooden staircase to reach the main dining room; there is also a small yet pleasing non-alcoholic bar downstairs. The bar offers a wide range of drinks like fresh brewed coffee, ice tea, soda lime, coke float, mango splash and non-alcoholic cocktails like Virgin Mary, Shirley Temple and a lot of other cool beverages.

If you want you can also sit in their spacious veranda and feast on their delectable menus of diverse sorts and savour.

Buckaroo has plans to expand in other areas of Dhaka, which will include Dhanmondi, Banani and Mirpur.

Within a very short span of time, Buckaroo has managed to attract a large number of food lovers who enjoy authentic western cuisine at reasonable prices. So next time you think of taking your family or friends out for a lunch or dinner, keep Buckaroo in your choice list.

Address: House 6, Road 2/A, Sector 11, Uttara, Dhaka. Phone # 8961318

By Wara Karim



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