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fashionista or maternista?

DARNING pastel booties, craving for a Crunchie, having mood swings? Don't worry. It will all pass with the arrival of the little bundle of joy. All your worries and hormone levels will go down. These nine months will become one of the most memorable experiences of your life. While your wardrobe will probably be the last thing on your mind, there's no need for you to compromise when it comes to fashion. And we at Lifestyle are here to help you out.

Before jumping into the nitty-gritty, do remember that this isn't about hiding your pregnancy. You should be proud of it and accordingly flaunt it with panache. After all if Debra Messing and Catherine Zeta Jones (among many) could show it off at the Oscars (out of all places) with pizzazz then why can't you? In fact it seems that Hollywood Expectants and their modified wardrobes are quite the talk of the town. So what are you waiting for? Lets get started…!

A question of comfort…
The first point to ponder on is comfort. Is the outfit comfortable? Does the fabric allow your skin to breathe? Is it too heavy on its own? The best person to answer these questions is you. Decide on what fabrics and what cuts you are comfortable in. Since we don't have maternity-ware stores in Bangladesh, you have to get your clothes custom made. That gives you the freedom to choose the fabric and the cut. Keep in mind that these clothes can always be altered to a reduced size so don't get all miserly thinking about the future.

Of prints, colours and tidbits…
Concentrate on the colours, motifs and style. Try to cut down on embellishments and big motifs as both draw attention in the wrong angles. Rather use one colour for the kameez and contrasting colours and embellishments for the salwar and duppatta. And use colours that suit your skin tone but aren't to dark.

Seasons matter too…
If it's summer opt for natural fabrics and short-sleeved kameezes. Use cottons, linens and handloom fabrics as much as possible in light hues. If it's winter, move to heavier fabrics and darker hues but still opt out of big prints.

What about Westerns?
Some people like opting for Westerns. Short kurtas and straight pants with elastic waistbands are the perfect solution for this. But it is better to wear such outfits in Bangladesh during winter. Speaking of winter, try extra large hoodies or cardigans instead of pullovers. Wear shawls and wraps only and only if you feel that you can manage them properly.

When to wear what?
When you are out baby-shopping stick to comfortable simple clothes because baby shopping is quite cumbersome and you do not want clothes in the way. In general, however, wear light, mostly unembellished outfits because some pregnant women complain about discomfort because of the heat and embellishments combined together. As for the night time and parties, wear chiffons, georgettes, silks or simply fabrics that have woven patterns in them. Stones and beadwork also give an elegant look without creating a 'big motif' effect.

So shoes…
Ladies shoes are the only place where you will have to compromise. No heels of any shape, size and form. If the fashion nod their heads and wag their fingers about neglecting shoes, ask them to talk to your hand. When it comes to shoes, comfort is no longer the only factor. It goes straight to risk issues. You don't want to trip on pencils or slip on platforms. So please limit yourself to flat, well balanced, steady and comfortable shoes.

Remember that hairy business…
A lot of women complain about their hairstyles or lack of it during pregnancy. Assess yourself in profile as well as full frontal when you are in your second trimester and first decide if you do need a change in hairstyle at all or not. If the answer is positive, concentrate on what takes away from the puffed up visage and chubby cheeks. Often pulling your hair back in a ponytail does the trick and manages to give you quite a young look. But this experience gives you the perfect opportunity to try a new look so be bold and go for it if the fancy grabs you!

And skin?
Some pregnant women develop skin irritations during pregnancy. If you are one of them, avoid using too much make up. In general treat yourself to facials using natural ingredients during this period. Ask your doctor about massages and if it is ok, treat yourself to one of those once in a while. And in the meanwhile ignore all superstitious talks about looking ugly if it is a boy and happy if it is a girl (don't know if the order is right by the way…)!

Pregnancy gives you radiance that no artificially manufactured product can and enjoy the glow while it lasts.

As mentioned before, your wardrobe during the three trimesters should not be about hiding that you are expecting. Rather it should be about flaunting it graciously. The challenge lies in figuring out what looks the best on you during this period. And for that you have experiment a little.

Deprived of the luxury of maternity ware, it is often difficult for pregnant women to obtain suitable outfits during these nine months. But don't let that take you down. Use this opportunity to try a new look and a new style and if it doesn't go, then just blame it on the hormones!

By Tahiat-e-Mahboob



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