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choices, choices and more choices

THE best thing about hair and face makeovers is that there are no rules that serve as boundaries for what should or should not be done. The parameters can be set by the individual herself.

Obviously, hairstyling is a very important and integral component of an attractive look, and different hairstyling techniques can provide the "look" that you may be craving for. True, your facial features influence, to an extent, what sort of hairstyle may be right for you. However, it is helpful to remember that the choice is varied and runs the whole gamut from period to modern, from sedate to sophisticated, from chic to trendy, from hip to playful and funky. Choices vary from age to moods, and sometimes an impish desire to just look and be different.

There is simply no rule that your hairstyle should be influenced by your makeup or vice-versa, other than being compatible and blending to complete a look that reflects your mood or a change in your personality, if you so wish.

As a hairstyling and makeover specialist I am personally been on period hairstyles. There is no greater thrill for me than to be able to achieve a fusion between period styles with the experimental in hair and face makeovers.

I like to keep the hairstyles simple, with the emphasis largely on keeping the hair neat and tidy. I am partial to buns, so much so, that large buns, with a little help from hair nets, provide me with plenty of options. Ponytails are fascinating for the chic and casual look, and tightly braided hair or the hair pulled tightly into a bun can create a look that strike a million sparks. Flowers in the hair, as the song goes, look great as well.

Make up for me is discreet, subtle and meant to create a mystique. The eyes are my focal points and playing with eyeshadows enables me to create looks that can range from sultry to sublime. Blue eyeshadows are timetested, but light yellow eyeshadows during the day, and darker hues of yellow for the night can be perennial favourites.

All said and done, the art of hair and face makeovers is a timeless one, and one can be spoilt for choice; and what a choice that can be! To be desirable or to be just admired as an object of beauty, ah, that is the question.

By Farzana Shakil













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