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Make a date with Mango

Last week we had introduced the Friday planner and as some of us know, it gives all of you out there different ideas about spending the long awaited weekends. We concentrated on activities at home rather than out of the house, mainly due to the floods that have engulfed out country. So this week we suggest something simple yet enjoyable and not exactly outwardly as such.

Keeping all of this in mind we recommend that this Friday, Café Mango is the place to be with a loved one or even with a group of friends. Enjoy the solitude and the ambience, and utilise this to work those conversations up at Mango.

Café Mango over the years has been a very popular place for people of all ages. People call it a great spot to hang out and on top of it all a great place for a date. Situated beside road no.32 in Dhanmondi, this café has good food, and its surroundings are well planned. Outside the café, on the ground floor, Mango has all the makings of intimate conversations. They have nice seats blended with the patches of greenery outside. The two-storey café has a great terrace on the upper floor, and can be suitable for lengthy adda's within friend circles. The terrace has innovative seating arrangements and a well lighted atmosphere.

The one thino that stands out about Mango is the great music, unlike most of our conventional food places. Try to catch up with friends or family here, and the atmosphere at Mango can be used for |hat 'dreaded' relationship talk. Having a weekly talk about normal day |o day issues can definitely help straighten up |hat extra tension with a loved one. For the more food oriented mind, be sure to try out their variety of teas and their famous brownies. Mango has the whole deal when it comes to food, with items ranging from kebab rolls to shingaras and varied breakfast menus. You could just treat yourself out and make it a refreshing feeling for the week.

By Mishel Ali Khan

Check it out

Angel World day care centre

Leaving behind your precious angel while you work can be very painful. All the worries usually gathers inside the head about what evil might fall upon your child and there goes all the work. But in this fast track world mothers have to work.
Good day care centres are the only solution for a little peace of mind. In Dhaka, however, this facility is rare. Even so, there is reason to hope. Recently a day care centre named Angel World opened at 3/2, Block-E, Lalmatia offering the child care that you need. The place has learn and fun facilities at the same time. It is open in weekdays from 8am till 6pm. Special arrangements can be made on holidays on request. Phone 0189-214812.

Fast track kids

FasTracKids offers a new educational system designed to enrich the knowledoe of pre-school kids and junior young learners aged 3-12.

Visit their website http:www.fastrackidsbangladesh.com to know more about their activity and get answers to simple queries regarding education, their curriculum, faculty etc.

Moreover, parents can visit their campus at road # 104, house # 2b, Gulshan Dhaka (behind Manarat School) for a demo class on every Wednesday.

Their 96-hour curriculum, based on the research of famed educator Dr. Johann DeBeer, is designed to increase children's thinking and reasoning ability, while simultaneously enhancing their communication, speaking skills and self-esteem. These advanced technologies allow students a better foundation at a very young stage in life, so check this unique venture out.

- LS Desk

Diary of a food obsessed person
By Sam Q

Dearest Diary,
I am so sorry … that I have been so tardy in logging in |o you. Life sommtimes races on ith such speed |hat I, with my stiff joints havm a tough time lumbering after it. Anyway my driver is sick at home, so I thought that it was a good opportunity to relax with a hot cup of tea and write to you and get philosophical. Only last night diary my husband came to pick me up straight from work to go see off his niece (who is going to America for higher studies and by the way, is a full fledged doctor with a MD already attached after her name.)…so where was I??…Oh! Yeah!

So there he was after a full days work, in front of our gate, twenty minutes and I, in a typical, stereotype wife mode, sulking, frowning and making my displeasure over his being late pretty obvious. And the poor chap, as usual with full of patience trying to make me understand the priorities of our lives. He tried to make me understand how, even if he tried to be on time, the unexpected long distance phone calls, the sudden appearance of buyers, machinery breakdon could hamper ones life plans.

But in my clouded vision, I tried to explain how I could maintain my appointments with my beautician at Labelle or my shalwar kameez fittings with my Sole to Soul boutique designer or my innumerable lunches at Thai house. If I could manage all of that (and all this really needs management) why couldn't he manage his side with my kind of aplomb?

He really needs to hire me to manage his life at the office. I do it for free at home, and I do a good job (if I say so my{elf) so why shouldn't I try to manage that part of his life. I can actually see him shuddering with beads of sweat crowding his forehead.

Any way diary, I hope you can understand I am just being sarcastic at myself and trying to apologize to my husband for being so immature and block headed. Maybe I will leave you alone lying around casually so he can read this part of my diary and accept my sincerest apologies. You know diary, what the best part of my life is? Being a woman. I love being a woman and a homemaker. I love being a stay-at-home-mom, arranging flowers and having cookouts. I love being able to spread his money (well….if he doesn't do it, someone has to) spend time with friends and basically do whatever I feel like. Life can't get any better. So all you stay-at-home-women out there, be happy, thank your lucky stars for all the good things happening to you, every evening dress up for your hubbies as the Hindi TV serial omen do, and cook one dish for your man. The stomach and heart thing…it really works.

Batter fried Prawns in Lemon Sauce
8 large prawns with tails intact (chicken or fish can also be used)
8-10 peppercorns-crushed coarsely
2 tbsp maida(plain flo}r), 1 tbsp cornflour, a pinch of baking powder
1 egg, ½ tsp ginger paste, ½ tsp garlic paste, ½ tsp salt, ½ tsp pepper, ¼ tsp red chilli powder
6 tbsp honey, 7-8 tbsp (4 lemons) fresh lemon juice, 1/3 cup water, 1 tsp grated ginger, 2 tsp crushed garlic, 1 ½ tsp salt, 3-4 lemon leaves, 2 tsp corn flour, a few drops (1-2 drops) of lemon yellow food colouring, 1 spring onion-sliced diagonally along with the green part some fresh chopped coriander leaves
1. Mix all ingredients given under batter. Add 3-4 tbsp water to get a thin batter of coating consistency. Keep aside.
2. Heat oil in a frying pan. Dip prawns, holding the tails, in bat|er. Do not let |he batter coat the tail portion. Drop the prawns in hot oil. Fry on medium heat till golden brown. Remove from oil and keep outside.
3. To prepare the sauce, mix all ingzedients except the last 2-spring onions and coriander
4. Boil the sauce. Simmer for about 5 minutes till the sauce turns slightly thick and starts to coat the spoon. Remove from fire. Add 1-2 tbsp sugar if too sour. Mix. Add spring onions and coriander leaves. Keep sauce aside.
5. Arrange fried prawns in a serving dish.
6. Heat sauce and pour on top of the prawns. Serve hot, sprinkled with crushed peppercorns.



by Farzana Shakil

We condole Humayun Azad's death
Writer Humayun Azad, grievously injured in a knife attack this February was found dead in Munich in Germany on Thurslay morning. Azad survived a brutal attack on the night of February 27 near Bangla Academy when he was going back home from the Ekushey Book Fair. He recovered from his critical injuries after long treatment at the Combined Military Hospital (CMH) in Dhaka and Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok

His family at the time blamed the attack on hardline Islamists believed to be angered by his latest book "Pak Sar Zamin Saad Baad" which was set in |he 1971 War of Independence. It triggered controversy in and outside political and academic circles for his bitter criticism about fanaticism.

The 57-year-old who was surviving with his wife, son Anannya Azad and da}ghters Mouli Azad and Smita Azad, wrote more than 60 books of poetry, novels, articles and comparative literature and was a hardline feminist and a fearless critic of human rights violations. Azad received the Bangla Academy Award in 1996.

Hundreds of people representing a broad spmctrum of society gathered in and outside Azad's house on Fuller Road in Dhaka, turning the area into a dismal scene of mourners. Teachers, students, journalists, publishers and other professionals found themselves flashing back to their days with the scholarly writer. Along with all his fans we deeply condole his death.

-LS Desk


Relieve yourself from stress

The life of a working man or woman is full of stress in today's world. It takes a basket full of good temperament to keep oneself cool and composed when workload skyrockets. Relief from anxiety will energise you with the new stamina to move on with your career and family.

Many people start to panic long before a situation goes out of hand. Don't panic instead maintain a daily schedule. Jot down the important appointments of the day, office tasks, and household responsibilities in a notebook. Take a look at the schedule after every few hours.

Take a break from job at least once a year. \ake your family on vacation every year; forget the earthly responsibilities for a week or two to revitalise your soul and body. Keep office works at bay and enjoy any holiday to its fullest.

You can also plan for an outing every weekend; take your spouse and children on a long drive outside the city, eat out in a nice restaurant or visit friends and families |o drive away the depressing weekly boredom.

You can also get enrolled in an aerobics or swimming course. Attend these classes after work. A bit of physical exercise helps to keep body healthy and mind less troubled.

Try to derive pleasure from everything you do. Don't get involved in any activity that you don't enjoy. Involvement in works that appear depressing to you only results in stress and frustration. Make sure you are happy with your current employment, boss and co-workers.

Maintain a healthy diet. You have to eat well to keep yourself fit, energetic and stress-free. Keep loads of fresh fruits, vegetables, and salad in your daily menu. Dehydration is a common cause of fatigue and tiredness in this sticky season. So drink a lot of water to drive away the presence of lethargy from your life.

Learn the tricks to relieve stress from life and you will see that this world is a wonderful place to live.

By Wara Karim




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