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Amin Jewellers- A Symbol of Aristocracy

There is no good point in reintroducing Amin Jewellers to our readers. Those of us who have lived in Dhaka for quite some time and shopped for gold jewellery, should know about Amin Jewellers. With two branches in Baitul Mukarram, one in New Market, and one showroom in Gulshan 2, Amin Jewellers will also be inaugurating it's fifth branch in Prince Plaza, Dhanmondi within a month. Dominating since 1966, Amin is one of the oldest jewellers of the city; their ornaments are characterised by premium quality gold and attractive, voguish designs.

But today, the purpose of this article is to enlighten our readers about the availability of a wide range of products other than regular jewellery that Amin Jewellers manufacture for those who look for diverse uses of gold.

Instead of purchasing a gold chain or a finger ring for a man as a gift, be innovative for a change. How about purchasing a pair of elegant cufflinks for your brother on his wedding or maybe buttons? At Amin Jewellers, gold cufflinks for men will cost you around tk.20, 000 and buttons within tk.10, 000 to tk.20, 000.

If the countdown has already begun and the entire family is awaiting the birth of a new child, the grandparents can plan to buy a gold spoon for the grandchild who is about brighten up their life. Many families even today feed honey to a newborn with the belief that it would sweeten the life of the new family member. A gold spoon could be an ideal gift on such an occasion; each gold spoon will cost you about tk.8, 000 at Amin Jewellers. But if you are planning to stun the rest of your family through purchasing a mind-blowing gift for your grandchild, then you can opt for a gold plate. But a gold plate will be quite expensive. The minimum price will be tk.85, 000. Some well-to-do families even nowadays feast a new bride or a groom in gold glasses or bowls. At AJ, a gold glass will cost you at least tk.45, 000 and a bowl tk.40, 000.

If you are looking for a perfect gift to give your wife on your wedding anniversary, give her a gold hairpin with stonework. A gold hairpin will cost you between tk.15, 000 and tk.20, 000 at AJ. You can also give her a brooch. A gold brooch will cost you within tk.15, 000 to tk.20, 000.

Instead of presenting a mundane gold chain, ring or pair of earrings to a newborn, why don't you get a gold coin? A gold coin will cost you tk.7, 500 at AJ.

Amin Jewellers also has some off-track ornaments in its collection. You can also keep them in your list. Such items include mantashas (a special sort of thick wrist ornament), armlets and waist chains. A mantasha will cost you about tk.10, 000 on the minimum; you can buy an armlet within tk.25, 000 to tk.30, 000 and waist chain between tk.85, 000 and tk.1 lakh.

At the branches of Amin Jewellers, you will come across samples of the above-mentioned products. But if you choose to purchase custom-made versions of these products then you can also place orders in any of the outlets of Amin Jewellers. AJ uses either 21-karat or 22-karat excellent quality gold for their products. Each bhori of 21K gold costs tk.9, 300 and 22K costs tk.9, 600.

Show that you go the extra mile buy getting your loved one one of these unique pieces from Amin Jewellers.

Addresses of the outlets of AJ:
F-27, D.C.C Market, North Gulshan Circle-2, Dhaka.
73 and 77 Baitul Mukarram (Ground Floor), Dhaka.
215 and 216 Govt. New Market, Dhaka.

By Wara Karim

Shop talk

Candles on water
Water is soothing to the eyes and a simple bowl of water can add drama to your abode if you let go a few floating candles in it. Floating candles are lovely, and they have the magical charm to attach a feeling of serenity to a room. Artistic floating candles are available at the showrooms of Aarong. These candles uphold pleasant impressions of flowers, shells, spheres and leaves. Available in a wide range of shades, the flower shaped floating candles can be some stylish decorative items for your sweet home. These floating candles are available within tk.20 to tk.30 at the outlets of Aarong.

Candle stands
Decorating homes with creative candles is certainly an 'in' craze now. Even a mundane candle can gain new dimension if you place it on an attractive candle stand made from wrought iron. Candles look lovelier on artistic stands. If you have been looking forward to purchasing some smart candle stands for your home, pay a visit to the outlets of Aarong. At Aarong, lovely candle stands made from wrought iron will generally cost you between tk.50 and tk.100. You can also stop by the branches of Banglar Mela for pleasing candle stands; prices are reasonable and the products are worth buying at the stores of Banglar Mela.

Pearl jewellery
Pearls are small, hard and round and it's their lustrous surface that gives them their great value as gems. If you want to bid a good-bye to those metal finger rings that you have been wearing for a bit too long, and want to shift to something different, then pearl rings can be a good choice for you. You can stop at New Pearls Fair, a store located at the D.C.C Market of Gulshan 2, for eye-catching finger rings. Made from both white and black pearls, these rings are fashionable indeed. Each of these pearl rings unlike regular metal finger rings takes the appearance of a small string of pearls. Each of these rings is priced at tk.200. You will also come across elegant pearl bracelets at this store; each string of pearl bracelet will cost you tk.200. You can rest assured that this exquisite pearl jewellery would add new grace to your look.

Aesthetic pearl pendants
If you have never worn a pearl pendant before, then it's time you try wearing one and watch the difference in your air. Chunks of pearls have been given creative forms at New Pearls Fair. Besides, silver bands surround each pendant, giving them an elegant look. New Pearls Fair is located at D.C.C. Market, Gulshan 2 and each of these pendants is priced at tk.500.

Wall Racks
Wall racks are handy. Hanging one in your bedroom will add to the good look of your room. You can use such useful racks to stow your make-up, stationers, hair bands and other accessories that you use in your every day life. You can even hang one in your kitchen or dining room to put containers of pepper and salt, spoons, forks and napkins. Made from wrought iron and bamboo, each of these fine racks is available at tk.275 at the Gulshan outlet of Aarong.

Gorgeous garlands
Hanging a garland at your front door will not only impress your guests but such an artistic garland will also uphold your high taste to others. Garlands prepared from dry flowers, ribbon, fabric, plastic, net, canes and loads of other interesting ingredients are available at Ikebana, Banani. You can purchase such an aesthetic garland from Ikebana within tk.75 to tk.350. Ikebana is located on Road # 6, Banani.

Ceramic glass coasters
If you have been planning to purchase some ceramic coasters for your household drinking containers, then pay a visit to the Gulshan outlet of Aarong. Each of these ceramic containers holds up works of dextrous craftspeople of Bangladesh. Every piece of these select glass coasters will cost you tk.20. So, purchase a few of these for daily use and place them under glasses any time you treat your guests with cool and soothing fizz and fruit juice.

By Wara Karim






Essentials Special

Push up your pill performance
Does your medicine cabinet resemble a pharmacist's shelves? Does your medical file resemble the Webster's Dictionary because it's overflowing with prescriptions? Chances are, you're taking more medicine than you really need. Here's how to get the maximum mileage out of minimum medication.

Count those capsules…
If you're taking more than eight pills a day, or more than three different prescriptions, then your doctor is probably over prescribing. There are many reasons why this happens. Sometimes, the doctor hasn't received all the relevant information needed to make an accurate diagnosis. Often, a patient will consult more than one doctor, and not inform any of them what the other has prescribed. Whatever the reason, for your safety, whenever you visit the doctor, make sure you inform him/her about any medication you may already be taking. Refrain from 'self-medication', or the act of taking over-the-counter medication without prior consultation of a professional physician. You never know when one medicine has an adverse reaction to another, so make sure you ask the doctor. Also, ask if it is possible to switch to a drug that can treat more than one condition using one active ingredient.

Heed instructions
Studies have shown that people who miss medication take longer to get better, and tend to suffer more from side effects. The reasons for missing medications might be anything from simple negligence to inconvenient dose schedules or distressing side effects. If your prescription requires you to take a pill every eight hours, and you miss one or two, the chances of the prescription being effective go down, and you invariably find yourself running to the doctor again. Now, if your doctor isn't told that you missed medications, he might actually end up prescribing more to reinforce the effect, and thus do more harm than good. So do yourself a favour, and follow the original prescription to a t, and if you can't, tell your doctor.

Be informed…
Before starting any new medication course, make sure you have all the facts. Ask your doctor what the pills are for, find out what side effects to expect, and what foods to avoid, so as not to risk allergic reactions. If possible, get yourself tested for allergies before taking the pills. For example, people with NS-Aids allergy are generally advised to avoid such generic drugs as Ibuprofen ®, to name one. Find out if it is possible to lower the dosage, as higher dosages tend to produce more side effects.

Easy on the Supplements…
There is a common tendency to pile up on multivitamins and multi-mineral dietary supplements, thinking that more of these will help keep one healthy. However, these supplements aren't as harmless as one thinks. As with all drugs, an overdose of vitamins and minerals can also have adverse repercussions. So, unless your physician has prescribed them to you for a specific purpose, like a deficiency, do not take these supplements. They might prove to be the difference between good health and a debilitating condition.

The key to making your medicine work for you is to know what you're taking, why you're taking it, how you should take it. You have to play an active role in the medication programme, and keep the channel of communications with your physician open at all times. You'll soon find your body, your wallet, and your medicine cabinet thanking you.


!By Sabrina F Ahmad





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