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TLC Talkies...

“I am so spoilt by my husband."
Can you married women out there believe this line?
Unbelievable as it might seem, there are a lucky few among us who are actually still courted by their 'better' halves. Yes these men have indeed earned the right to be declared so.

Women love to be pampered (even the hard core feminists). It is in-built in their systems to feel special (and all the time too). Some wise (of course) man once commented that a little attention and appreciation for the wives could do wonders to married life. Only the ones who are still not aware of this fact are the unhappy lots.

Generally, people think that love withers after marriage, meaning it's there but in a dormant stage, taken for granted sort of a thing. This is precisely the attitude that leads to the erosion of romance after marriage. Surprise your wife once in a while and see how this 'fact' is disproved.

Some would say it's so filmi, but where do you think the film directors get their ideas from, eh? Real life of course. Book a table for romantic dinner, even better, take her to lunch on a busy weekday, and you're bound to win brownie points.

In order to really surprise her, lunches are highly recommended, (it would be an added bonus if you look up her work schedule). If it's lunch, restaurants around Gulshan offer wonderful buffets at very low cost. So during lunch break, grab quick bite and remind her that she matters. If it's dinner then please plan ahead. Inform the restaurant, arrange for flowers and if it's your anniversary or a special occasion that you are celebrating, then have a gift nicely wrapped. Usually, dinners are formal affairs, and are recommended for special occasions only. If you have kids, arrange for a baby sitter and don't feel bad about it because love needs nurturing too.

On her birthdays or Mother's day, make it a family affair with her as the focal point (as always). It would be a great idea if you can arrange for a cake before hand. (Tip: take help of the restaurant people).

However these are normal stuff; even the man with little imagination (like the ones us unlucky ones live with) can think of these. But you score ten on ten if you can arrange for a surprise vacation during school break and have your kid, who studying abroad and whom mommy dearest is missing terribly, to be around. This would certainly make her feel that she is always on top of your list even after years together (you would touch her maternal being this time).

Another handy hint that you should remember is always try listen to the hints she is dropping, things like how she loves the fragrance of Clinique's 'Happy' or White Linen of Estee Lauder is her eternal favourite. Or how she always sighs when she sees that diamond top from Nakshahtra, or that solitaire. Pretend that you didn't understand or get the message (but make sure you do get the message secretly) and at the right moment sweep her off her feet by bringing it up.

Believe me all this tender loving care will be equally reciprocated.

She should feel that she is important to you. Even if you can't do all these, make her truly feel important in your life then life would indeed be a bed of roses.

By Raffat Binte Rashid


Getting rid of hicc Ups

Oh those hiccups nearly killed me last afternoon…we have heard so many people repeating such a statement with endless contempt. Hiccup is a sudden uncontrolled stopping of the breath with a sharp gulp-like sound, often repeating at small intervals. Though there are no perfect remedies to hiccups, there are a few interesting things that we can try doing when a hiccup attack makes life miserable.

The simplest thing that you can do is drink a glass of water and then eat a piece of bread when series of hiccups are annoying you.

One possible way to cure hiccups is by firmly holding the opening of a brown paper bag over your mouth and nose and then breathing through your mouth for 5 times in and out of the bag- the carbon dioxide from you breath will stop the hiccups.

Some people also believe that consuming a teaspoon of honey also helps in immediate cure of hiccups.

Some people even say that placing a paper towel over a glass of water and then drinking it will help cure hiccups. Mind you that you must drink the water with the paper towel on top of your glass!

I once read in a book that there are a lot of people who believe that if you eat a spoonful of sugar during hiccups, it will be cured instantly. There are others, who believe in a fascinating belief that rubbing ear lobes during hiccups helps in relieving it.

You can also put your hands above your head to cure hiccups. Raising hands over your head will stretch your diaphragm and thus control hiccups.

Some people even trust in the idea that swallowing a teaspoon of vinegar help in instant curing of hiccups.

Hiccups can be deadly at times, and you must try to stop them as soon as they start. You can try the above tips from time to time and check if they really work.

By Penelope

Diary of a Food Obsessed Person By Sam Q

Dearest diary,
I have joined a gym. Please don't laugh. I really have and I'm enjoying it. Okay, okay, I admit, I am not so chirpy about the whole nine yards, but I am doing it.

Yeah, getting into my gym clothes, bending down to wear my sneakers does kinda take a toll, but I manage. I tried to work out in my shalwar kamiz, but I kinda looked like the fat lady who fled from the circus so I stopped.

The first day at the gym, I felt so nervous and self conscious around those fit and young women pounding the treadmill in their trendy gym gear that I almost turned on my heels to go back and wallow in my self gloom but just in time a few actual plus sized women breezed in and made me feel right at home. If only you could see the look on my face which said, " even fat women use the gym."

So, after the initial trauma of facing myself in those huge mirrors on the wall I gingerly got on the treadmill to punch those twinkling buttons to get myself started and then guess what… the stupid machine wants me to punch in my weight. Why? What good will that do? Why does this steel monster need to know my weight? I was about to get off the treadmill and bid adieu to my weight loss plan for good, because I wasn't about to announce my weight to anyone, be it a machine, when suddenly the instructor comes up and conjures up a fictitious number (which by the way I highly approved) and coolly punched it in.

So, then the machine sort of woke up to the fact that it was the time to disco… sorry… it was the time to work and I was also by that time suitably pacified to start my work out. I actually looked kinda cool with my black track bottoms and cute black T-shirt. I was actually contemplating to add a pair of black sunglasses to my ensemble when I thought I just might be mistaken for RAB and would be denied my membership, so I stopped there.

So diary, I have to admit, it felt good after the whole rigmarole of the treadmill, cross-trainer and the cycling machine.

At the end of each workout the feeling of accomplishment is quite profound. To finish of today's diary I must pay tribute to one of my gym friends Shumi. She has been a great motivator in my gym life. She should've been an instructor of some sort because she can really talk to encourage and make you want to go ahead and do it. She has tremendous determination, grit and stamina. Though she is a young friend of mine, in spite of that what I want to say is, when I grow up I want to be like her.

My strength training and giving up sugar is totally her contribution. When I see the slight dip in my bicep and little bit of weight shifting after giving up sugar, I bow my head to her.

So, diary a sugarless recipe for you today.

Chocolate and banana muffin
2 ripe bananas
150 ml of semi skimmed milk
22 tbsp of any sugar alternate (equal, splenda granular, saccharine)
350 grams self-raising flour
½ tbsp baking powder
25 grams cocoa powder
75 grams of chocolate chips
2 medium eggs

To decorate dust with powdered sugar alternate or pipe with melted white chocolate
1. Pre- heat oven to 200 degrees Celsius
2. Put muffin cases in to bun tin.
3. Mash the bananas, put them into a small pan with a little of the milk and 8 tbsp of splenda granular. Cook over a gentle heat for a few minutes, then put to one side to cool.
4. Mix together the dry ingredients including the remains of the splenda granular. Make a well in the center and pour in the eggs, remaining milk and banana mixture. Stir, then spoon into muffin cases.
5. Put in the oven and then bake for 12-15 minutes. Cool on a wire rack.


Friday planner

The Hangout
Life in Baridhara DOHS just got more interesting. With the construction of the Anannya Shopping Complex, there is the promise of shopping entertainment closer to home for the local residents, who previously had to venture into Gulshan for their different purchasing needs. While everyone eagerly awaits the day when it goes into full operation, they've got a tasty preview of what they can expect, in the form of a new fast food outlet called "The Hangout", probably the first of its kind in the area.

The store is visible from the road as the only lighted shop in the entire complex, and you walk in through the glass doors into a simple L-shaped area, with a food counter and a seating section with a capacity for a maximum of fifteen people. The décor is simple, clean and functional, and the atmosphere is that of a family place, the ideal place for 'chillaxing', hence the name The Hangout.

The food consists of traditional fast food burgers, pizza, sandwiches, rolls, soft drinks, and an assortment of sweet treats. The menu varies from day to day, and because the kitchen is located at the area, you can be assured that it's all fresh and piping hot. The special attraction of the outlet is the offer of mouthwatering phuchka and chotpoti that has to be tasted to be believed. These are served in the evening, and are rapidly gaining popularity, so if you want to have a taste, it is recommended you get there between 6PMm -8 PM before stocks run out.

The best part about The Hangout is the pricing. The pastries range from Tk 10-15, the sandwiches cost no more than Tk 15-25, and the chotpoti is available at Tk 20 per plate. In fact, none of the items on offer cost more than Tk 200, and thus are easily available within a student's budget.

So, if you're looking for a new place to hang out at and grab a bite at the same time, set your compass for The Hangout. The store is open everyday between 10 a.m.-8:30 p.m.

By Sabrina F Ahmad

Check it out

Fu-Wang chain shop launched

It is a new addition to the lives of the Dhaka dwellers. On August 22 Fu-Wang foods opened their chain shop at the Tejgaon-Gulshan link road. To win the heart of their consumers they have come up with distinctive features. All of their items are a blend of Western and Japanese flavours. Over 100 items will be served at the outlet. They are offering oven fresh confections after every alternative two hours. Food from the previous day will be nowhere near the outlet they say. There is also a 50 percent discount offer for two weeks starting from the date of the grand opening. And that's how they plan to win over all the Dhakaites.
So why not give it a try?

-LS Desk






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