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blue and yellow family room

THE family room is perhaps the most comfortable place in the house. This is a private zone where the family relaxes and unwinds, gathering here for entertainment, or some intimate conversations. This is the place that can tie all the family members together. When planning the design for a family room, consider the function first. Make a list of activities for which the room will be used, which may include television viewing, reading, conversation, musical practice or listening, card and games, or family parties.

Mrs. Nagina Sinha's house is unique, because all the rooms are different from one another. She loves having a different mood for each corner. To give her the family room of her dreams, we decided to make use of bright colours.

For this family space, two colours were chosen: blue, the colour of tranquility, and yellow for cheerfulness. Three of the walls were painted blue, and the remainder painted with lemon yellow sponge paint. With blue being a cool colour, and yellow being a warm one, a dramatic contrast is created.

The floor space is an important consideration. The flooring for much of the rest of the house has been done in porcelain tiles, but for this room, comfort is of great import. Hence, a heavy-duty synthetic carpet was provided for the room, keeping the colour scheme in mind. A seating arrangement was made with a curved, lip-shaped divan that matched the carpets. This really brightened up the atmosphere.

Cushions are a style statement for any room. Simple shapes like circles and squares show of strong colours and patterns to their best advantage. These can also be jazzed up with frills or piping, according to individual tastes, but one should remember that the fabric should match that of the curtains in the room. Mrs. Sinha brought blue silk cushions. Big colourful cushions were placed on the floor. Red was used because it is a warm, vibrant colour and creates a contrast with the blue/yellow theme. The large grass mat cushions are also very eye-catching. On one corner, an antique wooden swing is arranged to add a traditional touch.

The curtains play an important part in any room. Local handloom fabrics are unparalleled in their attraction, so a lemon yellow fabric was selected, and paired with embroidered sheers to repeat the blue and yellow theme that simply looks gorgeous.

Instead of a false ceiling, a wooden molded beat was installed around the edges of the ceiling, framing the room. Spotlights and tube-lights are avoided, to minimize messy wiring; instead, beautiful table lamps with fabric shades are used, as is a traditional crystal chandelier, which strikes a note of elegance.

Even though furniture is kept to a minimum, one has to remember the purpose of having this room. A wrought-iron cabinet was painted black-blue to match the settings, and arranged in the room. The TV set, the music system, books and collection items were all placed in there in a no-nonsense, yet attractive arrangement.

Finally, family photographs were given nice frames and arranged on the wall. A three-stepped table, a horse-shaped figurine, and a 'force of life' symbol were also arranged around these. The result: a room that the family would not want to leave for a moment.

Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
For further details, contact: journeym@citechco.net
Photo Credit: Hasan Saifuddin Chandan













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