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Shop special

When East meets West at cool counters

“Priyo" shopping outlets at Dhanmondi, Banani and Uttara are places where, with little time in hand, with a sophisticated taste, but limited budget one can shop with ease. The salespersons are so understanding and cooperative that if you once get to know them you wouldn't want to shop anywhere else.

Anyone used to genuine French perfumes, imported chiffon saris with delicate embroidery and shalwar-kameez-dupatta, sets and other imported accessories wouldn't care to shop anywhere else. One could hold a lingerie show from just what's there if we had just the place for that in Dhaka at the present juncture. As for men's penchant for haute couture quality Italian and other European ready-made suits, blazers, shirts and accessories, here are the shopper's paradise.

Parisian, British, Italian, US, Indian and other cosmetics like lipstick, nail polish, toners, masks, wigs, hair-dye, waistline reducers, dark rings camouflages, skin whiteners, bosom developers are there for your asking.

For even gift items, if you are pressed for time and cannot make it to, say New Market, and other everyday groceries like foreign jams, jellies, cordials, mixed nut, tinned biscuits, chocolates and even diabetic chocolates, are all there on the shelves, neatly displayed.

Should you need pharmaceutical items like commodities made from ginseng, genuine Tiger Balm or "Bengay" (spray or balm form), cod-liver oil, US multivitamin tablets they are available too at more reasonable prices than most other places that once has come across in the city. If they don't have an item, they will go through the length and breath of the road to get it for you.

Children's items like diapers, feeding bottles, teething equipment, reliable powder milk, new-born baby sets are there for your asking.

The gift wrapping, the patient salesmanship and even the necessary help required for carting the shopping boxes home, leave it to "Priyo". They will deliver the goods at ten minutes notice, with just a phone call, even daring gnashing dog's teeth at 10pm if and when necessary. Of course, you have to have a rapport with "Priyo" too.

By Fayza Haq

Shop talk

Washing Machine
If you wash your clothes by yourself, then you will surely agree that it is one of the most tiring household chores. Besides being a tiring job, it can also mar your beauty, as there are numerous women who have broken a nail or two while attempting to wash clothes. By purchasing a washing machine you will be able to gain respite from this ordeal, as it will take care of the hassle of washing clothes. At Samsung Sales & Display Centre (National Stadium Market), you can buy either a 3.5kg washing machine for TK 7900 or an 11.5kg washing machine for TK 32500. Both of these models have a two-year guarantee.

Silk / Satin batuas
An elegant attire such as the saree is more or less incomplete without that classy touch the batua. These are perfect for formal occasions such as weddings, dinner invitations and the like. Just wrap it by its delicate strings around your wrist, and your ensemble is complete. Most fancy batuas are made of satin and Benarasi silk, with golden zari work or embroidery, and some have really lovely sequin work and colourful stones that make them appealing to the eye. The price of these batuas range from Tk 800 to Tk 3000. You can get these at Navana Tower or Shopper's World.

Fire Extinguisher
Hopefully, you will never have a fire at your house, but in case you do, you should keep a fire extinguisher at home in order to be on the safe side. After all, if a fire takes place at your residence, by the time our country's 'efficient' Fire Service reaches your house, all your valuables will torn to ashes! You can obtain a 3kg fire extinguisher for TK 850 from K.S. International (Nawabpur).

It is widely believed that the hartal season is going to be back in full swing. Most Bangladeshis usually spend a hartal day by eating various delicacies. If you would like to join this eating bonanza, then you must have a stove at home so that you can prepare Kachi biriyani, Pilau, Khichuri etc! At the stores of National Stadium Market, a double stove is sold in the region of TK 1800 TK 2400. It is worth mentioning that the stoves come with a guarantee of one year.

Pocket Calculator
Has it ever happened that you have gone to a shop and are unsure about the amount of change the shopkeeper is supposed to return to you for the goods that you have purchased? Well, if you are as weak in mathematics as some of us who work for Lifestyle are, then you have surely experienced this situation! One way that you can always be sure about the amount of change you are supposed to receive is by carrying a pocket calculator with you. This godsend device will enable you to carry out calculations that your brain cannot perform. A pocket calculator is sold for about TK 120, and is available at most stationery stores.

Telephone Set
Although most mobile phone operators have significantly lowered their call charges, they are still very high compared to the rates for using a land line telephone. If you are a Romeo or a Juliet, and intend to spend the whole night speaking to one another over the phone, you will be able to save oodles of money by using a land line telephone instead of a mobile. Therefore, invest in a land line telephone set and spend the whole night chatting away without worrying about a hefty bill at the end of the month. At the electronic stores of National Stadium Market, a telephone set can be purchased between TK 600 TK 2500.

Weighing Machine
In recent times many of us have become extremely weight conscious. If you are one of those weight conscious individuals, then instead of always relying on your gym's weighing machine to check your weight, we suggest that you keep a weighing machine at your home. It will not cost you much, and you will have the opportunity to check your weight whenever you want to. At Sumon Sports (Hockey Stadium), a weighing machine is sold between TK 350 and TK 700.

By Sayeed Mahmud Nizam






Essentials Special

Ballad of the bald
Life is not always very pleasant for those with a shiny top. Take Alam for instance. He has several beautiful combs in his possession. He often looks at them and himself in the mirror and most of the time feels bad about looking. He never gets to use them because he is a little thin on the top. Actually it is more than thin, it is barren, but Alam likes the word thin better. He is in his early 30s. He went bald when he wasn't supposed to. Since then, he was addressed differently by others. Gradually he developed a type of complex and thus became shy. Occasionally along with his friends he makes fun of his being shiny top, but he is one unhappy man inside with a desire for thick hair. Our 'essentials' this week is dedicated to all the bald men of the world.

What causes baldness
First, lets have a look at the causes of baldness. It is hereditary in most cases. But these days some other elements are also to be blamed. Pollution is a major cause. The particles in the air, like dust along with sweat makes the hair greasy, resulting in damaged hair. In Dhaka it is a common cause. There is always a sense of insecurity around us. This leads to stress, which can trigger hair loss in both men and women. Using hats or caps for long is also a cause. Some medication and usage of wrong shampoo can also be blamed. Some hair care practices often leads to hair fall. There are also dermatological reasons like infections in the scalp and diseases that causes baldness.

Be bold about baldness
The only way to deal with baldness is to be bold about it. There are hundreds of women in the world who got married to bald guys. All it takes is a little respect for other people's appearance and a respect towards your own. It will definitely make you feel better. If you are experiencing hair loss, baldness, or thinning hair, remember you are not alone and next time anyone makes fun of you ignore to them. Accept the fact as it is. Do not try to cover it. If a woman judges you by your hair she is probably not worth knowing in the first place, and if you are a woman, imagine someone judging you by your physical appearance.

To shine or not to shine
Some bald men feel bad if their tops shine too much. Well, know this, according to experts, shining top is better than a dry top. Dry top means you've been spending too much time under the sun without protection, which eventually lessened down the moisture level. Use a sun block when you go out, and to restore the moisture, use moisturiser lotion. Excessively shiny tops is also a problem. It is probably caused by excess sebum production, hormonal irregularities, and bacteria. To dull your hair, just use a little talcum powder. Aloe Vera is very good for scalp and try to feel good about yourself now that, bald is beautiful in the fashion scenario

By Shahnaz Parveen





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