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Car Fixit

Power steering woes

Most of the cars since the mid eighties have been coming with power steering. In our country it is a feature we cannot avoid, especially since we are a lazy bunch of people. Recently a friend with an '89 Toyota Corolla has been to the shops because the car would moan, groan, whine and cry every time the steering wheel was turned. The steering pump needed replacement at about tk2000.

Pumps eventually fail, but with proper care these last a long time. Basically you need to service the power steering fluid. Servicing involves draining or flushing out your car's old power-steering fluid and then adding fresh fluid. The fluid is the cheapest component of the power-steering system and changing it can help to prolong the life of other more expensive parts. If you continue to let it go, then your steering rack (a slotted device that turns the wheels) can wear out. That can cost you anywhere from tk4000 to tk15000 even with the help of our infamous Dholaikhaal. A failed steering can result in a pedestrian meeting the underside of your car. It is all about a stitch in time.

Why should you change the fluid?
There are seals and internal components in the pump that wear out, and soon your steering fluid will have debris in it. The device then has to pump out small pieces of matter instead of fluid, causing it to fail. Eventually your pump starts whining every time you turn, and it will break down leaving your power steering with no power. It is worse than a car that has no power steering system. Try turning the wheels when the car is turned off and you will see just how difficult it is. It will help you develop good arm muscles.

If you occasionally hear a squealing sound like that of a dog stepped on its tail then it could be a slipping belt. What happens is that as belts get old, they become glazed and slippery.

How to avoid ruining your steering system?
For an old car, try not to always turn the steering wheel completely till it locks. The further you turn, the more pressure you apply on the pump and a weak seal or hose may blow. For a car more than 10 years old, it is a good idea to change the fluid about once a year. Also, if you notice a leak of any kind you should definitely check the fluid level and keep it topped up. Running out of fluid will do you no good. Remember, any unusual sound is your car's way of crying for help.

By Ehsanur Raza Ronny

Check it out

Siemens M65 hits the market

There is good news for those who are looking for a brand new cell phone. Siemens Bangladesh Ltd has recently launched a new mobile phone. The Siemens M65 is a striking outdoor Triband GSM handset, packed with multimedia features.

The Siemens M65 offers an integrated VGA video and photo camera, a 2.1 inch diagonal 132 x 176 pixel high resolution 65K TFT colour display as well as full MMS functionality with improved resistance to water splashes, shock and dust.

The metal protected frame and rubber bumper absorbs shocks whether on bumpy crossroads or rocky mountains helping you fight the elements and protecting the display from scratches and breaking.

The handset is available at Siemens House and all major mobile phone markets.

-LS Desk

Sebec Electric Oven

Now anyone can make pizza, bread, patties and many other fast food at home with the Sebec Electric Ovens. Sebec Electric Ovens of 28L and 18L capacity are now available in Bangladesh. These ovens are very attractive to look at for its stainless steel body, black control panel and design. Each Sebec oven is fitted with timer, temperature controller and grill selector for multipurpose use. For grilling a whole chicken Sebec ovens have a unique rotisserie grill function. These ovens are available at a very reasonable price of Tk 3,850.00 for Model SEO 28R (28L Capacity) and Tk 2,600.00 for SEO 18R (18LCapacity).
Sebec Electric Ovens are available at the Showrooms of Epique Home Appliances Ltd, at 345 Segun Bagicha, Dhaka-1000.
- LS Desk

News flash

Autumn Collection now at Kay Kraft in Rifles Square

Kay Kraft has opened its new branch at Rifles Square and it features their new autumn collection. Kay Kraft has introduced its new line using their own designs, thoughts and presentation, and it has already been a favourite amongst customers. Besides their usual men's line and women's collection this store will also feature household accessories and gift items.

The Banglar Mela fourth branch now at Bashundhara City

The Banglar Mela has completed its third year. Boasting three showrooms over three years in Banani, Mirpur and Dhanmondi, Banglar Mela has always given special emphasis on its 'Taat' and handloom fabrics collection. Now, with its fourth branch at Basundhara City our deshi fabrics is bound to find yet another new dimension. The store's fourth branch at Bashundhara City will be open for public on 7th October.
- LS Desk



Handling smells and odours
Worried about the stink that hugs your bathroom? No matter how disgusting it sounds, some of our bathrooms do smell unpleasant. But there are tricks that can solve this big problem in a jiffy.

Buy potpourri from store, thread them nicely and hang them from the wall of your bathroom. You can also make a garland and border the bathroom mirror. Not only will your bathroom look cute but at the same time, the aroma from potpourri will drive away odour from the entire place.

The easiest way to fight restroom odour is to light a match or two as it can quickly mask unpleasant smells. So keep a match box in your bathroom cupboard for emergencies.

You can also keep a shallow dish of vinegar behind your toilet. Vinegar has an amazing quality of absorbing disgusting odour from any place.

Old books often bear such a musty smell that it becomes nearly impossible to read an old book in peace. But there are solutions to this problem too. Books often become smelly 'cause of dampness and if that is the case, then place your books upright and let a fan dry out the pages. You can also keep damp books in a dry room for a few days to drive away the smell.

There is one more thing you can do to get rid of mouldy smell from books. Place all the damp books in an airtight container with a tray of baking soda placed on top of the books. Baking soda has a magical quality of fighting repulsive smells.

Those clothes that you stowed in your closet for too long must be giving away an unpleasant smell. So, next time when you store clothes, place a bar of sweet-scented soap inside the dresses. When you bring them out after 6/7 months, these clothes will smell nice.

After chopping and slicing fishes, the hands stinks. To remove this fish stink, rub your hands around the tap of your sink. Some people say that this thing really works well.

And lastly, to hide smells around your home, sprinkle some perfume on top of the bulb of your table lamp. And as you will turn on the lamp the heat from the light will diffuse the molecules of perfume around the room.

By Penelope

Hanging Out

@ Corner

@ Corner is located on the top floor of Navana Tower, tucked away on the far right corner, opposite the @ Corner Thai Restaurant. The @ Corner café itself is a small and quiet, cozy nook to hang out in, even more so on rainy days like these. The place is softly lit and has warmth to it, with its comfy booths to sit on. The décor is simple, yet tasteful, its walls a yellowish hue. @ Corner's specialties are its taste-bud tingling soups and salads. You can chill with your friends and have some 'Tom Yam Talay' delicious Thai seafood soup that comes in single servings or some very spicy Cuttle fish, or chicken salad. If your sweet tooth is acting up, then indulge in a slice of heavenly chocolate cake (stay away from the donuts though, as you will feel like you're chewing on dry bread!) or creamy pastry. They offer regular snacks as well, and everything is very reasonably priced. The soups for example are Tk 69, and the salads are around Tk 99. The place offers regular snacks as well, and the service is good too.

By Rubaiyat Khan







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