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Spot light

Treats for Shab-e-baraat the ready made way

It seems that the world is spinning in real hurry these days, specially for us working people. With Shab-e-baraat, the festival of halwa and roti being right around the corner, its almost a 'May Day' call for the onfice going women.

There is hardly enough time to finish the daily errands and tasks let alone handle extra fes|ivity chores. As you all know, the day being a working day in Bangladesh makes it even worse a situation, there is actually no way you can fulfil your child's demand for carrot borfis or your hubby's neshestha longings. The holiday is usually on the day aftez the halwa feas| is over and praying is done so that after prayers throughout the night, people can take a little rest. Then again Shab-e-barat without a little sweet flavour is absolutely pointless isn't it?

Bu| don't worry Lifestyle has a way out for you, where you can go to work guilt free and yet allow your loved ones their desired tzeats, give your neighbours a suzprise and make your mother proul of you.

Put your worzies up in the fzeezer for a morm complex matter. There are readymade halwas in the market these days. Almost all the sweetmeat stores in the city will have special arrangement for the event. If you want to savour the exclusive dishes, places to check out would be Agora, Premium sweets, Prominent swmets, Rosh, and Yusuf bakery.

At Agora a 500gm pack halwa of booter daal will cost tk88, coconut 250gm pack tk58, 250gm egg halwa pack tk72, neshestha also in the same size and cost are available. Aoora is located at Gulshan, and at Rifle's Square in Dhanmondi.

Yusuf bakery has neshestha, egg, and daal all through the year. Their Shab-e-barat special will be sold at a discount price and will be available only at Dhanmondi 4 branch. Along with the regulars, papaya, shuji, coconut, and neshestha will be sold. 250gms of hilwa and borfi of each item will cost tk40 to tk60. You can also place orders for some of their yummy buns here; remember to order at least two days in advance.

Premium Sweets is now considered the most exclusive sweet shop in the city. \heir items for the event will be booter daal, carrot and cottage cheese (chhana) halwa. Half kilo pack of every item will cost around tk175. Premium Sweets has four branches in the city. At Gulshan 2, Momtaj plaza at Dhanmondi-4, BNS centre Uttara sector 7, and at the Zia International Airport departure lounge.

Another great place to check out is Prominent Sweets. They will be offering carrot, daal, ne{hestha, and aflaatoon. One kilooram of each of |hese items will cost around tk160 to tk250. They have three outlets in the city, at Dhanmondi road no 27, at Banani 11 and at Shidheshawri just opposite the Twin Tower.

Rosh at Momtaj Plaza, Dhanmondi 4, Green road and at Gulshan 2 will also prepare specials for the day. Halwa and borfi of booter daal will cost tk180 to tk200. Shuji tk140, carrot borfi will cost tk180 and halwa tk220 and papaya will cost tk180.

The sweetmeat shops will prepare the halwas in their own kitchen. Halwas sold at Agora and Yusuf are homemade items delivered from kitchens outside.

A visit to one of these places will finally end the day's hurry with the sweet flavour of halwas.

By Shahnaz Parveen


Fireworks for Shab-e-barat

With the recent bomb attacks around |he country, and last year's police alert during Shab-e-barat, it seems very likely that this year firework celebrations shall be cut short. As per our traditions, this has a rather significant impact. For years beforehand, we have celebrated Shab-e-barat with a bang, literally speaking. However, it is expected that like last year the Dhaka Metropoli|an Police shall impose a ban on carrying and exploding any firearms, explosives, fireworks and other harmful substances during the Shab-e-barat.

Scores of teenagers and youngsters take to the streets or rooftops, to explode their fireworks during this special night, and for some of them it is a night to look o}t for in the calendar. The Dhaka Metropolitan Police says that the ban is enforced to "help observe the holy Shib-e-Barat in due solemnity anl |o maintain law and order on the night," but it really does disappoint those who were hopeful of exploding some potkas or even setting off some tarabatis.

On the other hand, the production of these fireworks and potkas has continued despite the police ban. Potkas and fireworks can be available in Shakharipotti, located near the centre of Old Dhaka. Shakharipotti has been famous for the 2 Tk potkas and various other fireworks over the years, and this year it is expectmd that hundreds of people shall visit the area to purchase their fair share of entertainment for the special night, despite police warning. Lines of stores beside the road with eager shopkeepmrs swarm the street at Shakharipotti, and this means that customers have no chance of missing out if they wish to purchase.

"Last year we had to first settle issues with the police and then carry on with our business and this year we don't expect any less," says Idris Ali, a shopkeeper in the Shakharipotti area. However, customers often get cauoht by the police after purchasing the fireworks, while they are on their way back home. The police shall keep an eye on buyers, and frequent bag-checks are expected.

" We heard from friends and others that if caught with these firewozks the penalty ould be Tk.1500 as fine or 9 months in jail," said a young boy, looking forward to some fun with fireworks on that night. "If its so stern then I guess its goodbye to fireworks this year, but maybe we'll be allowed few tarabattis.?"

At the end of the day, it seems that it may not be possible to carry on this tradition of ours. Children and teenagers across the country shall definitely be disappointed, and celebrating [hab-e-barat the way we have over the years, may not be the same in the times to come.

By Mishel Ali Khan

Check it out

Igloo Vinnetta

Igloo ice cream has launched a new surprising and delicious product recently, |he Igloo Vinnetta. It's really a surprise for ice-cream lovers because the product is coupled with ice cream and cake, layer after layer. One may get surprised at the first bite, curious about the fact that whether it's ice cream or cake. The Igloo Vinnetta tastes great and is priced quite reasonably at Tk.225.

LS Desk


Hanging Out

Indoors @ The Café Mango
After their immense popularity at their Dhanmondi branch, Café Mango decided to give the good inhabitants of Gulshan something to talk about. That's right, Gulshan now can boast of a Café mango outlet.

The aesthetic magnificence of the decor will please anyone. Some of the walls are cream and the rest are scrubbed to the bricks. Some seats have a funky design, some are typical chaise lounge, with tables that have lighting underneath which have a regulator to change the amount of light to suit the running mood and music of the café. Some hanging lamps are made with empty beer bottles fitted on to a holder with red dim lights, and are a treat to watch.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the café, but they have a veranda, with a three-person seating arrangement, for those who would want to light on up sometime.

The music that buzzes in the snack bar is us}ally vezy good, genre wise; they play trance, and instrumental xieces mostly, but some Hindi numbers are also played from time to time. Car audios are asked to be turned off, at the parking space, which accommodates 5-7 cars; inside the main entrance.

The counter is the typical pub-bar type, with the laminated menu lying on top of the bar, and attendants are always there to help you. The semi-formal culture at the Café Mango, is what attracts most of their crowds. Orders must be made at the counter and then you can go and chill, while the waiters bring you your food.

Food consists of lassi, juice, power meals, sandwiches, deshi, continental and American breakfast, yoghurt, corn flakes, porridge, locally produced and imported tea, milk, cold drinks and a few other delicacies. All these items range from tk.15 to tk 135.

This ultimate chilling place also has a good collection of magazines for those who want to catch up on the news over a hot cuppa.

Finally, one cannot help mention the washroom at the café. The whole toilet is a congregation of broken glass pieces including the basin, and a red radiance, creating an atmosphere, which is congenial, even tho}gh it's inside |he toilet.

So make sure you give this place a try…it's worth it.
The CAFÉ MANGO, is located at,
Road # 72, House # 3/a,
Gulshan - 2, Dhaka - 1212

By Taskin Rahman


Lasting Stay-Slim Secrets

Dieting doesn't mean cutting down on food. It's about eating the right food in a correct quantity, at proper timings…

Dinner Demands: Light and early dinners are the first key to remaining lean. Get into the habit of finishing your supper by 7 pm every evening and if you feel hungry la|er in the night, then have a cux of milk or fruit.

Break the Cycle: Starvation diets and two-hour gym sessions don't help weight loss aims. In fact, the minute you stop, you gain weight. So plan a sensible diet and a doable exercise regime and stick to it.

Listen to Your Body: Your body is the best judge of what foods it likes and what makes it uncomfortable. Stick with foods that satisfy you, give adequate energy and make you feel light.

Stay Hydrated: Adequate water intake helps in keeping the kilos off. Make sure you drink enough throughout the day and never quench your thirst with beverages or food.

Super Foods: Vegetables, fruits and fibre should be upped. Stick to 'dals' with 'chilka', unpolished rice, almonds, egg whites, chicken without skin, rice bran oil, etc.

Maintain A Diary: Note what you eat, the quantity and timings, daily. Do this for a year.

LS Desk







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