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Adding wow to a workplace

IN the civilised world, millions go to work everyday in offices located in large urban towers or low-rise commercial complexes. Design of the workplace is a new business that is enjoying increasing popularity, as modern designers bring in new skills, methods and ideas into the creation of workplace environments. The appropriate workplace design strategy emerges from a process that focuses on critical business issues. Designs make corporate images. They inspire workers and thus help the business work better. They even help shape corporate cultures and influence all who come into contact with them.

The Aramit Group's head office is located in Chittagong. As their business expanded, they wanted an office in Dhaka. The new office venue is now located at the CC Tower in Mohakhali. The corporate colours are blue and brown, and this theme is followed throughout the entire office area. We are looking at the design for the office of the Managing Director, Saifuzzaman Chowdhury.

Furniture: The MD's room has a space allotment of 15'12' feet, which makes for a fairly large room. A corner was selected for the seating arrangement. A Burma teak table was designed, with a black leather worktop. A Burma teak side table with a keyboard drawer, personal drawers and special file cabinet was also provided. To provide power supply for telephone, computer equipment, printer and fax machines, a switchboard with power switches and sockets were installed.

An imported black revolving chair was brought in for the MD, but for the visitors, two elegant Victorian chairs were selected. A small private conference area was created using an upholstered two-seater, and a single sofa. Two small tea tables were also supplied to allow for refreshment.

Thus the furniture was kept simple, and functional, but each piece has its own identity.

Ceiling: The office space required a false ceiling to disguise the AC unit and hide unsightly wiring as well as provide aesthetic stimulation. A mineral board with a 2'2' double tube light shade was used. This is relatively easy to maintain. A slimmer ornamental false ceiling was set around the room's ceiling space, and set with spotlights for a dramatic effect.

Colour: Colour is an important consideration. An earthy tone was selected for this area. A heavy-duty coffee-coloured carpet was placed on the floor. The fabric used for the sofa and chairs was striped in shades of white and tan. Brown vertical blinds were used for the long glass window that dominates the room. The walls are kept white to provide a calm, refreshing effect. The simple brown and white theme creates a minimalist, but aesthetically pleasing office for the managing director.

The rest of the office area is based on an open office plan. Yet privacy is an important consideration to maintain confidentiality of conferences. So the MD's workspace is separated from the rest of the office by white Thai aluminium and clear white glass. Privacy is reinforced by the use of glass paper in a chequered pattern. A tempered glass door functions as the entry point.

Pillars in the room were dressed up with super teak board, and beautiful painted glasswork to create a dramatic visual effect.

Greenery breathes life into any space. A couple of plants along with good plant boxes were installed in the room.

This friendly, dynamic and welcoming workplace is now ready to entertain and work with clients.

Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
For further details, contact: journeym@citechco.net
Photo Credit: Mohidul Haque













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