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Kid couture

Eid is always the festival for buying new clothes not just for your own children but also for your nieces and nephews and young cousins and there is no better place to find these than at Nondon, Ms Ishrat Ara's answer to all your kids clothing needs! Nondon has two branches, one at The Orchid Plaza and one at the Rangs Anam Plaza and they are both sizzling with new designs continuously coming in for Eid.

The owner of Nondon started off with a block printing idea in about 1986, but the venture later took a successful turn into children's clothes making in 1996 when the store first came into being. To make it available to all working class parents just as eager to dress up their little ones in the most colorful and fashionable clothes of the season, the store offers everything at prices between Taka 150 and 600. The clothes are mostly in cotton to suit our weather and keep those precious babes cool and comfy at all times. However, they do have a few in georgettes and other materials for wearing on special occasions. The most impressive thing about the store is the warmth that seems to surround all those who walk in their doors, especially little customers who come in with their parents to pick out their favorites colors and designs. There are a number of people working at the store so that each customer can get as much attention unlike in many other stores. They address each little child by name and know exactly what they and their parents might be looking for. You'd be surprised at how they sometimes know even which sizes a customer might want the clothes in! This probably accounts for much of the store's success over the years as well as its fast increasing loyal clientele. One only feels sorry after a visit to the store, for those living farther away from Dhanmondi who can't share in this great deal at Eid shopping for kids clothes.

By Diya

Indigo at Aranya

For Eid this year, Aranya has introduced two new design layouts in natural dye silk printed sarees, kameezes and shalwaar sets, as well as in silk Kantha embroidered sarees. Although the emphasis is on the blue of natural indigo to celebrate its revival after more than a century, other bright colours have also been made to go with the pleasant winter months of the two Eid festivities.

Abrar's creative jewellery

Abrar's Creative Jewellery is showcasing an exhibition on 1st November, 2004. Abrarur Rahman, owner of the store, designs these exclusive jewellery pieces himself. The jewellery consists of pure silver, and is gold-washed. On this exhibition, two hundred sets will be on display, which include earrings, necklaces and pendants. Some of these pieces are encrusted with stones such as ruby, peridot, green and black zada, white crystal, and so on. The collection also includes exclusive sets over pearl.
The exhibition is a five-day event, and will be held at the WVA Auditorium, House No. 20, Rd No. 27, Dhanmandi R/A, from 3:00PM-9:00PM.

Silk spree at Silk Dynasty

Silk Dynasty, to use the cliché, needs no introduction. With a long history as producers of quality silk, with active participation in many textile fairs abroad, their contribution to the textile industry is a significant one. This Eid, they're bringing out a special collection featuring attractive designs at competitive prices. Hand-printed saris in Bolaka silk are on offer for Tk 2200-3000. 22 silk is yours for Tk 1000-1650. Block prints on Bolaka silk cost about Tk 1800-2050. Saris with embroidery, kantha stitch and carchupi are available at Tk 3200-5000. Contrast saris cost between Tk 1350-1600, while screen-printed saris cost between Tk 650-1050. Punjabis are on offer for Tk 1050-1850. The collection also features shirts (Tk 750-850), scarves (450-1500), and neckties (Tk 300-350).

So if you want a little silk sensation in your Eid wear this year, hop on over to Silk Dynasty.
The showroom is located at:
Plot 62, Road 130
Gulshan Avenue
LS Desk


Chondon fashion house, has on display ethnic wear with beads, baubles and other eye-catching items, embroidered on mostly Bangladeshi fabrics. Patchwork or Potti is a speciality of theirs as well. Traditional wear, as well as contemporary clothes for office wear may also be found. Chondon is located at Road 121, Plot 24, Unit C3, Gulshan 1, Dhaka 1213.

LS Desk

Que Bella - For premium beauty care

What a Beauty! Well that's what Que Bella stands for. This is a skin and beauty centre, which was, established in Dhanmondi some 3 years back. The hard work, dedication and dexterity of beautician Farzana Arman Munny and her staff are creating Que Bella into a leading beauty parlour of Dhaka.

Munny completed a 4 month long course on skin treatment, makeup application and hair treatment from Pakistan. She has at the same time finished a special course on makeup from Delhi and a course on hair colour from L'Oreal Professionel at Bangkok.

Every device and accessory at Que Bella is sterilized to ensure the provision of hygienic services to the clients. The parlour provides all the regular beauty services, yet some of the unique facial treatments that this parlour offers include whitening facial, galvanic facial and ozone facial. While whitening facial is especially great for sunburnt skin, galvanic facial helps to cure the unusual pigmentation that many South Asian women suffer from. The parlour also provides special ozone facial, which helps in the treatment of acne and pimples. The price of these facial treatments will vary from tk.400 to tk.550.

The parlour provides excellent hair colouring service and uses the world famous hair dye brand L'Oreal to ensure that no client's hair is adversely affected during the dyeing process. The cost of hair colouring will depend on the length and thickness of one's hair. However, if you want to get a trendy look by streaking only a few strands of your hair, then remember that each streak will cost you tk.150. Munny says that the 'in' shades of this season are Ash Blonde and Golden Blonde.

Munny is also an efficient makeup artist; a large number of clients of different ages come to her frequently for a first-rate makeover. The beauty expert says that before any grand occasion like Eid, facial treatment, pedicure, manicure and waxing are purely mandatory since without clean face, feet and hands no fashionable dress on earth can bring that elegant air in you.

Address: House # 39A, Road # 8, Dhanmondi.

By Wara Karim

Eid Shopping
The Eid shopping spree will soon touch our life. In just a week's time the shoppers would be invading the marketplaces for clothes, shoes, jewelry and what not. However, there are a few things which we all can try keeping in mind to avoid some of the unnecessary hassles and dangers associated with Eid shopping.

A big shopping tote, preferably manufactured from tough textile or plastic is a must-have item for this shopping season. Slip it around your shoulder every time you go for a shopping this Ramadan. Stow all the small packets in this big bag to avoid losing them or getting them snatched by muggers. Such big bags and sacks are widely available in New Market and Gausia. You can purchase one of these bags from the street vendors too; they are durable, spacious and handy. And the price will be determined by the extent of your ability to haggle.

Girls and women out there don't even try wearing those stiletto heels this shopping season. Wear a pair of comfy flip-flops, if possible with small heels to avoid tripping over in the slippery floor of busy malls or ruined footpaths and streets around big markets.

If you are a lover of both salwar kameez and saree, then try loving only salwar kameez during your Eid shopping. Wearing a saree is not only a hassle, but it's also tough to manage a saree when you are standing amidst thousands of other hungry customers, heat and high price. Salwar kameez is easy to put on, so choose a comfortable, airy set of salwar kameez before going for a shopping at this time of the year. But if you feel that you are more comfortable in saree then try choosing the ones made from cotton to allow your skin to breathe.

Avoid wearing heavy makeup, some people who go shopping with heavy layers of cosmetics smeared on face soon feel that their foundation, and eye makeup melting from the outside heat. So wear only a sober shade of lipstick and line your eyes with kajol to look modest and neat during this holy month.

Say NO to gold jewelry this month. Muggers are out there to snatch your valuables at every possible opportunity. We have heard of many women whose precious jewelry got mugged under the bright sun and before hundreds of other people in many important shopping occasions. So choose inexpensive trinkets when you step outdoor for shopping. Also take care of your wallet. Put all your money in a small bag or wallet and place in a safe place if possible in your handbag. Clutch it tightly to avoid being snatched. And men should never place their wallet in their back pocket; they are easily pinched from there. Keep your eyes and ears wide open to avoid being broke right before the Eid.

If you take small children along with you then make sure that you are properly supplied with food, water and diapers. You never know how long it might take you to shop, so it's better to remain prepared for the worst.

And lastly, carry a water bottle with you while on shopping. The traffic jam is getting intolerable everyday; it might even take you as long as one hour to move from one end of Dhanmondi to another. Use that bottle of water to break fast if you are entangled in such a heavy traffic this month. Especially if you are in a public transport, this small bottle would come very useful.

By Wara Karim








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