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Facial Factor

You want your skin glowing with health and nurtured for, and you certainly want to look your best for the Eid festivities. Personal care in general is a must, and there are no two ways about it, so a simple yet good beauty regime is always in order, no matter how old or young you happen to be. These can be home remedies as well as periodic treatments at the salon.

It is essential to know your skin for choosing the right skin-care routine, and no one can help you better than your beautician.

Facials are necessary if you want to have well-maintained skin. Many have the misconception that facials involve application of harmful chemicals that eventually lead to premature aging. True, there are salons where more harm is done than good, so avoid those questionable places and go for reputed salons in the city that are devoted to skin care. Two such favourite haunts of ours are La Belle (House No.13/A/2, Kamal Ataturk Avenue, Gulshan 2) and Farzana Shakil Hair and Beauty salon (House 3/A, Road 28, Dhanmondi).

Sadia Moyeen, beautician and owner of La Belle, says facials are food for your skin; it hydrates and maintains it, and there are many kinds that apply to different skin types. Cleansing, toning, moisturizing and nourishing, Moyeen says, are essential routines that are a part of her facials. The standard upward and outward movement massage applies to all skin types, and all are treated with equal delicacy at La Belle. Facials keep the skin supple for a while, so it could be done a few days before a big occasion such as Eid. Here, Moyeen walks us through some of her excellent treatments at La Belle:

The Herbal facial is the most common one, catering to all three skin types: normal, combination and dry. The Sandalwood herbal pack, and Moyeen prepares this herself, is the standard base that is mixed with other ingredients to form different packs. Moyeen emphasizes the fact that packs are made on a completely individual basis, depending on individual skin, and therefore will vary. For example, a mixture of yogurt, neem, and other ingredients, with the sandalwood base is used for some types of oily skin, or apple, coconut water, etc are used for some normal/combination skin. The Thermo Herb facial applies to older, more mature skin. It tightens pores and gives a lift to saggy skin. The facial comes with a Thermo Herb clay mask. Dry skin is massaged with a steamer for greater absorption, and the heat opens up the pores. If skin is acne prone, steam or none is used at all, as that aggravates the problem. Neem packs at La Belle are excellent as a natural antiseptic. It heals and soothes problem skin. Fruit Pack facials are for all skin types. Different fruits (seasonal ones) such as papaya, orange, lemon, and apple are used in these packs. Fruit juices or rose water is used as cold compress instead of water. The Ozone treatment is inherent with all these facials. It stimulates skin cells, improves circulation and calms skin irritation if any.

La Belle can recently boast of introducing Shahnaz Herbal products, which naturally include facials. The products and the techniques make a Shahnaz facial different from a regular one. Mahin Ahsan, La Belle's skin consultant, specializes in Shahnaz Herbals. Her specialty is the intensive facial, which includes a massage of the back, the foot and the head. Overall, the intensive facial release tension and increases blood circulation that lends a natural glow to the skin.

Another reputed salon in the city is Farzana Shakil. Shakil, a well-known beautician, is a favourite of many. The science of beauty care is progressing fast, and at this salon, one can be rest assured that nothing but the best of products is being used. There are numerous facials catering to clientele with different skin types and/or individual problems.

Some of the more popular treatments at Farzana Shakil are: The Vitamin Mask which nourishes, and is for oily or acne ridden skin. The Whitening Mask, lightens skin, and is meant for both normal and oily kinds. The Oxygen Bath Facial de-stresses and acts as a skin rejuvenator. Others include Anti pollution facial (helps detoxify pollutants and toxins), Gold Metallic Peel (for mature skin), Silver Metallic Peel (for young, oily skin), Enzyme facial (this slakes off dry, dead skin cells) etc. Ampules, a special serum, are also used with some facials for problem skin. The Lymphatic drainage at Farzana Shakil is an effective way of ridding oneself of toxins that accumulate under the skin. A "Clean up facial" is offered as well, for young girls with problem skin. Lastly, like Moyeen, Shakil emphasizes the fact that consulting your beautician is vital before you embark on a particular skin care regime.

So what are you waiting for? Sag, bag, and be puffy for Eid, or hurry and make an appointment at your salon of choice, for a deliciously invigorating facial.

By Rubaiyat Khan




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