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ruper haat
ATTIRE is not only a flashy piece of cloth but it helps to reveal a person's inner beauty, believes Shirin Karim, designer and owner of Ruper Haat, a new addition to the line of fashion boutiques in the city.

"Therefore, different factors should be focused before one drapes a sari or slips in a kameez," she said. Shirin said that the climate of the country should be considered above all. She uses cotton as material for her dresses and saris as it can be worn through out the year in tropical weather of Bangladesh. Nuances of bright colours and use of sequins, embroidery, kantha stitch and block print that adored her salwar kameez and saris gave it a festive look.

Wide range of salwar kameez, sari, fatua, punjabi, and home accessories will be available at Ruper Haat's exhibition at Arial Gallery of Muldhara, House no. 15, Road no 7 of Dhanmondi. The show will be open for all from November 4 to 6 and from 9 am to 9 pm.













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