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The Hot & The Happening

Rezwana's Wardrobe
Rezwana never knew she could do it. In the early days, designing cloths for her loved ones was just a hobby. This mere hobby turned out to be the greatest passion of her life. At Drik Picture Library Rezwana's Wardrobe presents 2nd anniversary and Eid design festival. Rezwana's first love is Jamdani. Her family had long relationship with Noor Mohammad's weaver family. Rezwana added her flair with the age-old tradition modifying the designs a bit and Noor Mohammad reproduced her dreams. She introduced karchupi in Jamdani 'paar'. A piece of these jamdani would cost tk9, 000 to tk15, 000. Rezwana explored in to many other things. She designed cushion covers with benaroshi saree. She also plays her talents with muslin, silk and khadi. She even designed jewelleries. The exhibition also includes khadi fatua and silk scarfs with hand stitches. Starting from October 25 the display will continue for seven days.

Shahela Khundkar's Ayna
With the background of Fine Arts and long experience from designing for Aarong and Mayasir Shahela Khundkar is going solo. Her designs have a homegrown flavour chosen by many. To get hold of one of her artistic creation, visit Ayna at Anam Rangs Plaza, Shatmoshjid road, Dhanmondi.

DD's Eid collection
Fans will be surprised with Dressydale's design concept this year. Primitive art, calligraphy, and ethnic art motifs with a fusion of urban image is about to blow them off, and that's not all folks, the most striking of all would be the 9 pieces of exclusive Jamdani saree made especially for Eid.
Eid vibes at Sharsho
From November 1 till Eid Sparsho will display Rukhsana Anwar's Eid collection. Taat saree with block print and muslin saree with appliqué , embroidery, karchupi, georgette, crepe, and silk kameez, also tops, fatua, sherwani and of course cotton and silk panjabi, it's an array of amazing outfits. Sparsho is situated at house no 31, road no 55, Gulshan-2.

High End panjabi at Shatabdi
Last year during Eid, Shatabdi promoted a special brand of fabric called High End. It was a huge catch among many. This year they are back with the fabric. And they are also bringing in Panjabi special with almost hundred sheds, textures and patterns in cotton, georgette, and silk. Panjabis are garnished with fascinating stones like green Onyx, Lapis Lazuli, Black Star, Garnet, and Amethyst. Gold buttons grace the collection of silk panjabi. Block print, dye, hand paint, embroidery, and appliqués added colour to the kid's collection. The price of these exclusive panjabi starts from tk450 and goes up to tk18, 000. Their Eid collection also comprise silk and cotton saree priced at tk750 to tk3000 and cotton, georgette, silk kameez at tk850 to tk9000.

Yasmin's collection
Designer Yasmin Aliya started her little boutique shop way back in 1991. She became winner of many fashion awards since then. Yasmin's chosen fabric georgette, crepe, and voile. Exclusive jardawsi, chumki, kundan, patchwork, appliqué, block and tie-dye gave her collection the perfect dazzling look. One piece for every design makes the collection a bit pricey. That's not all Yasmin's also provides a fine tailoring service. You can order any time of the year. Yasmin's is situated at Mohammadia Super Market at Sobhanbag.

Grameen opens new showroom
Since June 1994 Grameen is going on with their effort to promote the root level taatis of Bangladesh. It was an endeavour to give them technical support and help market their products. Yet to this day Grameen continue to have close ties with the taati community of Bangladesh. Today Grameen check is a very popular fabric around the world. Grameen has extended its sells and it is still booming. This Eid they opened their 6th outlet at 8, Kalabagan to cater its wide market in Bangladesh.

By Shahnaz Parveen

Antique furniture & old luxury items on display

A paraphernalia of art, sculpture, painting, antique furniture, jewellery and artifacts have all come to life at the Shoukhin Emporium, a shop of antiquities at the Dhaka City Corporation Market (DCC Market) at Gulshan 2.

Presently the Shoukhin Emporium has a unique collection of well decorated antique furniture including a centuries old decorated palanka (ornamental coat), dressing table, easy chair, boxes with exotic brass work, almirah, exquisite wooden partitions and doors etc, all made of high quality Burma teak wood. Other exquisite items include centuries old glass chandeliers, a six feet tall English Grandfather clock, Fanush (coloured lampshades made of glass), old pocket wrist and brail watches of Swiss origin, war medals, terracotta depicting images of ancient Hindu and Buddhist icons, rugs, wall hangings and so on.
The shop remains open every day from 9am to 9pm.

LS Desk

New fashion trend at Bata

A dress without matching footwear makes an incomplete statement not serve the purpose. The shoes reflect the personality and status of users, and on Eid-ul-Fitr, the largest festival of the Muslim community, the fashion passion grips all, and quality footwear takes a priority amongst shoppers. To keep up with changing trends, Bata, a pioneer in quality footwear, have come up with their "Eid-a-chai Nutan Juta" line.

For the ensuing Eid festival Bata Bangladesh has already introduced more than two hundred new designs in different categories for men, women, boys, girls, children and infant groups. All the Bata outlets are now fully ready to sell all type of shoes for all members of the family. Bata prices are fixed, and range from Tk 300 to 1600.

By Ekramuzzaman











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