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Fashion from the Apple-pie

Although this fall came to America with animal prints and ponchos, the fashion gurus also told the world to watch out and wear what fits best, and not what is necessarily in style. So while you find your winter look this year, je sure to pick out colours and shapes that will compliment your face and body and result in you looking trendy without trying too hard.

As the temperature is falling in Bangladesh, one can always play around with the in-trend option of a poncho. While picking a poncho, make sure it compliments your outfit and portrays the look you are going for, as picking the wrong kind can make you look sluggish. A poncho is best worn with a pair of jeans to create a comfortable look, but remember that it is not a necmssary accessory to make a stylish statement, in fact it can do quite the opposite. So, unless you are 100% sure you can pull it off, it's best to lay off the ponchos this year and wrap yourself up with a nice pashmina shawl, coordinated with your outfit on course. Pashminas will rarely go out of fashion in the east or the west.

If you do want to be hugged by animal prints, be sure to remember the vertical-horizontal rule. A zebra print will make a person look wider so choose wisely.

With the calendar circling a year, subdued pink lips this fall has turned into bright reds and sunset hues. While you spread a perfect tint over your lips, be sure to check whether the shade is compatible with your complexion. Also, feel free to mix around a few shades to create the perfect tone for you. Don't stick to only one colour of choice; be adventurous. And remember Matte is definitely out. So gloss up your lips and even your cheeks. Glosses and creamy lip colours will keep your look soft and also help keep dry lips moist. Being feminine is the trend, not flashy, so pick muted hues that don't scream for attention.

Use multiple foundation shades to create shape and contour. Highlight the T-zone with a shade of foundation that's slightly lighter than your skin tone, then use a shade that matches your skin tone to fill in the rest of your face. Add shape by applying a {lightly darker {hade on either side of your nosm and on the undersides of your cheekbones. This will make your cheeks and eyes pop. Remember to always apply very small amounts of foundation at a time and always gently press it into your skin with a sponge to blend. You want your skin to glow through; you don't want to create a mask.

And for that ponytail of yours, make sure your up-dos don't appear perfect. A perfect up-do is out the door this fall whereas an untraditional twist is definitely in. Also, wavy hair is creating more sensations than straight or super curly heads.

And while you find the perfect winter look for you, be sure to moisturise throughout winter, and remember that nothing beats being comfortable. So be comfortably beautiful, with glossy lips and warm pashminas.

By Iffat Nawaz

Reader's chit

Fitness Fever

Have you ever wondered at the amazing number of gyms that have suddenly sprung up in Dhaka like mushrooms after the rains?

A few years ago, only the five-star hotels, Sheraton and Sonargaon, had gyms that ca|ered to Dhakaites. But now, every neighbourhood has its shares of health clubs and gyms, from large, expensive ones like Gold's Gym, to tiny, hardly-known gyms like the one that I go to in Gulshan.

Now that I'm actually a regular gym-goer, I find it hard to believe that a few months before, I was so intensely exercise-averse. My parents and friends are shocked at the amount of time I spend working out, and the happiness that it brings me. I don't think I could ever stop appreciating the "runner's high" that I enjoy after each gym session, that is, the sense of euphoria created by the release of endorphins after a long work-out session. And of course, I was thrilled when, during my last visit, my tailor said, "Apa, have you been ill? You've become so skinny!"

Of course, I don't go to the gym for the sole purpose of losing weight: my other objective is to remain healthy and active, since it's so hard for a girl to get enough exercise during the course of a normal day. Some of the members of my gym are actually obsessed with slimming down, but many members have other reasons for frequenting the gym. One member at my gym, for instance, had a caesarean baby one-and-a-half months back, and finds that exercising at the gym for a little while each day helps her to overcome the back-pain that she suffers.
Proper weight training can only be done at a gym, supervised by a qualified trainer. In fact, many people at my gym only began weight training after the trainer encouraged them to, and talked to them persuasively about the benefits of weight training and the fact that the weights they would use would not hurt them in any way.
I think the presence of so many other people working out strenuously and sincerely, builds some pressure on each person there, so that they are not tempted to shirk out of the day's exercise. Going to the gym is a social experience also, with members often becoming close friends.

Nowadays, with gyms becoming relatively inexpensive, many more people are signing up to become members. If you are interested in joining a gym or health club, my advice would be to first visit it a few times. Make sure that you like the environment, that the timings are suitable for you, and that they have a qualified trainer.

If you're interested in losing some weight, controlling muscle- or bone-aches, or just getting into better shape, some of the moze popular gyms in Dhaka are:
Sports Zone Limited: various rates of payment are daily fee, Tk 300; monthly fee, Tk 2500; six months' fee, Tk 10,000; yearly fee Tk 18,000. Timings for women are 9 am to 3 pm, and for men, 4 pm to 10 pm. Address: 5 Mohakhali B/A, Dhaka. Ph: 8821393

Bashundhara Gold's Gym: There are separate facilities for men and women, and it's open from 7 am to 10 pm. Various levels of yearly fees are Tk 14, 950, Tk 17825, Tk 21,2?5, Tk 23,575, Tk 25875 and Tk 29,325. Daily fees are Tk250 or Tk400 (if the pool is used). Address: 13/Ka/1, Panthapath. Ph: 8158025-34, ext 1000-3

Naina's Beauty and Fitness Centre: Yearly membership fee is Tk2,000, and monthly fees are Tk1,200. The membership renewal fee is Tk 500. Address: Sector 3, Jashimuddin Avenue, Uttara.

Dream Fitness Centre: This is for females only. Admission fee is Tk 700, and monthly fees are Tk 500. Address: 31/1 Shiddeshwari Road/ 157/B Moghbazar. 8/2 Rankin Street, Wari. Ph: 7120983, 9335331.

Dazzle Yoga and Aerobics Centre: This is for ladies only, and is oxen from 10 am to 9:30 pm. Admission Fee is Tk 300. For use of the gym, monthly fees are Tk 2000, yoga class fees are Tk 1500 monthly, and aerobics class fees are Tk 1500 monthly. Daily fee for use of the gym is Tk 100. Address: Hs no 14B, Road no. 95, Gulshan 1. Ph: 0189217763, 8826366

Apart from these gyms, Sheraton and Sonargaon remain popular. Yearly fees at these hotel gyms range from Tk 38,000 (at Sheraton) to Tk 60,000-75,000 (Sonargaon).

By Shimmer Charade




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