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Shop Talk

Bike models
My 900cc Ducatti motorbike is a work of art. It has one of the most sensuous curves on a motorized vehicle. A guy could almost ignore a female model walking by. And did I mention that it rests on top of my computer monitor? It is a 1/12th scale model and is brilliantly detailed right down to the short handlebars and drilled disc brakes. If you want to feast your eyes on some breath taking bikes at a low cost you could buy the scale models available at Lavender in Dhanmondi. For ladies who do not want their bike loving man to go for a dangerous motorcycle this could be a good gift. Then again, this could only be adding fuel to the fire. The bikes make for great showpieces at 350 taka and there are only a few left so snap one up.

Garlic sauce
Legend has it that garlic repels vampires. Even though vampires are not often seen flying around some of my friends who love garlic or rather garlic sauce. They just have to dip the french fries in the white sauce whenever dining on fast food. When the food is brought home someone inevitably runs short of it. The people at the counter inform that a large number of people ask for extra helpings of the sauce. For all those who just can't have enough go to PQS and you will find small glass jars of garlic sauce at 115 taka. It's enough to last several hundred fries and decapitated chicken.

Men's grooming aid
While at PQS also check out a grooming pack for men by Nivea. It contains everything in a small navy blue pouch. There is shave cream, lotion, gel, deo, shower gel and a lot more. It's a great travel accessory for men who want to look and smell good while on the road. Fits easily in a backpack, briefcase or car glove compartment. The price is 465 taka.

Wet wipes
Winter is coming soon to a climate near you. That means dry weather coupled with the dust on the roads. Soon your skin looks like that of a basking lizard in a western movie. That does paint a pretty grim picture so carry some wet towels around for a refreshing cleanup. Jars of these small, cool, disposable moist towels are available within 100-350 taka depending on the quantity of the tissue and the brand. Each jar contains somewhere within 50-150 pieces. Good for storing in cars or around the house or office.

Repair your old CDs
Daffodil computers is marketing a CD repair unit inevitably called the CD Repair Pro (or something like that). Hype has it that it can repair minor scratches and fix old VCD problems where the picture gets broken into small blocks. Also, it cleans the CDs to prevent scratches you may put on it while swiping against your shirt. Found at several other computer stores as well it costs about 2000 taka. It's worth it if your CD collection is huge.

Car lovers' playing cards
This is the perfect gift for a card playing car freak. Found at Etcetera the cards are made by Mattel (company that makes Hot Wheels toys). Each card has a picture of one of the toy cars on the face and comes in the usual powder coated slippery finish. Its good value at 96 taka and some car freaks buy it even if card playing is not high on their agenda.

By Ehsanur Raza Ronny

Does the thought of becoming a singer as renowned as Runa Laila or Sabina Yasmin sound appealing to you? Well, if it does then you better start to practice: saa, rey, gaa, maa, paa, dha, nee & saa. After all, just like Rome was not built in a day, singers like Runa Laila or Sabina Yasmin didn't become great singers without mastering these notes. One instrument that you'll definitely need while learning the art of singing, even after becoming a professional singer, is a harmonium. At Surniketan (Mirpur Road, near Science Laboratory police box) you'll be able to find a harmonium of your choice, and its price will be in the range of Tk 3000 to Tk 8000.

If you realize that your vocal chords aren't good enough to become a singer, then you need not be disheartened. By learning to play the tabla you can become famous too. The greatest advantage of being able to play the tabla is that you'll be sought after during the various functions at school, college or university. Just imagine the person you've been trying to impress for ages might come up to you with a request to play the tabla in the background while he/she sings. Now that's the only incentive you need to learn how to play the tabla, right? So, without further delay, go to Surniketan (Mirpur Road, near Science Laboratory police box) and purchase a tabla. It'll cost you between Tk 1300 to Tk 2000.

There are many people who have a computer, but don't have a printer. Whenever they need to get something printed, they go to a nearby shop to get the job done. Sounds like a perfectly logical idea to save a bit of money, doesn't it? Well, sadly things don't always work out smoothly. Sometimes when people need to get a document printed urgently, the shopkeeper says to them: "Bhai, deri hobe (You'll have to wait a bit)." In recent times the prices of printers have fallen significantly. Therefore, if you don't have a printer, in order to ensure that you never have to hear the infamous "Bhai, deri hobe" dialogue, we suggest that you purchase one. For home use, a bubble jet printer is sufficient, and at Choice Computers (Elephant Road) these printers are sold in the range of Tk 2600 to Tk 3000.

CD-ROM Drive
Whether it's to install a pirated version of Windows XP or to watch a VCD of Aiswarya Rai's latest film, a CD-ROM drive is something that makes the whole experience of owning a computer a lot more fun. In case you haven't got this hardware device, we suggest that you purchase one. They are relatively inexpensive and are generally reliable. At Choice Computers (Elephant Road) a 52X CD-ROM Drive can be bought within Tk 1000.

If you've got a bit more cash to spare than instead of buying a CD-ROM drive, you can buy a DVD-ROM drive. A DVD-ROM drive can perform all the same tasks of a CD-ROM drive and it can also be used to watch DVDs. Since DVDs offer better picture quality than VCDs, you'll be able to watch those films of Aishwarya Rai and Hrithik Roshan with a lot more satisfaction by purchasing a DVD-ROM drive. At Choice Computers (Elephant Road) a 16X DVD-ROM drive can be purchased within Tk 2000 to Tk 2150.

Push Up Bars
Would you like to have a figure like Salman Khan or Hrithik Roshan? If you're interested in dating women, then you definitely should aspire to have a body like them, as women generally prefer muscular men! One way that you can gradually have a figure like those macho men is by strengthening your triceps and shoulders by using push up bars. At Shaheen Sports & Co (Hockey Stadium) you can buy push up bars for Tk 250.

By Sayeed Mahmud Nizam


Just a few more days to go, and the biggest celebration in the Islamic calendar will begin. That's right, Eid is almost upon us.

Fireworks on Chaand-raat
Now here's a sight we're probably going to miss this year, what with the big bangers being outlawed and strict restrictions being placed on their sale. Of course, there will be some who will find some way to procure a few, and if you're lucky enough, you might have a few tara baati left over from last year's New Year celebrations. Anyway, illegal or not, there's no denying the fairytale feeling that settles in at the sight of the tiny multicolored 'stars' shooting into the sky, or the white-hot flames zooming out from the little tin-foil containers. Indeed, chaand-raat is incomplete without these whizzing wonders.

Romjaner oi rojar sheshe…
This age-old song has literally become the Eid anthem…so even though we're probably bored to death of the same thing every year, the festival would probably seem incomplete without it. But since we're moving ahead with time, isn't it about time someone at least came up with a new Eid song? Or at least a decent remix for this one?

Food and family fun
There's no time like Eid for bringing families together… usually around the dinner/lunch table. This is the time when we touch base with each other, relive old memories, and have a good time together. Although this spirit has waned somewhat over the last few years, there's no reason why we can't start over afresh and revive that old fuzzy feeling. Oh Grandma…

Lest we forget
Eid is also about loving and giving. While we're out strutting our stuff in our new outfits and gorging on tempting treats, let's also spare a thought for those less fortunate than us, and especially this year, after all they've been through, with the floods, and the Monga famine. Of course, there's a system for fitra, but there are other ways to help. If you've been dying to clean out your wardrobe, this would be a good time to donate old clothes to the needy. Send your old books to the orphanage, or some charity-based educational institute. With winter approaching, donating old blankets would really be a noble thing to do.

Readers, it's been a wonderful month of Ramadan reviews and the countdown to this auspicious occasion. We've tried to keep you updated on what's abuzz, and now it's time to party. On behalf of the LS crew, here's wishing you Eid Mubarak, and loads and loads of wonderful memories.

Sabrina F Ahmad


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