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Flower power


AS we look forward to Eid, everyone is in a festive mood. There is so much shopping to be done, new clothes to be made, and preparations to be taken to make everything fresh and fashionable for the big event. We want to put our best foot forward on an occasion like this. Why should our homes be any different?

After all, the home is the reflection of its owners' lifestyle and individual and collective tastes. It is where we seek refuge from the demands of the outside world; an intimate space that clearly expresses our identity.

Changing or rearranging accessories keeps a room lively and interesting. The accessories and décor items need not be expensive; interesting displays can be created out of everyday items like shells, pebbles, leaves, or fresh flowers.

Reworking, revamping, and making minor alternations like moving around a few key elements and adding new soft furnishings can lend a new look to a room without changing its main structural elements, or denting the budget overmuch. A new bedspread with matching accessories in the bedroom, a different arrangement of collectibles in the lounge room, fresh table linen or tableware in the dining room…sometimes that's all it takes to change the whole atmosphere of a place. The expenditure for effecting such changes is also minimal. You only spend on minor accessories like bed linen, tassel tie-backs, wall hangings, rugs, place mats and cutlery, so it's not very difficult to give your home a minor makeover for Eid.

Displayed objects can suggest memories, achievements, or even reflect on one's personality and sense of humor. Ultimately, you decide on the effect you desire to evoke, but read on for a few suggestions to help you make up your mind:

Wardrobe-top wizardry: A green batik place-mat was placed on top of the cabinet, and fern leaves were arranged in the vase. A painting in the green color scheme was placed on the wall above the cabinet. Photographs were arranged on the wardrobe top, and an antique box added for that finishing touch. What you get is a look that's green and gorgeous.

Dressy dining table: This does not take much effort at all. A new tablecloth with matching napkins and place mats, teamed with the 'special china' that one saves for special occasions, and a vase full of ferns and flowers can dramatically transform the appearance of the dining table, and indeed, alter the very atmosphere of the room.

Lively living room: With Eid so close, there's no time to change the furniture and wall color of the room. However, cushions with woven, embroidered, block-printed or appliqued covers could be added or rearranged around the room. The existing furniture could be moved around, and an elaborate floral arrangement. You can bring in new decoration pieces, or add paintings and wall hangings to the wall. Quick, simple, but effective.

Beautiful Bookshelves: Why should your bookshelves look bland and boring when the rest of the house is getting gorgeous? Jazz them up with candles, photo frames, decoration pieces, small sculptures, and fresh flowers. Wonderful bouquets are now available in the market, but you can use individual flowers, ferns and your own imagination to create something visually satisfying.

In the end, it's all about making the little details work with the main elements to make your home the place to check out this Eid.

By Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
For further details, contact ourneym@citechco.net
Photo Credit: Journeyman Archive7


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