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Let's go back to work

Eid is over but the holiday mood hasn't left us alone yet. Most of the people have already come back to the city and started attending their workplace but some of us are still dawdling. But remember that the last Eid vacation was about a week long, and within these seven days all the economic activities of the country were at standstill, so for the betterment of this nation let's get back to work with full up oomph.

Those of you who haven't come back home yet, be careful while packing your baggage. Check if you have put everything in your bags especially money, clothes and jewellery.

After you come back home, unbolt the windows and doors of your house to let in fresh air. If you have houseplants in collection, start taking extra care of these sensitive living beings along with other household chores. Don't forget to dust your floor and fixtures & wash your crocks before you start making food for your family members. The interior of your home must be thoroughly cleaned and made liveable after any long vacation.

You must have consumed loads of rich foods over the past 2 weeks, so it's time you checked your weight. Resort to fresh vegetables, fruits and low-carb foods to get back to your original stature. Avoid red meat and fizzy drinks for a while.

Most of us become kind of lethargic after such a long holiday. But please try to avoid it. The country has incurred enough economic loss on the occasion of this Eid holiday, so let's make up to it by giving extra effort at work- we can always chit-chat during the lunch break or after the office hours.

If you have small children at home then you must know that many a kid hate to go back to their school life after any long break, so try your best to bring back their concentration in lessons by helping them with their schoolwork.

Take a look at your refrigerator and discard the items, which you think, have become adulterated during your absence, namely fruits and vegetables.

The vacation had indeed been refreshing but it's time to go back to work, so say a big Goodbye to the holiday mood and start working with fresh vigour.

By Wara Karim

News flash

Pakistan food festival
From 25th- 28th November, savor the authentic flavors of Pakistani C}isine at Dhaka Sheraton Hotel, prepared by the ~isiting chefs from the Salt' n pepper Village Restaurant, one of the most entertaining and elegant dining outlets in Pakistan.

Celebrate the rich diversity of traditional Pakistani delicacies in an appetizing buffet spread at the Pool Side of Dhaka Sheraton Hotel at dinner time. Menu includes mouth watering dishes like Lassi / Sweet & Salty, Almond Milk to Beef Seekh Kabab, Fish Tikka, Boneless Chicken Boti to steam items like,Whole Baby Lamb, Mutton & Vegetable Pulao and for desserts you get Gajraila (Carrots & Rice Pudding), Sugar Cane Kheer, Saffron Kheer to Persimmon with Vanilla Ice Cream and much more.

So those of you with a taste for good food try out this food festival.
LS Desk

F1 Rally
F1, a new event management company introduced a unique rally to the delight of the city dwellers. On the opening of |he first ever flyover built in |he country, a succession of 40 classic and modified cars rallied across the flyover.

This event was organized by a group of young people, marking F1 and defining its activities and outlook of life in general.

The zally consisted of 40 cars lead by the Honda beat, and followed by pick-up full of animated characters from Fantasy Kingdom. Perhaps the most attractive part was the participation of prince 'Ashu' and princess 'Lia' from Fantasy Kingdom. The other attraction was the participation of the legendary rock star from Miles, Shafin Ahmed joined the F1 Rally with the classic 1973 Mercedes Benz. The rally consisted of cars like Mercedes, BMW, Hummer H2, Toyota True No, Modified and Classic cars, together with the winning of best cars of F1 Auto Fair 2004.

Various awareness slogans were displayed such as 'Safe drive, long life' and also encouragements to increase use of public transport, reduction of pollution etc.

F1 Event Management Fizm is going to arrange 'F1 Auto Fair 2005' on February 2005.

By the way

Are you in an abusive relationship?

It starts with pushing or shoving, which inevitably leads to hitting. Name-calling is also a part of the abuser, such usage of abusive language dehumanise the person being abused.

If you are in an abusive relationship you will suffer from lowered self esteem, internalized anger which turns into depression and more than likely some anxiety (a feeling of always walking on egg shells). Do a comparison on how you felt before the relationship and how your partner has made you feel now. And just remember, if you made it before without him, you can make it again.


Skin in winter

Skin is affected all year round, but winter is when your skin seems to be under strain the most. This is when you feel that your skin is getting too dry, cracking sometimes and even wrinkles become a bit too obvious for your liking. After all no one likes dull, dry or flaky skin, do they?

Moisturise: Let's keep one important thing in mind: the cons of the winter wind. Wind in winter is especially dry and can soak out moisture from your skin, making i| seriously dry. Remember to apply moisturiser regularly to ensure that skin moisture is restored efficiently.

Wash carefully: Avoid washing too much with soap as this can also dehydrate your skin. Use face washes instead, of a suitable pH. No matter how cold it is in the morning, resist the urge to turn up the heat in your shower. Long soaks in hot water dry skin even more, so try to use lukewarm water and cut down on your rinse time.

Watch your diet: Your diet is also a good factor that you should be paying special a|tention to. Avoid rich, oily food and try out fresh fruit and vegetables, which are rich in vitamin C. Drink plenty of fluids too!

Sunscreen: Don't underestimate the importance of applying sunscreen just because it's winter. Ultraviolet sunrays are just as harmful in the winter as during summer. Remember to apply sunscreen at least half an hour before exposure to the sun, to give your skin time to absorb/soak it up. Be the perfect belle all winter long!

By Jennifer Ashraf

Hanging Out

Outskirts of Dhaka

The holiday mood is {till in the air. After attending big parties at home and outside, it's time to go on a long dri~e with friends and family. Pack light snacks and drinks, and swish through the highway towards Ashulia or Savar.

Ashulia has become the most popular hangout for the Dhakaites. Dhaka dwellers visit and revisit the place to catch fresh breath after any hectic session. So you too can plan to spend some quality time away from the bustling city at Ashulia with your cousins and buddies. Choose a quiet spot, lay your foods and drinks and chat aay an autumn evening among anecdotes and laughter.

You can also head towards Savar. Switch on the stereo system, open the windowpane and feel the gush of clean air as you journey. If you have time and the right mood, check out Nandan Park. It's going to be especially crowded after Eid, but still pay a visit to the Water World. I have heard from a lot of people that that water park there is simply awesome. Carry at least tk.400 to pay for your entry fee and foodstuff. And if you don't want to hire or buy clothes from the park au|hority, then carry an extra set of clothes with you. Also carry your own towel, shampoo and soap. Women are advised not to wear saree and salwar kameez while in the water. So you haven't visited this park yet check this place out during this Eid holiday.

Instead of rushing to just another food outlet and gaining extra weight, put asile a few hours from your life to go on a long drive with your dearest ones. Rent a taxi or take your own car to let yourself enjoy the lush beauty that lies at the outskirts of Dhaka.

By Wara Karim








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