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Hope no dope

When you sit exhausted in the traffic jams in places like Asad Gate, Farm Gate or in front of Rapa Plaza you often see "fakirs" with skinny bodies and sunken chests staggering around you. One of them would say you that his heart valve is damaged or has tuberculosis (TB) or stone in the gall bladder to draw your waxy sympathy towards him. Most, among many of us get bewitched by the way they approach us. However, this is not all, some soft-hearted people, I have seen, would rummage through their moneybags or purses in search of Tk10 or so then they offer them saying "Doa Koiro". Too hard to evade, huh!

It completely struck me with wonder when I first saw the person granting money to a well known "drug addict" for his praise! How can we judge these emotional people? Are they wise or blind to their surroundings? Do they know that they are giving money to the so-called beggars to buy their own poisons? Are they so sure that aiding through money would improve their dirty lifestyle? No their lifestyles are already hampered long ago. There is no such forces in this brutal world to detach them from indulge. There are drugs like marijuana, ganja, cocaine, LSD, Phensidyle, heroin or brown sugar, opium and many more, which are such that you will never give up until they find anything better than that.

These harmful drugs are extremely hard to peel off, through the view of a stubborn addict. Their nervous system drowns in illusion. Their entire body jerks they take in insufficient drugs. Those who encountered with heroin addicts have already seen that their fingertips became black and nails came out of shape. Their thin cheeks and their sleepy eyes will surely help you to distinguish him as a heroin addict. There are also many disastrous drawbacks of drug addiction, which are very filthy and painful to think of.

Drug addiction is very likely between the age of 18 to 23 years old people. Our country is suffering from such poverty that she lacks aid and illiteracy prevails. That is why poverty and illiteracy hurl them into the pond of seductive drug addiction. Many chain smokers tried "ganja" at least once in their lifetime. At higher extensions like heroin, of which brown sugar is cheaper and is taken by the poor and as well as the rejected and expired people of the society. In our country brown sugar is being used to kill dogs. But instead a dumped person uses it. There are also some other inverses. Pathedrine, which is used to give anaesthesia, hoodlums use them for addiction by pinching needles in their veins. This is one of the reasons why HIV spreads. It has been observed that many people use the same needle for several days or weeks, until it diminishes. Not long ago Phensidyle was used as antibiotic; however, it has become a vindictive drug for the drug abusers. Smugglers are being caught everyday with hundreds of bottles, but the abusers continue without any obstacles.

When the father and mother both are unconscious about their beloved child, he may get the chance to pick the unfortunate lifestyle. A boy or a girl whose friends are already dipped into drugs and the parents are not aware of them; they would surely indulge in the devil's lagoon. The parents who are aware of their child's every step then the child can hard be enticed by the devil's air.

More over the police should scan through slum areas and grab the miscreants who deal with these filthy junks. However, there is nobody to blame if the parents cannot control their children even with luring measurements. Again the government must come forward to prohibit any unlawful advancement. It is also to the concerned citizens to co-operate and prohibit any kind of drug addiction.

By Khaled Reza

Reader's chit

I come last

I think there are different steps in our life. We all know it. As we take each step courageously, we experience new things. We encounter good and bad. Then we call it "Life". The first stage is when we leave home to go off to college. Next is the stage when we start the work force. Then comes dating and marriage. After that comes motherhood. Where you come last. This is the stage in your life that you realize all of a sudden, that your children come first in everything. May it be lunch, bath, sleep, your career, your wants or plain simple "You". You do not worry about yourself anymore, but about your children. Your main purpose of living is to be there for your children. It is amazing how many cold meals you can eat, how many times you can get up at night, and how a five minute nap feels so refreshing. You wish every good things for them, you cry secretly when they are hurt, you drop everything when they call "mommy ouch". This is what many calls mother hood and I call it a blessing. Even though you come last, you win every time. The millions of hugs and kisses are your rewards. The face of comfort when they see you, the hand that looks for you at night, the word mommy itself is your reward. I am now at this stage of my life where I am selfless, I am happy and I come last.

By Iffat Zia

I wish I were a DUMB !!

Do you know which people tends to be much happier DUMB people, who don't have the ability to understand the cruelty of nature, how things work and how a life gets destroyed even after trying hard to make it a success!! Whether you agree or not I find it to be a fact of this universe.

Well, when I opened the paper today (14th August, 04) the sudden death news of Dr. Humayun Azad astonished me for a while (I somehow didn't get to hear the news yesterday). It's not that I am a great fan of his, or I adore him intensely. But I always believed in peoples' right and freedom. As the great writer Voltaire once said : " I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to death your right to say that " I wonder how can someone be so heinously attacked and then killed ( I don't know why, but I feel it to be a murder case, actually the sequence of several incidents are pointing at an unnatural death) just because they didn't like what he said, his views. I read some of his books and found them interesting and thought-provocative. I do not agree with some of his ideas and vies but does it mean that I should possess hatred towards him. Rather I respected him for his different views and for his talent.

Having different views on some points does not necessarily make a person good or evil. Someone is bad because of someone's harmful acts toward others. Did Dr Azad kill anybody? Did he commit a crime by expressing his ideas and opinions in his books? Did he destroy others' life through any malicious activity ?? No !! Then why should someone hate him or chide him or chastise him or kill him for having the thought that s/he may not agree with?? So, I was really shocked, the news really shaken my thoughts. I can never imagine in my wildest dream of such an horrible act being done by human beings like us who are called 'ashraful makhlukat' , the best creature on earth.

As I said at the beginning of this article - Dumb peoples are happy and I am not happy because I can understand the reality, I can feel how unjust it is. His family will never ever get him back and how unendurable each moment would be for them. I can see what has happened was extremely sinful and I feel unhappy!! I wish I were a DUMB !!

By Lipna Chowdhury




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