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with a view

THE best bedrooms are inviting, stylish, and full of informal luxury. What's most important in a bedroom is not just about finding a style. Your bedroom is a place to express your distinct tastes and passion for life.

The owners of today's featured bedroom wanted something lavish. The room is a large one, almost 16'´ 17" = 272 sq. ft. Space is the blank canvas you get to work with when you move into a new house. The size of the room may determine the proportions, but it needn't limit your imagination.

The placement of furniture dictates a room's flow of traffic and defines sleeping, dressing and conversation areas. The bed was placed at the center of the room, and the wardrobe and dressing unit set to its right, at one end of the room. Simply put, a well-designed closet can keep everything organized. To plan and create, sort through and select cabinet options (drawers and cupboards) and be clever about the extras. The owners wanted a long cabinet with an upper storage section. These are convenient for storing long suits and special garments.

Porcelain mirror tiles in beige were used for a calm, soothing effect, and also because they are easy to maintain. A single line false ceiling was installed, which extends all the way to the verandah, curving at the end corner, which looks gorgeous. An open corner showcase was placed right under the curve, which makes the corner eye-catching. A wooden beat on the empty wall creates a line towards the verandah.

Colour: If you like pink, then the bedroom is the place to go wild with this colour. Sugary pinks bring a bright, modern feel to the room, warmer than pastel pinks, but more refreshing than deeper shades. The candy colour used on the lower part of the wall creates a stimulating atmosphere.

Window: Windows are a natural focal point. Whether airy and open or dramatically draped, the treatments you choose define the style and mood of your room. When selecting window treatments, first consider how much light you want, then choose a flexible setup. To get that lavishly layered effect, thicken the curtains with a sheer panel. Sheers are now available in many different colours. These windows have teamed floral prints in soft pink silk with soft pink sheers. A lovely pink curved palmate was also used.

The soft stuff: The floral bedspread along with the matching cushions on the floor, add a subtle pattern to the scheme. The floral and toile de Juoy designs are traditional in style without being too fussy. So they add just a hint of the contemporary to bring out the character of the setting.

Lighting: Gently filtered and flattering light in a bedroom creates a sense of calm and repose. The right level of light in a bedroom is entirely a matter of personal preference. Lighting that may seem dim to one person may be soothing for another.

Task lighting is focused light that illuminates a specific activity. The antique light shade was used as task lighting over the painting and bedside table. The beautiful copper shade looks great in the pink bedroom. Tube-lights were placed in the false ceiling pocket for their illuminative effect. Spotlights were also used for a more dramatic effect.

Carpet: A natural coloured carpet provides a calming neutral base for the mild pink. Choose a mid-tone such as enamel or beige, rather than a paler shade to enhance the warm feeling created by the wall colour.

Accessories: Arranged with care, an artistic display of objects is one of the most personal ways to decorate a bedroom. Displays focus attention on artwork, while crystal decoration pieces give the bedroom an ethereal atmosphere. If you're fortunate enough to have a handsome painting to hang on your wall, by all means, give it the pride of place.

Verandah: Most bedrooms feel more welcoming when they have zones carved out for the pursuit of leisure, whether for enjoying a cuppa in the morning, or curling up with a good book. Our featured bedroom comes with a beautiful curved verandah, from which the wonders of the Dhanmondi Lake are visible. Keeping the focus on the superb view, the décor of this area was kept functional, with a soft design on the floor, a pair of handy chairs, and some green plants for freshness.

With a bedroom like this, and a view like that, sweet dreams are bound to come rushing in.

Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
For further details, contact journeym@citechco.net
Photo Credit: Hasan Saifuddin Chandan













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