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art in your home

ART is a three-letter word with many meanings. A home or office without art is like an empty rice bowl. Good art comes from the hearts and minds of the artists, and appeals to all those who see it and enriches their lives.

This week we're focusing on how to display art in a simple living room. The featured living room belongs to a house that is twenty years old, and the owners preferred not to have false ceilings or fresh floor tiles installed, so giving the room a new look became a challenge.

The owners have a lot of good art pieces. Contemporary art does not lose its value. The collection, which was slowly accumulated by bringing pieces from many different places, was displayed haphazardly on the wall. What was lacking was balance, a design principle that creates a sense of equilibrium.

While rearranging the pictures, the balance law was followed. The big landscape painting was placed in the centre of the wall. Four pictures of the same size were put up vertically on either side of the large one. In one corner, we also placed two small sketches by Kamrul Hassan, and these sported black frames. Below these a watercolour work by artist Zainabul Islam was arranged.

Some people think that art is unnecessarily expensive. You cannot eat it, drink it or run your Lexus on it. However, if it makes you think or feel better, wouldn't it make sense to have it? When furnishing your home or office, you should allocate part of your budget to art. Remember that art is one of the few things whose value does not depreciate if you buy intelligently.

Living rooms are always entertainment areas. This very symmetrically designed room with two sofa sets facing one another offers seating for around eight to ten people, but can also be used for more intimate discussions. No doubt false ceiling and varied lighting would create dramatic settings, but even candle light and paper lanterns can create the desired ambience.

Rhythm helps lead the eye from one point to another. The wooden sofa with green chequered fabric and the cane sofa with brown upholstery together create an effect that complements the art display. There is no need for fancy ornaments or decoration pieces as the art itself makes up for it. Instead of a lavish carpet, a gorgeous sheetol pati is placed over the mosaic floor, lending a different effect. The curtains are made of brown solid and chequered handloom fabric and blend well into the total set-up. Thus a flow of 'rhythm' is maintained.

Finally, adding a touch of freshness to this vibrant atmosphere is an assortment of plants. Green plants create a healthy feel, while flowers can colour up the place in any occasion. Use orchids or gladioli to brighten up your living room when you're expecting company.

The bottom line is, if you've got some good art pieces, flaunt them, and flaunt them in style. It doesn't take much, because the art itself will aide you in making a splash. Remember, good art speaks for itself.

Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
For further details, contact journeym@citechco.net
Photo Credit: Tamim Sujat













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