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Shop Special


Mayasir has recently shifted venues, and has now moved to Gulshan Avenue with a bigger showroom than the previous one at Kemal Ataturk. (Location: House 76, Rd 127, Gulshan) The decor is quite simple, with whitewashed interiors, spotlights and red brick pillars separating color-coordinated clothes, and men, women and children wear. It is indeed a large showroom, with whitewashed walls not only creating an illusion of even more space, but also serving as a nice backdrop for all the bright shades of clothing on display. The ambience at the new Mayasir is akin to the Aarong outlet at Gulshan, and with a bigger collection of all they that house, along with some new home furnishing additions, Mayasir is ready for the masses.

Men's fatuas, punjabis, kotis, and sandals (colours come in black, off-white, golden and silver). Women's shalwaar kameezes include both long and short sets, available in a host of fabrics: georgette, Rajshahi silk, crepe and ND silks, kota, muslin, jamdani, bexi cotton, and cotton (plain as well as prints). Most are hand embroidered with sequins, while others include katha stitching and the fish weave (or rather, 'maach kataa'). Loose dupattas in hand-embroidered and woven cottons, multi-coloured tie-dyed silk scarves, and off-white shalwaars hang alongside block print shawls.

The showroom now also has a wider display of household items made out of various materials. One could browse through their collection of bedcovers (these come in the following sizes: semi-double, double, and king), placemats and cushion covers made out of Makmal (a thick textured fabric), trays made out of Mahogany wood, cane and bamboo, jute mats, doormats made out of coconut fiber, straw placemats, fruit baskets, 'Nakshi Sheetal' patis and so on. Mayasir also has décor pieces such as candles (including colourful votives), photo frames, handmade paper cards, and stationery.

Mayasir also has an array of jewellery arranged inside glass showcases. Most of these are oxidized, but there are pieces in white silver, some with stones such as garnet and amethyst. By now, all may be aware of the fact that the designer is contemporary fashion entrepreneur, Maheen Khan. It is evident from this designer's collection of different and unique household goods, and her clothing, that she not only loves to innovate, combine and create, but also makes a conscious effort to promote the handloom of our country.

The new Mayasir is worth browsing through, so loosen those purse strings and head out for some good old shopping, window or otherwise.

By Rubaiyat Khan

Laugh lines

Resolutions for keeps

Whenever promises are broken some people try to get away by uttering a famous quotation that says promises are meant to be broken. This is a rather lame excuse. The point is not about keeping promises but rather making particular promises tailor-made not to be broken. Here's a list of resolutions made this year that will be kept by hook or by crook. Come to think of it the first in the list is by a crook.

Crook: Stay away from RAB at all possible times.

Cops: Resolve to complete the apartment, car and home theatre system payments in time for Eid. The general public will graciously provide the funds for such purposes.

Businessmen: Dil maange more……money, that is.

Politicians: Try not to break their promises at least till the next year

Cricketers: Our cricketers have a track record of losing. Recently they lost again but the Bangladeshi people were so happy because the loss was better than the previous losses. This is the cricketers resolution to continue having better losses.

Smokers: This class of people who like to slowly kill themselves have a hard time resolving. Despite that they make a valiant effort and promise to quit except on weekends, holidays, national festivals and personal crises.

Romeos: More girls, more phone numbers, more dates.

Girls with rich boyfriends: Visit all the shopping centers with boyfriend and his wallet.

The Lifestyle editor: Promises not to scream, yell, bark at any of the writers who regularly perform scream inducing acts. The editor promises not to stretch the vocal cords but that is a promise stretched too thinly itself.

By Ehsanur Raza Ronny

Shop talk

New year means a fresh new start with whole new dreams. As you head for the year 2005, it is time to throw away some 2004 belonging, including those regretful memories and silly mistakes. If you do wish to throw away those old belongings, you will need some shopping to do. Let us do some cheap shopping in the cheapest market of the city.

Calendar is one object you must change after every year. Hawkers sitting beside gate no 1, New Market is a great place for calendars. Most of the calendars sold there are made of Ideal products or Azad products. Desk calendars costs about tk15 to tk35. There are times when pocket calendars come in real handy. They would cost tk3-5. Wall calendars at the New Market will not please you but there are some that you might want to buy for kids. Wall calendars with cartoons would cost about tk45 to tk60.

Dairies, note pads and phone index
It is time to organise yourself if you have goals to achieve in the coming year. First thing you can do is, get a new dairy. At New Market hard paperback dairies cost about tk55 to tk60. Dairies with rexin covers would cost tk120 to tk150. And if you want exclusive planners it would cost around tk300. Note pad's prices vary depending on their size. Smallest one would cost tk15, medium tk30 to tk35 and the largest one cost around tk70. Phone index with rexin covers cost tk35 to tk40. Apart from New Market, Nilkhet is also a good place for these items.

Chap stick
The arrival of new year also means chilly days and cracked lips. If you do not care for your lips it might give you painful time all through the season. Chap sticks are available at any toiletries store even in the tiny variety store in your neighbourhood. However, it would be wise to get a good brand. Most popular and preferred brand is Lebello. According to the shopkeepers at New Market, their prices increased in this season. They are available at tk90 to tk100. There is a deshi Lebello priced at tk40 to tk45. Nivea is another chosen brand. Their price would be tk30 tk35. Pay a visit to New Market, Eastern plaza or any other shopping mall for a chap stick.

Winter cap
Chilly days mean fogy mornings and headaches. If you are out in the morning or at night, cover your head with a winter cap. Again New Market is the best place for cheap shopping and hawkers there sell the warmest winter caps. Even if you cannot bargain their price would not exit tk50. And if you know the trick you might get hold of one at the price of tk35 to tk40.

Vix Vaporup
If the winter cap does not work a Vix Vaporub will. During winter, some people cannot live a day without that plastic jar full of strong smelly ointment. One jar of Vix Vaporub cost tk60. Just visit any medicine store to get one.

New year cards
Lets not forget greetings card. For a new year card again we suggest you pay a visit to the hawkers at gate no 1, New Market. Prices of greetings card vary on the designs, colour variation and size. Their prices vary from tk30 to tk100. If you are looking for handmade cards Probartana at 2/8, Sir Syed road, Mohammadpur is a good place. Cards there would cost around tk35 to tk50. Ideas and Marietta at Aziz Super Market, Shahbag has wide range of handmade cards. Screen print cards cost tk25 to tk55. Cards with hand paint, dried leaves and bids would cost tk120 and more. A visit to Aarong and Creation at Eastern Plaza also means a good buy.

By Shahnaz Parveen



Weight Loss Myths
Obesity and the ideal body type are weighty issues indeed, if you'll excuse the pun. People have invested millions on slimming products and spent hours on new exercises and diets, and the so-called 'miracle' cures have often proved themselves to be anything but miraculous. Now while it's pretty amusing to sit back and watch people turn to desperate measures to lose weight, the damage they cause to their bodies through such risky ventures is anything but funny. To avoid slimming disasters, there are a few myths one should remember.

"The Four-week plan"
Any gimmick that pledges massive weight loss at breakneck speed is definitely nothing more than wishful thinking. "It's not healthy, and it's not true," psychologist Jeffrey Wilbert, Ph.D., author of Fattitudes says. Just as with anything else, there is no easy 'quick fix' for a weight problem. If you're looking at permanent weight loss, a change of lifestyle and eating habits is more in order.

Fat is bad for you
You know why they're called essential fatty acids? That's right, because you need them. While it's true that there are some fats that are unhealthy, there are also some that are harmless, and even necessary for you.

Carbohydrates are bad for you
First fat, and now carbohydrates. What well they think of next? When trying to lose weight, make a distinction between unhealthy carbohydrates, such as white sugar, and complex carbohydrates, such as vegetables and whole grains, which provide vital vitamins, and fibre to aid digestion.

Lose weight by not eating
Starving will get you nowhere…unless it's the hospital you're aiming for. Not only do you deprive your body of valuable nutrients, you also lose muscle mass instead of fat. What's worse, even if you do lose pounds, you gain them back almost immediately when you raid the fridge again.

You have to join the gym
Actually, the most recent research indicates 30 to 60 minutes per day of moderate physical activity is all it takes to balance healthy food intake. So you can save time and money by just taking the stairs instead of the elevator.
The moral of the story? Listen to your body, not the hype, and you're on your way to a slimmer, happier you.

By Sabrina F Ahmad

On the cover
Ikebana and Maleka Khan… the love story began in 1969 and is still going strong. Recently she held her first solo Ikebana exhibition at Gallerie Kaya mesmerizing her long standing fan following. Unusual fresh flower arrangements that are simplistic yet has the power to grab your fascination the moment you look at them, was more or less the main flavour of her show.
In this urban world of ours, when living itself is like a chore, these very contemporary and chic art pieces bring back that interest in life.

-LS desk
Photo courtesy: Gallerie Kaya



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