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Tsunami devastation

The world's most powerful earthquake in more than 40 years struck deep under the Indian Ocean off the west coast of Sumatra, triggering massive tsunamis that obliterated villages and seaside resorts in more than 10 countries. The death toll was around 150,000 and still rising.

On December 26, 2004, tsunamis swept across the Indian Ocean from Thailand to Somalia following a magnitude 9.0 quake that was centred about 100 miles (160 km) off the coast of Indonesia's Sumatra island at a depth of about 6.2 miles 10km.

World donation topped one billion US dollar. Bangladesh also contributed to this amount. Two ships of the Navy accompanied by a C-130 cargo place and an air force helicopter lent for Sri Lanka and Maldives to take part in post tsunami rescue operation. While the wreckage is being mended, the world mourn this immense loss though the aching heart is taking time to heal.

So what is this Tsunami |hat caused havoc on earth?
A tsunami, from the Japanese word for harbour wave, is a giant wave caused by an underwater disturbance, such as an earthquake or volcanic eruption.

Energy from the quake creates the initial wave, which splits into two one wave moves out into the ocean, while the other heads towards the shore. Most tsunamis do not create giant breaking waves on the shore. Instead, they generate very fast and strong tides that make the sea level rise very quickly.

In the deep ocean, a tsunami may be more than 100 miles long from wave crest to wave crest, but only a few feet high. Waves may reach speeds up to 500 m.p.h. As the tsunami reaches the coastline and shallow water, the speed is reduced as |he height rapidly increases.

Earthquakes, the primary cause of tsunamis, occur when the edges of the system of plates that cover the Earth's surface collide along fault lines. Seven large and many small plates, all of which are about 50 miles thick, move an average of a few inches each across hot molten ma|erial.

Among other notable tsunami:
July 17, 1998, an offshore quake triggers a wave that strikes the north coas| of Papua-New Guinea, killing some 2,000 people and leaving thousands more homeless.

August 16, 1976, a tsunami kills more than 5,000 people in the Moro Gulf region of the Philippines.

March 28, 1964, Good Friday earthquake in Alaska sends out a wave swamping much of the Alaskan coast and destroying three villages. The wa~e kills 107 people in Alaska, four in Oregon and 11 in California as it sweeps down the West Coast.

May 22, 1960, a wave reported as up to 35 feet high kills 1,000 in Chile and causes damage in Hawaii, where 61 die, and in the Philippines, Okinawa and Japan as it sweeps across the Pacific.

April 1, 1946, Alaskan quake generates a tsunami that de{troys North Cape Lighthouse, killing five. Hour{ later the wave arrives at Hilo, Hawaii, killing 159 people and doing millions of dollars in damage.

January 31, 1906, a devastating offshore quake submerges part of Tumaco, Colombia, and washes away every house on the coast between Rioverde, Ecuador, and Micay, Colombia. Death toll estimated at 500 to 1,500.

December 17, 1896, a tsunami washes away part of the embankment and main boulevard of Santa Barbara, California.

June 15, 1896, the Sanriku tsunami strikes Japan without warning. A wave estimated at more than 70 feet high hits a crowd gathered to celebrate a religious festival, killing more than 26,000 people.

August 27, 1883, the eruption of the volcano Krakatau (also spelled "Krakatoa") generates a massive wave that sweeps over the shores of nearby Java and Sumatra, killing 36,000 people.

November 1, 1755, the great Lisbon earthquake genera|es a wave up to 20 feet high that strikes coastal Portugal, Spain and Morocco.
-LS Desk

Compiled from various web-sites

Diary of a Food Obsessed Person

By Sam Q

Can you believe it? A whole year passed by again. I blinked and, presto... it is time to party again. As a very good friend of mine once said, I should be grateful that my years go by so quickly, because that means I have yet again passed another good year. Only when times are bad, everything drags. So I should be actually grateful to God to have passed yet another good, but fat year.

Yeah, diary, I am still where I was and I am disgusted with myself. How can I be such a moron? Not an oxymoron (a new word which I have learnt, which means, combination of contradictory words) but just a moron.

I am still garrulously watching those life changing Oprah Winfrey shows, hoping someday, suddenly, something will go "ping" in my mind and I will, like all these people on those shows, go on those lifestyle changing diets and watch my pounds melt away. But I guess, somebody up there is smirking and saying "dream on baby".

Today diary, I am going to share with you my consolation thoughts.

Consolation thought no: 1
If I was slim, I would be such a snob and not be this chirpy me (if I do say so myself).

Consolation thought no: 2
My friends would be so jealous that I would have no friends.

Consolation thought no: 3
Even being fat I spend so much on my clothms, make-up, shoes and accessories, I would spenl more and my husband would go bankrupt.

Consolation thought no:4
I kan say many things to my guy friends and know that it will not be misconstrued, because I am "fat and harmless".

Consolation thought no:5
I think I would have been such a slut.

Consolation thought no:6
Somebody in the group has to be fat. Believe you me diary, my friends are such mind blowing beautiful babes that the group absolutely couldn't handle another bomb. So, I guess I was the sacrificial ox.

The other day diary, I had taken some of my old pictures to my work place to show my colleagues, how I looked ten years ago. You should have seen the look of awe on their faces. And this brings me back to another comment my friend Paki made to me a couple of years back. She said, "know something pal, you were always that little bit extra fat at every stage of your life. When we were in school we all weighed a mere 95 pound{, but you were, I guess....110 pounds. And then in college, when we all got out of that scrawny, gawky stage to be a curvy 105 pounds, you were then 120 pounds. You were always that little bit extra." Yeah! And all thosm extras have finally caught up, and here I am today making fat jokes and taking pot shots at myself to make another day go a bit faster.

On a more philosophical note diary, I was thinking, life dishes out different things to different people in different ways. Other than being fat, Mashallah, I have a great life. I am so high on life (withou| taking anything artificial) God knows what I would have done if I was slim and more happy. So I guess this is God's way of putting me on a leash. (Is this another consolation thought?)

Anyway, diary at times when I do sound morose and if you think I have given up my thoughts on losing weight, you are so wrong. The slim me inside is still there and with the New Year coming with all those resolutions, I am still hanging in there, baby. I ain't giving up this easily. And by the way my husband has given me a brand new diary today where I have (yet again) entered my wmight and measurements. Will keep you posted diary.

A spicy beef recipe today with plain boiled rice
500 gm beef cut into strips
1 tsp. minced garlic
3 tbsp. barbecue sauce
2 tbsp. chilli sauce
1 tbsp. ground cumin
250 gm small tomatoes, quartered, I cucumber diced
2 tbsp. lemon juice,
salt & sugar according to taste
2 tbsp olive or corn oil
1 red onion sliced
1 capsicum dm-seeded and sliced,
200gm button mushroom sliced,
1 tbsp chopped green chillies
2 tbsp chopped fresh coriander

Combine garlic, sauces, spices and beef. Marinate for 2 hrs & then boil the beef till tender.

Meanwhile make salsa, combine tomatoes, cucumber, lemon juice, salt & sugar according to taste. Heat oil in a non-stick pan cook onion, capsicum and mushroom over medium heat until soft. Add meat until browned. Stir through chillis and coriander. Serve hot with white rice.
I love the above recipe
Hope you will too.
Happy cooking

Pamper your taste buds with winter Fruits

Winter welcomes an assortment of sweet, sour and delicious fruits to pamper your taste buds. It's not just about apples and oranges, there are other interesting fruits too that would soon be available in abundance.

Have you got a sour (!) tooth? If yes, then winter is the perfect season for you. This is the time for fleshy and sour olives and kamranga (carambola). Prepare olive pickles and store them in glas{ jars for up to 1 year. And do you know that kamranga juice is simply great for your health and your skin? Although solid kamranga tastes great with pepper and salt, try drinking kamranga juice in this cold season; they are good for your health.

The very thought of tamarind may make one's mouth water…Yes, tamarinds too are available in this season. You can eat them raw with salt sprinkled on top or you can also make mouth-watering pickles with this tangy fruit.

How many of you have ever tried drinking a glass of well-prepared bel (wood-apple) sherbet? If you haven't tried this nutritious and pleasant-tasting drink yet, then do try it this season. Winter is also the season for ruby red pomegranates. You can make juice from pomegranates too; they are excellent for health and skin. And the best part is that you can store whole pomegranates for up to 3 mon|hs.

Sweet and tangy boroi will also be available all through this season. From the big fleshy ones commonly know as kul boroi to the dried out tiny ones, boroi tops the chart of many fruit-lovers.

You will also get the very juicy sugarcane this winter. Those who tasted sugarcane juice for once must admit that it's lip smacking. Dates too will be abundant in the market places this season.

If you search the Oovernment New Market you will come across a lot more rare wintez fruits grabbing your attention. You can also check your nearby kitchen markets and fruit vendors for fresh and high quality wintmr fruits. Remember that the season may be dry and cold, but the array of fruits available at this time of the year is amazingly large.

By Penelope

Beauty secrets

Dry Lips: If you have dry lips, and applying a lipstick makes them look even more parched and crinkly, apply vaseline beforehand, then dab off the excess with a tissue and apply lipstick for a smooth finish.

Steps to lovely lips: If you don't have full lips, always use a lip-liner, and be sure to always blend it in with your lipstick. Create fuller, luscious looking lips by applying just a smidgen more of gloss on the middle of your lower lip.


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