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D E C Kt h eH A L L S
THE morning of the Qurbani Eid is a messy affair. In fact it's an unusual morning to start with. The mayhem commences with the sacrificial animals mooing or bleating at the top of their lungs in the garage. The butchers and the moulanas chopping and hacking away with a sort of sadistic glee, the children infected with a weird spirit of animation (only God knows why), the man of the house impatient to get the ceremony of Qurbani going because he cannot eat a bite unless the sacrificial rites are over, while the lady of the house is totally bemused by the prospect of impending chores.

So the festivity of the Eid morning for us adults is not much. Most of us prefer to stay indoors at least till the evening when things more or less return to normal circumstances.
This particular Eid let's dress up the house with full vigour focusing on every cozner from the kitchen to the staircase. Ignore the disorder that's going on around you and make your home a haven where everything is neat, tidy and organised. In this way the mood for fun will seep in. Since we do spend so much time indoors, we might as well make our surroundings especially pleasant on this occasion.
With this in mind, our dexterous décor dame Nazneen Haque Mimi uses flower power to counter the messy sacrificial scenes. From your entrance to your bathroom, and all the way into the kitchen, we've used blooms and greens to put everyone in a vibrant spirit.
Flowers to use: Seasonal beauties like Zinnia, Cosmos, Chrysanthemum, and Crispy

-Living room: Add a welcoming touch with fresh flowers. The pictures show a white cut work table mat and a floral arrangement.
-Entrance: Make the first impression a fresh one with some blooming blossoms. We've arranged a shom-rack, wi|h flowez bouque|s, candles and xhotogzaphs.
-Green plants, big or small, can liven up any corner of any room.
-The dining room is the scene of focus during this season. Our first dining table set-up shows a white tablecloth with red fish applique work. A fish bowl doubles up as a flowerpot, with yellow flowers and red candles. Our second featuzed dining table is adorned with a white muslin tablecloth, a white long runner, patterned table mats, wine glasses and a beautiful vase with yellow cosmos.
-Make the corners count. We did it with a globe, a coffee table, and a flower bowl with floating flowers and candles.
-Bathroom: Stock up on liquid soap for washing hands, and transform your bathroom with a vase of flowers, hanging plants, maybe a small yellow bowl with flowers, fresh towels, and maybe a new soap case. Kitchen: The work station of the day should not be neglected. We've livened up our featured kitchen with a vase of flowers, a tissue box, new napkins and fresh cutlery, and a funky salt and pepper unit.

The main idea is, while a slaughtering spree carries on outside, let your indoors be light and bright and full of life with flowers, green plants and a little ingenuity. Eid Mubarak!

-LS Desk
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Photo Credit: Arindam Basu


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