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Mayasir opens new outlet

The new store is conveniently located at Gulshan Avenue. The store carries a wide new collection for men, women, and children. This Eid-ul-Azha new styles have been incorporated with a brand new look. The women's range includes versatile pieces of suits in two and three pieces paired with trousers or salwars. The embellishments of beautiful hand stitched elements create unique reflections on the garments.

The Kurtis in varying lengths and styles are available in vibrant colours. Heavy or highly worked single or paired with scarves, it is fit for any occasion.

Men's shirts and fatuas are styled to provide comfort. The subtle embellishments is chic and cater to all ages.

Men's punjabis are in wide variety of style. Slit, button down, looped in self tones. The finest cottons, twills, linens, clearly make a very smart collection.

Accessories in silver and semi-precious stone jewellery are a Mayasir speciality.

Fabric batuas, sandles and ethnic purses with glimmer and shine are a new addition.

Mayasir homes and gifts are totally new. It has great pieces you can take home. The new outlet is situated at road 127, Plot 76, Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan-1, Dhaka.

Rong's Eid

We've all partied, and made resolutions for the new near. Before the zeal could fade away, more festivity draws near. We are now in the mood to celebrate Eid-ul-Azha. Although it is all about sacrificing yet some fashion houses are adding colour to the occasion. Rong for instance is bringing out special collection in Eid-ul-Azha.

Women's collection comprises Tangail, muslin, half silk saree embellished with spray, block, tie-dye, hand paint, karchupi, applique, metal lace, cut-work, and more. They will cost around tk650 to tk5500. Three piece shalwar kameez with equally gorgeous decoration will cost around tk350 to tk2000. A huge collection of Jamdani is available, prices range in between tk1500 to tk10000. Cold {pell is taking over finally, forcing us to leave all the trendy outfits in the closet. To beat the chill and be in style add a colourful shawl to your outfit. You will find them at Rong in vibrant colours.

There are option for men as well. Shirt, panjabi, fatua, T-shirt will cost around tk250 to tk1500. Matching handkerchief, uttorio, pajama and lungi is also available.

If you are there, check out their ladies fatua and ornament collection. Rong is situated at Twin Tower, Concord complex, Shantinagar and Shantona market, Chashara, Naryangonj.

Eid in Kay Kraft

Kay Kraft adorns their outlet with maroon, red, burnt orange, and blue this Eid and chosen fabric khadi, cotton, endy cotton. With block print, embroidery, screen print, applique and tie-dye, ladies kameez cost around tk775 to tk5000. Fatua would cost around tk250 tk 1095. Ladies collection also comprises saree priced at tk350 tk5000.

Kay Kraft also presents men's short panjabi, silk panjabi and sherwani cut panjabi, also plain and printed panjabi priced at tk275 to tk3500. Also check out their shirt and fatua collection.

Don't miss their children's collection. The colourful rack offers outfits for newborn babies to teenagers, prices ranging in between tk100 tk1200.

Kay Kraft is situated at Rifles Square, Kemal Itaturk Avenue, Anam Rangs Plaza, Baily Road and at Sobhanbag.

Sugar bun at Chittagong

Seems like the many hangouts in Chittagong finally have cause for worry, and have to start chewing their nails. The opening of Sugar Bun (Malaysian Fast Food), till date, has drawn larger crowds than any other food court in the city. Of course, the fact that it is situated in GEC More, one of the busiest and most frequently accessible areas of Chittagong, helps as well. Even on a normal weekday, at 10:45 at night, business is booming.

What makes this hangout so special? Lets just say you start your evening with some easy bakery shopping, progress to dinner, and then top off the evening with ice cream as dessert. Normally you would have to visit at least two different places. With Sugar Bun, you get everything you need in one building, which saves you time and energy. The ground floor consists of the Bakery in itself. Crunchy biscuits, breads and mouth watering cakes are guaranteed to make you stop in your tracks. \he five-tiered cakes are defini|ely worth ordering the next time a special occasion is around the corner. If the number of people there seems few to you, take a breath and go up one floor to Wel Food (the fast food corner). Take a deep breath before you enter, chances are you might be trampled upon; there are too many people to count.

If you walk in during the busy hour on a weekend, chances are you won't be able to get a table even if you decide to wait for half an ho}r. Many people don't even wait |hat long; they place their orders and make their way to the second floor, where Baskin Robbins is situated. Even thought its winter, people gobbling down one ice cream after the other is not an uncommon sight.

Along with the Baskin Robbins booth, they also have a spacious playground nor kids. Families often come up for this reason to the second floor, whilst the youngsters and teens prefer staying on the crowded first floor. The third floor is empty ith perfectly arranged table and chairs, and a small podium in the corner with a mini stage. The setting is perfect for small parties. Another good thing about this place are the chairs. They are comfortable to sit on, and you wont get a stiff back from sitting there for too long. Ambience, tas|e, comfort…what more do you need? So rush over!

By Jennifer Ashraf

Tips for Eid-ul-Azha

It's an absolutely grand occasion. We tend to have greater preparations in Eid-ul-azha than in any other time of the year. With the livestock being sacrificed it usually takes the women of any household to sweat over taking care of the red meat. But the following short checklist put up by Lifestyle would very much help you to identify some of the tasks that are sometimes overlooked in the hustling bustling of Eid.

Since lots of delicious dishes will be cooked from beef and mutton on this big occasion, make sure the day before eid that you have adequate supplies of all sorts of spices, cooking oil and other essential cooking ingredients at home.

Set apart a special corner at your home for the raw meat to be sorted out. Appropriately disinfect the area with soap water and antiseptic liquid. Also remember to clean the area over and over again with detergent powder after you are done with your work.

Since large amount on meat will be available around, try-out at least one unique but delectable cuisine; who knows the dish might be a big hit at your home. But remember to jot down the recipes ahead of time so that you won't have to poke around for the recipe book on the Eid day.

People often overeat on the Eid day, so keep some packs Eno and Hajmola at home to help your guests with easy digestion of the greasy food.

It's always the best to pack raw meat in durable plastic bags before sending them |o your friends and relatives. So buy a pack of plastic bags the day before Eid.

Empty your deep freeze before the Eid day. You will face a really hard time creating space at your freezer if it's already crammed with other foodstuff.

We often forget the underprivileged ones as we enjoy ourselves among rich food and smart clothes. But let the needy ones also become a part of our Eid celebration.

By Wara Karim

Hanging Out

Grill N' Chill

My friends and I consider Lalmatia and Dhanmondi to be Dhaka. Any other place is too far. Yet, all the best fast food shops are outside our so-called Dhaka. Grill N' Chill is conveniently located right beside the Abahani Field in Dhanmondi.

Let's first start with the pros. The food is relatively cheap. It consists of the usual fare of cholestezol laden artery blockage inducing burgers. Prices are average and a burger is around 60 taka. Cheese (or lack of it) as well your choice of meat (beef or wannabe chicken) fluctuate the price a li|tle bit on either side of 60. If you like the ones available in American Burger then you will like these. Also, you get a menu laden with steak, noodles and rice dishes. Do check out their lunch package that is surprisingly available during any other time of the day. At a hundred bucks, it includes fried rice, veggies, meat and a drink.

You can't mnjoy the food without proper ambience. The space is spacious with all except one seat accommodating couples or a couple of co}ples. Yes, the one single seat is a long curved seat where a bunch of rowdy frimnds can sit, eat and spill drinks all over themselves. Also, the place is well li| so you can actually scrutinize the food with utmost scrutiny.

The best part is that the parking is a breeze as the road is relatively empty most of the time. You can leave your car on either side. When there is no place inside, you can use your car to spill the drinks in.

The con is that their service is rather slow for a fast food shop. They often do not have a particular type of drink or a particular type of item that you require. As for French fries it seems that the potatoes are grown, imported and flown all the way to Dhaka as you wait.

The verdict is that it's yet another fast food shop with fancy décor. The food is sometimes late and sometimes unavailable but when it does come to your table it is pretty good. The place is easy to reach, parking is alequate and prices are relatively average.

By Ehsanur Raza Ronny



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