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outdoor space

CAREFUL planning can get you maximum mileage out of every inch of available space, be it a handkerchief-sized concrete space, a long verandah, or even an open lawn.

If you are lucky enough to have a patio, terrace, or roof, you should make it as lush and luxurious as you can. Bring this area into your living space. It can provide a quiet retreat if you happen to live in an otherwise built-up area. Like any other area in your home, it should have detailed planning to make best use of the space. Bring the outdoors inside. A patio off a living room will enlarge the enclosed space. Large sliding doors also provide ample light for the interior.

Consider the direction in which the terrace or garden faces. If it is completely exposed, there should be facilities for shade. Is it large enough to have a dining area for the warm weather? Rooftops do tend to get hot in the summer months with the sun beating down onto the flat surface. Providing shade will not only help to protect the plants, it will also keep the interiors cool.

The patio is the place where potted plants thrive best, but even so, they require a lot of maintenance, so make sure a simple watering system is incorporated into your plans. Some people prefer not to have all that greenery around; for them, turning the patio into a kind of open study is an option. You can get yourself a Japanese-style raised wooden floor, and arrange a small coffee table beside it, which doubles up as a reading area. Furniture for such open spaces should be tough and durable.

If you have a long verandah, you can allocate portions of it for different purposes; with a seating area, a small corner for greenery, and of course, a circulation pathway. The pictures feature rustic tiles used in the patio. Stone, sandstone, or stone chips can be used on the floor, individually, or as a collage for an interesting visual effect.

Flooring should not be overlooked, especially in a roof-top garden. The floor should have a good drainage system to prevent leakage, which might lead to staining. An extra layer of protection will help prevent any damage to the floor.

Don't forget the personal touch. If you like sculptures, paintings, or other such artwork, why not find some interesting pieces to display them in these outdoor arrangements?

Most remarkable, of course, is the outdoor patio that is surrounded by a small garden. It creates opportunities for relaxation amidst greenery, a private sanctuary where one can lose oneself in a good book or simply quiet contemplation.

Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
For further details, contact: journeym@citechco.net

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