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Dare to design

Alliance Francaise has its school for photography and painting and since 11th January it now has its Ecole de Design. The three month course offers to teach interior design appreciation.

Asked the reasons for holding the classes, Taufiqur Rahman Khan, the co-ordinator says that many people in Dhaka are keen to take up interior designing as their hobby. "They want to learn," Taufiq says ," but don't have the scope to go in for an academic course offering one or two years programmes. This short course will give them the opportunity to get to know about the basics of interior designing to help them work as amateur designers."

Also, Taufiq adds, there are many young students who are keen to take up interior designing as a future career, but in many case they have little idea about the job of interior designer. They are not sure whether this profession will be suitable for them, Having done the course, Taufiq says, it will be easier for them to decide their future decision.

Apart for the regular classes, Taufiq continues, the course will also include lectures and seminars on other forms of art related to interior designing such as painting, sculpture and architecture, to help the students to widen their perception of art. Thus the school will be a platform to elevate the level of aesthetics of the participants." It doesn't matter if the students will become serious interior designers or not. The input that they will get from these course will definitely help to become a better human being as far as culture is concerned.

The course deals with the definition of space and formation of space. The xlan arrangements include functional factors, aesthetic aspects, human dimensions (ergonomics) and design criteria ( space and functional analyses ). The design vocabulary will deal with proportion, scale, balance, harmony and rhythm. The interior design elements will include floor, walls, ceiling, windows, doors, staizs and nurniture.

Fifteen students have been selected out of 43 applicants. Students having an orientation for creative activities got the priority. The participants include photographers, light and set designers of theatre and students.

Taufiq and his colleague Siaquet of the Ecole de Design are graduates of BUET. The school hopes to get some French designers to give loctures. Students have to hand in projects and have 75% attendance to get an attendance certificate.

This brave new ventuze opens up new horizons for people with keen minds and some time to spare.

By Fayza Haq

K Kraft's spring

King of the season is on its way to visit the lovebirds. If you are getting ready to welcome the king with bashonti sarees and panjabi made exclusively for the occasion visit K Kraft.
Their outlets are dazzling with vivid bashonti, orange, yellow, red, brick red, green and various colour in whites. Sarees cost tk500 to tk2000, Salwar kamiz tk800 to tk2000, ladies fatua would cost tk250 to tk850. Men's fatua cost tk275 to tk800 and panjabi tk275 to tk2000.

K Kraft's outlets arm situated at Baily road, Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Malibag, Rifles Square, Anam Rangs Plaza and Sobhanbag.

-LS Desk

Diary of a Food Obsessed Person

By Sam Q

Dearest diary,
It is just about six months since I last saw the departure lounge at the Zia International Airport and I got another craving to see the pathetic and limp plastic ferns, the scratched chairs and the over confident, and over complacent immigration officers. So I decided since the eid holidays were just around the corner, my poor, over worked husband deserved a well earned break. So, when the timing was right, I put forward my most convincing, earnest face and floated the idea, why we should take a holiday. So armed with pouted lips and shimmering eyes my husband didn't stand a chance of opposing my idea. He had lost the battle even beform the skirmish began. All he had to do then was to decide where we would go.

Mostly, like all bangalis we prefer the good-value-for-money, Bangkok. But as we both are into halal food, it becomes kind of restricting. Actually I am kinda stretching the truth. In Bangkok, with all the seafood and exotic fruits, one doesn't really miss the meat. But diary, the big yellow 'M' sign of Mcdonald's kind of hypnotizes me. It actually seems to beckon me and I have these dreams where I see myself sinking my teeth into a juicy beef patty with melted cheese and crunchy ice-berg lettuce smothered all over my face. In reality that's my son, but in my dreams….. That is me. Diary it was so hard when I had first started eating halal food abroad. Because when you see your own flesh and blood sucking on to a Kentucky fried chicken leg and me the mother longingly looking at him, with such be-seeching looks which would put even a Labrador to shame, is not a good sign. He actually stopped eating and tentatively offered me a bite and at the same time said, "mum……..halal???" so with utmost superhuman effort, I controlled the urge and convinced myself to be the role model which I was supposed to be. So, I though| this time we would go to Malaysia and eat my fill of Mcdonald's and get over this obsession of mine.

So the slogan for this trip was " I want meat under my teeth." So the D-day finally arrived. I walk into Mcdonald's and guess what I order……… a filet-o-fish meal. Even I can't figure out why I did that. Maybe all those fish meals which I had in BKK has grown on me.

But in Planet Hollywood, I made up. With the spicy nachos, Caesar's salad and the huge American size beef burger, I finally had "meat under my teeth"…….

As my friend, Seema, said, if any doctor told her to stop eating beef, she would rather die.

What is this love affair with beef? Except clogged arteries, and road rage, no good seems to come out of this succulent dish. Anyway diary a hamburger recipe for you today.
Have a nice day.

Gourmet beef burger
1kg beef mince
1 ½ cup apple mince, 1 cup bread crumbs
1 inch ginger mince
2 tsp garlic mince
1 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp tomato ketchup
Salt and pepper as per taste
Combine beef mince, breadcrumbs, apple mince, ginger, garlic mince, soy sauce, ketchup, salt and pepper in a large bowl and shape mixture into desired size patties.

Heat oil in pan, first add one patty. Shallow fry until both sides are browned and cooked. Taste the patty and then if you think you need to add any|hing extra, please do so, and then fry the rest of the patties. While the patties are being fried, split bread rolls in half, put mayonnaise according to taste, then spread tomato ketchup accordingly to taste, let~uce leaves, sautéed onions, sliced tomatoes, mushrooms and pickles. Then set beef patty on top of all these and finally put thinly sliced cheddar or mozzarella cheese on top of the hot beef patty and then cover the beef patty with the other half of the roll and presto, you are ready to have "meat under your teeth." Happy cooking.

LS alert
Exploring the Solar System

How would you like to explore the solar system that too from here in your hometown Dhaka? British Council's on going exhibition "Exploring the Solar System" might give you the opportunity you have been looking for. The show is going on from January 15 and will continue till February 15 at Novo Theatre, situated at Bijoy Shawroni. Open everyday from 10am to 6pm the exhibition is co-sponsored by Bangladesh Ministry of Science and Information & Communication Technology in co-operation with Bangladesh Astronomical Association.

Organisers geared up the show with an "Exhibition Tunnel" full of pictures of Venus, Mars and the Moon. Pictures of these planets taken by Mars Express, Beagle-2, and Apollo are on display.

They have set up computers. Visitor can browse websites that deals with celestial themes and kids can play online games related to outer space. They have also equipped the show with replica of Wondering robot, Walking robot, Programmable robot and the Moon rover, robots that went on various expedition to the outer space. With the help of the guide, kids will get a chance to assemble the unattached parts of these robots. There is also a model rocket launching pad. Again with the help of their guide kids can assemble their own rocket and witness simulated launching. And there is ilso a quiz competition for kids.

They have invited Istro-photographer David Malin d}ring the show. Malin worked with NASA and European Space Agency. On February 8, 10, 12, and 13 he will join in lecture sessions. From 5 to 6pm on these fouz days there is also an open dialogue session with Malin. It's more like an adda on science and an opportunity to have tea with the famous photographer. This part of the show is definitely for grown ups.

But do remember that due to limited seats in the auditorium, you will need a registration to join the lectures. For registration contact Leila Khaled, programme officer for culture and science at the British Council. The phone no of BC is 8618905-7.

The show (free of cost) could add some extra points in their exams. It's definitely a must outing foz kids but we would suggest a family day out.

Creative Ceremics exhibition at galleriKAYA
Clay Image is holding their second solo creative ceramics exhibition titled 'Twelve hundred Degree Celsius Plus' at galleriKAYA in Uttara. Clay Image's chic, colourful and also exclusive work with clay has already attracted many fans and starting February 11 to February 24 their exhibition will be the must visit show this upcoming week. GalleriKAYA is situated at house 20, road 16, sector 4 ]ttara.

By Shahnaz Parveen





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