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the spirit of

The colour blue has a quiet, peaceful resonance, a thoughtful and dignified quality that is invaluable in a noisy, busy world. Information overload is fast becoming a problem that is affecting our mental and physical health. The special healing quality of blue creates physical space and also allows us plenty of room to think things over and put our lives into perspective.

This week we feature a special 'blue' room for a 14 year old who is a cricket enthusiast, and just happens to love the colour blue. Most people state blue as their favourite colour. We are particularly attracted to this colour when we need to spend some quiet time on our own.

How blue affects a bedroom:
To make a room feel large, decorate in pale blue. Generally, blue has the effect of making, walls recede so that a room appears bigger. We used light blue in the wall and white in the ceiling. We placed beige tone porcelain tiles in the floor. So, there three combination blue, white ivory-beige-makes a real harmonious scheme and turn the room into a comfortable and relaxing space without seeming dark and cold. However, if light blue is mixed with darker tones, it creates a more sophisticated look. So, we used a slightly deeper blue shade as a border, along the top of the room wall. To create more contrast, use pale blue next to warm colours, as its coolness makes the blue areas recede, adding dimension to a room.

Wooden furniture and blue room:
In Victorian homes, English people love to combine antique furniture with blue carpet or indigo bedcover. We also used natural wooden polish in the cabinet bed and bookshelf to create a real elegant ambience.

Window & blue curtain:
The curtains frame the window with the darkest tones of blue and indigo but are sheer enough to keep the overall look light and modern. The tab-top heading suits the contemporary character of the scheme.

Bed linen and cushion cover:
Covers and pillowcases in fresh brilliant sky blue and motif-printed bed linen in a brighter shade of turquoise ensures that the bed is the focal point of the room.

Blue in the bathroom:
Blue and white schemes have also been popular in the many different styles. We used blue and white tiles in the bathroom. Teamed with the white wash basin with silver shower enclosure, the bathroom is a real attractive place for refreshing oneself in.

In various cultures, blue is seen as providing a link with the heavens and the spirit, giving it an aura of protection. It is a colour that gives out a message of trust, friendship, and loyalty. It provides the soothing, yet intimate ambience that one would love to have in one's place of relaxation.

Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
For further details, contact: journeym@citechco.net


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