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Shop Special

Purple Haze-where smart jewellery beckons you

When we think of gift shops, the two names that first strike our minds are Hallmark and Archies; they have been around for quite a long time, and attract hundreds of avid buyers each day. But those who live around Gulshan or Banani, for them Purple Haze too is a great place to go for some gift shopping. Purple Haze is an outlet that has gradually built a pool of very loyal customers; it's a place that has successfully survived the competition from big franchises. With its smart products, Purple Haze has already managed to win the hearts of a large number of local customers.

Located in Gulshan II, this is a shop characterised by an amazingly large collection of gift items. This is a perfect place for those who want to buy quality gifts for their loved ones. Their shelves display a wide range of decorative items brought from different parts of the world; starting from ornamental items made from glass and crystal to mugs, wind chimes, jewellery, stationery and toys of diverse sorts. But it's their jewellery collection that would impress the consumers most. For any fashionable woman, Purple Haze is a great place to purchase high quality, eye-grabbing 'in' jewellery. Their earring collection would mesmerize any woman; the store has hundreds of earrings of various colours, sizes and designs. While some are small and cute, others are long and gorgeous. From this wide collection, you would find at least one pair complementing your favourite outfit. The salespeople stated that these earrings are mostly imported from South Korea. Besides earrings, PH also has toe rings of different kinds. From my shopping experience in Dhaka, I can state that they have the largest toe-ring collection. If you are a person who is crazy about adorning your toes with chic rings then do check out Purple Haze; each ring will usually cost you between tk.65 and tk.75.

The place also has stylish bangles and finger rings made from glass and plastic. Each square plastic bangle will cost you about tk.45. They also have a good collection of chains accompanied by pendants, jewellery sets, wristlets made from beads and metal, stone-studded flashy hair clips and so much more.

We would especially recommend this store if you opt for in vogue jewellery as a gift item for your friends and relatives. Do step inside Purple Haze and be enthralled by their trendy collection of goods.

Address: Taher Mansion, House-36, Gulshan 2, Dhaka.

By Wara Karim

Shop talk

TV Trolley
Through hartals our politicians are making sure that we spend a lot of time at home! Today is no exception either! Speculation is rife that there will be more hartals in this month, and so you've got to come up with plans of how to kill time on a hartal day! One of the things that you can do is watch television. If you put your television on a TV trolley, your viewing experience will be more pleasurable, as they are built to a height of your eye level. The other advantage of a TV trolley is that you can keep your DVD player in its lower compartment. At the branches of Otobi, the prices of TV trolleys start from Tk 2,600 onwards.

Dressing Table
Have you ever smudged your lipstick while applying it? If you apply your lipstick in front of a dressing table, the chances of that happening will be significantly reduced. Besides helping you to apply lipstick, a dressing table will also help you to decide whether the clothes that you've decided to wear for the day, look good on you or not. In order words, in order to ensure that you look ravishing, it is always advisable to dress in front of a dressing table. At the branches of Otobi, dressing tables are sold from Tk 4,450.

A good shirt can help you to look fashionable, as well as feel comfortable. Whether you've got to attend a formal occasion like a dreaded job interview or an informal occasion like a friend's birthday party, you can always wear a shirt. Therefore, you'll be doing yourselves a huge favour by keeping a few shirts in your wardrobe. If you go to any outlet of Cats Eye, you'll find some excellent shirts are being sold. The prices of their shirts usually start from Tk 600 onwards.

Ladies Sandals
If you're a woman, you'll probably like to wear trendy and fashionable footwear, right? Well, it's for this reason that sandals come into the equation. Besides being trendy and fashionable, sandals are also comfortable and so by wearing them you'll be able to avoid getting blisters. Although there are many places where you can buy sandals, at the showrooms of Apex some splendid sandals are being sold. The prices of Apex sandals begin from about Tk 350 onwards.

Do you own a car? If yes, do you regularly check the condition of your tyres? If you don't, then you're just waiting for an accident to happen, as if the tread of your tyres gets worn out then your car can skid. Here at Lifestyle we suggest that you check your tyres regularly and if you notice too much wear and tear, you should simply replace your tyres. If you go to any tyre shop of Dhaka city, you'll be able to buy tubeless tyres of various brands like Dunlop, Bridgestone etc. Depending on size, a tyre will cost in the range of Tk 1,500 to Tk 3,500.

Wooden Key Stand
Do you tend to forget where exactly you kept your keys? In case you do, we recommend that you buy a wooden key stand, as you'll be able to keep all your key rings on it, and thus ensure that you won't have to worry about losing any keys. At the branches of Aarong, you'll find some aesthetically designed wooden key stands, and they're sold for Tk 65.

By Sayeed Mahmud Nizam




"Happiness, happiness, who can live without it?" While few can doubt the wisdom of this nursery song, how many people can actually claim to be happy? How many times have you been asked this question and found yourself answering it with a "Well…"?

It doesn't have to be this way, you know. You can be happy, today, now. It all boils down to an attitude makeover, which you can achieve by following a few simple steps.

Happiness today
It's good to have a goal, but why does happiness have to wait till the attainment of that goal? If you keep telling "I'll be happy when I get a raise/ get married/get a face like Charlize Theron" you're putting your happiness in the future tense. Enjoy the ride while it happens; enjoy the struggle of the climb, the challenges and process of overcoming them, and you'll find yourself happier than you expected to be.

Take a deep breath
Any yoga instructor will ask you to do this when you start a meditation session. Taking long, deep breaths through your nose will send a stream of oxygen through your system, cooling your blood down as it reaches your brain, and giving you a sense of serenity. At the same time, production rate of the brain's pleasure potion serotonin increases, giving you a natural buzz.

Mind that mouth
Never underestimate the power of positive self-talk. If you see yourself using phrases like 'I can't' or "It's impossible' stop right there. Remember how Eddie Murphy defeated his fat depression in the movie Nutty Professor with his 'Yes I can!' dialogue? Keep telling yourself. "I can try" or "It's possible". Adopt an assertive attitude and beat your defeatist blues today!

Well, that's a lot of tips for one week. I'll be back next week with more feel-good formulas, but till then, don't let the blues get you down.


By Sabrina F Ahmad

On the cover

Nothing perhaps looks more elegant and beautiful than traditional wear on a Bengali woman. The plethora of bright and soft colours, lavish textures and subtle patterns characterise our ethnic wear. Mayasir features on our cover this week with some trendy, ethnic clothes.



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