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Choosing the right name for your newborn

The moment she came out of her mother's womb and saw the light of this world, she needed an identity. She needed a name. With her eyes wide open she looked around not knowing how many shining pairs looking at hers. Being tossed around from one lap to another she did not care about a name. She was busy yawning while those who stuffed the tiny hospital room inhaling all the oxygen, stirred up their brains evoking all the names they could think of. This little precious angel brought joy to the Bari family. She became a grandma's girl who named her Sneha.

Every family blessed with a newborn goes through this familiar scenario. Brainstorming goes on for months flipping through every baby name books available. The list of beautiful names grows longer with relatives and friends showering the couple with suggestions. Naming a baby is great fun but can be very daunting. There are so many things to consider, so many pitfalls to be aware of. It has to be meaningful, sound nice and it has to be a creative one. All this eventually makes the task a truly responsible one.

People go through certain experiences while searching for the perfect name for their bundle of joy. Sometimes people try to be too creative. But creative names can be confusing. For instance, if you name your baby Addhito Addoy Adhip (believe me this names exist) it can be very hard for other people to pronounce and can bring unwanted attention to your child. Or if you name your child Himadri Halim (also an existing name) it may remind people of the food halim and himadri will make it sound like halim straight out of the freezer. It's difficult to find a nice balance between a name that is unique but doesn't appear to be too weird. Having an unusual name has the advantage of making you stand out from the crowd. However, common names that are easily recognised and easy to spell will cause your child less problems

Some people try to be creative in spelling. It can also cause confusion. Your child may end up with the task of correcting the spelling or pronouncing his or her names every time people make mistake. An extra task they would rather do without, and you will get the blame for it afterwards. Your child will hear the name you chose over and over again throughout his/her lifetime and you will have to say it over and over again. Ask yourself if the name sounds pleasant when you say it aloud or whether if it breaks your teeth every time you pronounce it.

It is important for most people to choose a name with a positive meaning since it will sometimes be associated with the child. The general sound and rhythm of the name is very important. Especially make sure the last name sounds ok with the first name. However you might want to avoid the baggage attached to infamous people or places.

Always make sure that the first name, middle name and surname do not form an unfortunate set of initials. If you name your child Munem Afsar Dewan the initials will be MAD. Initials such as these can be very damaging for your child's future. Consider options carefully. You may name your child with all the love of your heart but it might bring bad experiences in the end. Do not mark your child with a name that will haunt them for the rest of their lives. Many children are picked upon at school because of their names.

There are names these days used both for male and females. Make sure the name immediately clears the sex of the child. Otherwise children may also find themselves in embarrassing situation.

Make sure any cousin, nephew or other family member is not using the name. It can be very confusing for everyone if there are two people in a family with the exact same name.

Muslim names usually outweigh other names in Bangladesh, sometimes implying other names as inappropriate. Be proud of your heritage by using a name that is part of your ethnic history.

In Bangladesh most of the parents do not get a chance to name their baby. Grand parents sort of reserve the rights and other relatives come up with wide range of suggestions. We advise you to accept ideas graciously from relatives, discuss the names with friends. You will always get mixed reviews, it can be helpful or it can get frustrating. Someone might oppose the name totally. Resist announcing your choices until after your baby is born to avoid that situation.

Choosing the perfect name for your baby is one of the most important things you will ever do for your child. Your baby's name will be an expression of his/her character and identity. It is one of the most important, exciting and enjoyable things you will do during the pregnancy. You will spend hours romanticising and fantasising with names. Trying to decide which one has it all that you wanted. In your search for the perfect baby name, you'll find that only a few names will meet all the criteria. So take your time to make it a perfect one.

By Shahnaz Parveen

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Bata's new school shoe

Bata Shoe Organisation has an excellent range for the young generation all over the world. Their main objective is to provide scientifically designed, smart, comfortable, durable healthcare shoe range for school going students (boys & girls). This range of shoes are designed considering comfort, health protection and scientific approach in shoe making keeping in mind the foot anatomy of young tender feet.

Bata Bangladesh has recently marketed School Shoe under "B-first" brand for school students of both sexes (girls and boys). This unisex white shoe has some unique features. This shoe is easy to wear for Velcro fastener instead of lace. The upper of the shoe can be washable. There are double stitches on the upper to make the shoe durable. Padded Collar has given for extra comfort. Insole is also can be wash, if required. This shoe is made with polymer grip sole, which is non-slippery. Group-wise affordable prices of this shoe are Tk. 300/-, Tk. 350/- and Tk. 400/- only. This shoe is available in all Bata Shoe stores all over the country.

ISP setup manual

ISP Setup Manual is book with a total guideline for newcomers who want to make career in ISP Organization. As this book covers entire steps for setting up a full-featured ISP, new ISP system administrators can use this as a reference manual. They can use it as a cookbook at the time of preparing new system.

A detailed description is added on every physical and logical resource required for ISP. So anyone can use it as a catalogue for collecting networking resources.

The book is written according to a testing learning guideline. Everything described in practical approach. So, it will be a complete practicing/learning reference for ISP related learners and workers.

It covers all topics, which is required for corporate networking. All corporate network administrators and IT executives can use this as reference handbook.

It is written by Sufi Faruq Ibne Abubakar, priced at TK. 390 and available at all bookstores in Nilkhet and New Market. Interested readers can check out sfia@info.com.bd, http://www.sufi.com.bd/sufi for further details.

LS Desk

Cookbook clips

BY Sherifa Ahmed

Baked Fish in Cream

4 large Pomfrets (Whole)
¼ cup Garlic (peeled)
4 tablespoons Vinegar
2 cups Cream
3 Onions
1 cup grated Coconut
4 Green Chillies
4 tablespoons chopped Coriander
10 Curry Leaves
3 tablespoons Oil

Grind garlic, coconut, green chillies, coriander, curry leaves and onions together with Salt and vinegar. Clean and wash the fish. Stuff the fish with 'masala.' In a baking dish spread some 'masala' and place the stuffed fish on top of the 'masala.' Cover the fish with remaining 'masala' and cream. Then dot with oil and bake till done.

Gulab Jamun

2 cups powdered milk
1 cup plain flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 tablespoon Butter/Ghee
Oi;/Ghee for deep frying
3 cups sugar
4/5 cups water
8 Cardamoms
Rose water (optional)

Make smooth and pliable dough of powdered milk, flour, baking soda and butter/ghee. Make marble sized balls and deep fry on a medium flame until golden brown, let it cool. Boil sugar and water until sugar has dissolved, sprinkle cardamoms and rose water. Drop The balls into the hot syrup and leave to soak. Serve after 2/3 hours.

LS alert
Paintball in Dhaka

Ever felt like you wanted to shoot someone, but worried about the long arm of the law? Did you like playing war games as a kid? Well, here's a safe and fun way to indulge in some harmless battling. That's right, we're talking about Xtreme Paintball Game Park and Restaurantat at Panthapath.

Paint balls are non-toxic pellets made of a washable mix of olive oil, glycerin and edible colours. You just load your submachine gun with these babies and get down to a real turf war as you try to bag the enemy flags while protecting your own. It's a group game that helps you develop leadership abilities, team-work and self confidence. All that, plus you get to have a whole lot of fun.

For the safety conscious ones, fear not, the good people there will provide you with ample protective gear, face masks included.

Your can also thrill your taste buds as there is a food corner serving a blasting menu. You get to taste Cross Fire (not with Rab), Da-bomb, Reload singara, Action burger, and more.

This week's recommendation is for the young and the ever young at heart. It can be a family outing, but do keep in mind that children under 13 are not allowed to take part in the game. Well, they can only have fun witnessing and satisfying their tummies at the food corner.

-LS Desk

Pop ups

Lower your blood pressure

Did you know that petting and stroking your house-pet could lower your blood pressure? It soothes your nerves, relaxes you, gives you pleasant feelings and in the process lowers your blood pressure. So, for those who don't own a pet, stop pondering and get yourselves a cat or a dog today.


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