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Hanging out

Heritage Park

Bangladesh is a country full of wonderful heritage sites. However, as most of these heritage sites are out of Dhaka or in Old Dhaka, it's not always possible for us to go and see them. It is in this regard that Concord Group has done us a huge favour, as they have built miniature replicas of a few of our heritage sites, and so now we can get an idea of what they look like without having to leave our 'beloved' Dhaka. All you have to do to see these replicas is go to a place called Heritage Park, which is located right beside Fantasy Kingdom.

In order to enter the park you'll have to pay an entrance fee of Tk 60 per person. On entering the park you'll find replicas of: Sat Gambuj Mosque, Ahsan Manzil, Paharpur Bouddha Bihar, Puthia Rajbari, Kantajir Temple, Chunakhola Mosque, National Monument, National Assembly Building, Sita Kotbihar & Darbar Hall of Lalbagh Fort. The replicas are quite good, and so we assure you that you won't be disappointed to see them.

Besides replicas of heritage sites, the park has a few rides like: Paddle Boat, Mini Pirate Ship, Battery car etc. Most of these rides are for children, but if you want to revisit your childhood don't hesitate to have a bit of fun by getting on the rides!

Well, there you have it. Heritage Park is truly a place where you can have fun and also learn about Bangladesh's rich heritage. The next time you have some spare time don't forget to check out this praiseworthy project of Concord. The park is open seven days a week, and it is usually open from 11am to 9pm.

By Sayeed Mahmud Nizam

Beach essentials

With the arrival of heat waves, life takes on a dreary toll. Almost every day is spent enclosed within four walls while the fans and air conditioners work tirelessly in an effort to decrease the immense heat, while you spend your days working in closed offices, or within the confines of your home. After all, duty calls.

However, the weekend is a time when you can let go and enjoy yourself. And, in this weather, what better way to enjoy oneself than a visit to the beach? Chittagong's beach (the common one) has declined considerably in quality over the years. Now with another new beach (Parki), there's hope for those few people who would like a few hours of peace.

With the beach being slightly far away, it's a good thing if you start early. With a journey of two hours by road, starting at around noon (rather than the after) will enable you to enjoy some relaxing time there, and finish if off with a perfect beach sunset view.

However this suggestion were for residents of Chittagong only, but surely the Dhakaites would also want to have a fun day at the beach. You can always drive to this wonderful city one Thursday night after work, or take the bus or train or even catch a flight. Book a hotel, spend a splashing Friday at the beach and return to work Saturday. If its too hectic take Saturday off from work, kids don't have school, remember? So dwell on this thought.

For the perfect beach adventure remember these essentials, and you're on your way!

Firstly, sunscreen. Choose one that suits your skin, and apply it liberally before your reach there. Remember, every time you go for tiny dips into the water, your sunscreen washes off, and you have to reapply it. Don't overlook this, and apart from the discomfort caused by severe sunburn, too much extra exposure to harmful UV rays can also lead to skin cancer. You wouldn't want a harmless, relaxing day at the beach lead you to skin cancer in the future, now would you?

Secondly, fluids. You wouldn't be aware of this, but a day at the beach can lead to severe dehydration. Sea air is dry and while it helps absorb sweat from your body, it also makes you feel cooler, it also consequently dehydrates you as your body loses huge amounts of water. Take a good supply of fluids, while keeping away the temptation of tasty, but harmful soft drinks. Natural fruit juices are good, but water is best! And while you're at it, remember that it's best to take your own home cooked food, rather succumbing to outside food. Enjoy your day at the beach!

By Jennifer Ashraf

Shop talk

Here is a thought for all the grown ups, take a break from shopping cause this week's shoptalk is for kids only.

Inflatable chairs
Small inflatable couches with the back of the seat looking like Mickey Mouse's head could be a great attraction for young children. These are made of see through colored plastic and designed only for children. Grownups can sit too only if they have really tiny bottoms. The chairs look great and being filled with air are extremely light so the young people can move them about with ease. Of course it can also end up acting like a ball crashing into the mothers expensive china following one good kick. They cost about 395 taka each at PQS and are also available in the New Market or the furniture shops along Panthapaath. Prices and designs vary slightly.

Travel pack for baby grooming
If you are traveling with your toddler you might want to get this small grooming pack for babies available at PQS. It comes in a small pink zippered pack and contains a bottle of no-tears shampoo, a bar of baby soap, talcum powder and some lotion. The product is from Johnson and Johnson and it costs 205 taka.

A4Tech mini optical mouse
Children who are into computers would like this accessory to adorn their PC. It's the usual optical mouse providing benefits of ease of use. You do not have to worry about imprecise movements when the roller gets dirty as there is no roller. People with sweaty palms or children with peanut butter covered hands can click away at ease. It works equally well without any need for mouse pads. At 600-620 taka The A4Tech mouse is available in maroon with silver buttons and has a blue led illuminating the top as it is used. It's small and fits well into small hands. Other makes and models are also available with pries starting from around 350 taka but this one looks the coolest.

Bubble pen
At Family World you will also find bubble pens that have funny characters attached to the top. These toy attached to the top of the pen are figureheads or robotic grasshoppers. You can write with these, annoy people by blowing the bubbles from the concoction inside or simply remove the toy from the top and play with it. Prices are about 50-60 taka.

Dragonball Z key chains
Family World also has cool key chains for fans of anime. The chains come with little Dragonball Z characters dangling from beneath. At 35 taka these are pretty good for fans and are a good hit with the older ones as well.

Candy dispenser
At Family World on the main road near Iqbal Road you will find these cool pen shaped and sized candy dispensers that have the tops looking like well-detailed model cartoon character heads. A good collection is available such as the Hulk, Kermit the Frog, Snoopy, Scooby, Goofy, Spiderman, Mickey and other famous mice. At 110 taka it may be expensive for the tiny candy but as a toy it's great.

By Ehsanur Raza Ronny




Beat the Heat
Notice how Summer came and kicked Spring out the window? If you're living in Dhaka, there's no need to tell anyone anew about the unprecedented heat wave that's been roasting the city alive. While the experts at the Met office ponder about the implications of this development, here are a few tips to help you cope.

Irrigation imperative
No matter how busy you are, make sure you're properly hydrated. Drink plenty of water, and opt for fresh fruit juices…and coconuts. Coconut water is a great way to stock up on essential fluids, and it's very refreshing. Never substitute tea or coffee for water: these are natural diuretics, and unless backed up by a healthy daily water intake, could lead to dehydration.

Cool cottons
…and linens, and muslin, and other light, natural fabrics. In this heat, nothing else will feel as comfortable. Go for fun pastel colours and flirty floral prints, for women, and chequered and geometric prints for men. Stay cool, and feel that way too.

As Baz Luhrmann says, "Trust me on the sunscreen." As the sun glares down at us from its solar seat, make sure you're protected with a good sunscreen. Also, keep your skin clean and fresh by using a good pH balanced face wash.

Here's hoping the weather cools soon, and we can go back to enjoying the princess of seasons the way it should be enjoyed.

By Sabrina F Ahmad

On the cover

A picture says a thousand words, as the saying goes, and our theme this week, "Empowerment through education" is captured perfectly through the lens of Dr. Noazesh Ahmed. Flip to Page 8 for more visual treats.



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