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Imagine your daughter is getting married and you are frantically shopping, going crazy looking for extraordinary accessories to make her in-laws go green with envy. Well, Lifestyle is here to help you in this regard.

Melange, as the name suggests, has recently held its first exhibition where they have displayed the unique collection of fusion décor. They have an array of contemporary ethnic cushion covers, table runners with placemats, bedspreads and all the rest that's needed to give your home the extra sparkle. Using our deshi benarasi, silk and other such fine fabrics they have made beautiful cushions and wine bottle covers not to mention comforters and bedspreads.

In fact their products are so rich in colour and style that they can be perfect as wedding gifts in place of those useless gold ornaments. Melange is yet to have their own showroom because they are very keen on maintaining the exclusive factor, so any interested party can call them for appointments and place orders. The contact number is 0189-228579.

LS Desk



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