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                             rustic charm
                                        Modern life

The word 'rustic' generally refers to something belonging to the countryside, something charmingly unsophisticated. When we're talking about rustic furniture or dé
cor, we are talking about furniture and/or tiles that have a rough finish to give that earthy, Boho look.

Featured today are rooms that recreate the rustic feel of country houses.

We started off with the floor treatments. Generally, we use mosaic, tiles, marble or stone for floor surfaces.

The history of decorative tile goes back at least 6,000 years, to the Egyptians, who used glazed bricks to adorn their houses and temples. Modern tile designs began with the emergence of metallic glazes in the Islamic world during the eighth and ninth centuries and developed through Mesopotamia and Persia, Byzantium and on to the encaustic tiles used in English cathedrals in the 1200s.

What a long way to today's renaissance, abounding in new decorative wall and floor tiles borders, relief trim, and hand painted pieces. Some artisans have dedicated themselves to the styles and glazes of the early 1900s heyday; other firms, both large and small, offer fresh original creation.

Coming back to the featured floors, we used matte tiles, which are basically rustic tiles made of unglazed terracotta. These create a warmer, more casual mood and make the space feel more intimate. In general, textured tiles are also easier to blend with other elements in the room. Since our clients preferred the matte finished to the polished floor, so we placed these tiles all over the floors of the house.

The semi-glazed tiles are more suitable for the living room, the pretty floral borders creating a pleasing visual effect, while the non-polished tiles, which are non-slippery, are a safer choice for bathrooms.

"Rustic charm" creates a different welcoming mood in our modern lives. Even in the age of stone and slate, an exposed brick theme reigns supreme in the spacious living area here, giving a tantalizing hint of the texture and flavors of the rest of the abode.

The "Rustic charm" theme is not only limited to the floor. It can be reflected in the wall with rust colour tones or stony textures. It can be created through the rough-hewn Bavarian dining set. If you set some clay pottery in any corner of your home, it will give you some natural freshness.

We used local handloom heavy cotton fabrics for window dressing in some rooms. These fabrics add to the effect. You can complement these with oriental brass pottery in the living room.

Sometimes, a fresh take on modern styling involves a return to old-fashioned, durable design. While the dwelling hosts contemporary lines and modern conveniences in no short supply, the up-to-date atmosphere is tastefully accentuated with rustic fittings, offering a new interpretation of modern living.

Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
e-mail: journeym@citechco.net
Photo Credit: Journeyman Archive


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