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Reader's Chit

Bamboozled Horoscope!!

Before I read any other news, at first I go through the horoscope - Capricorn. It has written there that: "today is one of my most lucky days and I am going to make a good success today". I felt really positive as I have a very important meeting today and I need it to be worked out. Well, its been pelting down last couple of days. So, I briskly get ready, took breakfast and got out with a relaxed mood. The first inextricable attack I encountered was the inundated amount of floodwater at road. The level was just below knee. I thought, "If life gets tough, you get tougher", the well wishing enthusiasm of horoscope was working inside. Well, while walking across the alley someone throw away the dust just above my head. The lower part was already untidy and with this phenomenon I completely turned into a bedraggled passerby. This crossed the limit, but still I manage to stifle my anger and condoled myself by telling that I have kept some alternative attires in office and I can get myself changed before the meeting. A smile appeared at the corner.

But who knew it was just the beginning of an arrant day. After waiting for ten minutes I board on a bus and dangled from the upper handles as no seat were available. The bus was moving by leaps and bounds on that fragmented and brashy road. Suddenly he took the brake and before I even understand I jump on to a flabby women. You can imagine the next scene. She put an overweight slap on my check; dazzled by the act I wonder whether it was my fault or the action of Newton's third law that pushed me off as the brake pushed. Well, I tried to organize my thoughts and calmed me so that I can make the meeting a success. Hope to reach there on time. Just in a moment the left wheel of the bus went out of order and we were stranded in a place where the vehicles are almost rare. I got dejected and anathematize the Horoscope author for being so wrong about me. Then after 30 minutes I got a Taxi and it was like Manna for me at that moment. I reached office hurry-scurry and was informed that the members of the meeting just left and they were fuming while leaving.

That was the prescient assumption about my day "Very Lucky This Day". I envisaged for a while what I would be doing with the Astronomer when I get in front of me. I am going to make his day a memorable for sure. From this moment I promised myself I would never believe in HOROSCOPES !!

By Lipna Chowdhury

Chilling out with chocolatey goodies

Have you ever felt the dilemma of having to decide what to give on a person's birthday? It's really a painful experience, racking your brain deciding and rejecting on several brands of colognes, perfumes, tee-shirts, showpieces, jewellery, and then after buying something at last, worrying about whether the recipient would find them useful at all!

However, if you are the sort who doesn't want to try too hard on choosing a gift then its best if you choose to give the birthday person a box of chocolates. No matter what the sex or age, he or she wouldn't mind having a bite of delicious chocolate at any time! And for you, you need no reasons or excuses to pamper yourself with this 'chocolacious' treat at any given time or occasion.

Chocolate is in the air. Not only can you get them at the shop down the road but you can also receive them from any relatives or friends arriving from abroad, preferably western countries. Rather than going through the hassle of buying individual gifts for each relative, they purchase a suitcase full of Maltesers, Snickers, Twix, Mars or Ferrero Rocher. These can go to any member of the family, of any gender, of any age and of any relation.

Once the bar of chocolate comes to your hands, it's almost a torture to tear off the wrapper and you can't wait to sink your teeth onto the smooth texture and feeling the luscious sensation of the sweet taste engulfing the inside of your mouth. Then comes the gradual nibbling of the chocolate and smacking of your lips and the fervent effort of making the bar last as long as possible; relishing it… yum!

Those who do not have the leisure to enjoy their treasure just as effectively are not really left out either. When it's necessary to skip breakfast early in the morning because the whole household is asleep, a bar of Toblerone comes to the rescue. You can grab it from your refrigerator and fit it snugly in a side pocket of your satchel. You can later relish it or gobble it in the bus while on your way to school or office.

Not only chocolates, there is also an assortment of chocolatey goodies to keep your taste buds satisfied. There are Chocos for chocolate crazy kids so that they will have milk without much fuss during breakfast. For people preferring sweet products, there are chocolate biscuits to have during tea in the afternoon. Chocolate flavoured ice creams in the ice cream parlours beckon groups of teens celebrating a last exam day. To cater for your thirst there's the chocolate milk shake available at any fast food joint that you can slurp on with a plateful of brownies.

In case you have a bad cold, or prefer to keep warm during this weather, it's better to stick to steaming cup of hot chocolates! Nothing else is a better idea than this to give you enough energy for lasting through the day.

By Narmin Tartila Banu


There are few words in our everyday vocabulary that carries more weight than others. Like, parents, love, faith, death, hate, and friends. It is a shame if you live your life with out having few good friends.

Friends have an amazing connection. They are some body you can talk to about things that you would not share with anyone else. Friends listen with out judging you, and they always say exactly what you need to hear. They are honest and loving. And most importantly they make you laugh. Laugh out loud for silly things, things that only fiends can relate to.

I am blessed to have few good friends in my life. They come from different parts of the world, with different backgrounds, and yet they know me more than anyone else in my life.

The other day a friend called me after a year. She lives in Bangladesh, and thus our distance get in the way of seeing each other often. We exchanged e-mail and pictures, but when I picked up the phone and heard her voice. It seemed she was right there. That is what good friends do.

No matter how far they are, they are always close to your heart. You start laughing right away, and talk about early days, the present, and share some future plans. I cleared my heart out, and in few minutes we both felt good.

My friends dropped their busy life and commemorate my graduation. They celebrate my wedding, came to see my first born child, and even when their physical bodies cannot make it, their heart always does. And I am blessed to have them in my life. I am blessed for our laughter, joy, fun, silliness, and early memories and new ones that they bring with them.

By Iffat Zia


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