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News flash

FID Fashion Show 2005

April 27 was a night when Bangladesh took a step towards entering the world of fashion, as the 2nd and 3rd batches of Fashion Institute of Designing Ltd (FID) organised a fashion show to celebrate their graduation at the Grand Ball Room of Hotel Sonargaon.

The celebration titled, "Journey Through The Night of Fashion" began at around 8pm with a short video profile about FID and its activities. The video profile was followed by a brief speech by Farah Anjum Bari, the Managing Director of FID. In her speech she mentioned that "Bangladesh has immense potential in the world of fashion and FID intends to establish Bangladesh in the fashion world."

The Chief Guest of the Fashion Show, Dr. Abdul Moyeen Khan, Minister of Science and Information and Communication Technology, spoke next. In his speech he began by quipping, "I don't know why I have been invited to this show, but I can tell you this much from what I have seen that even in the world of fashion you cannot do without Science and Technology!"

After the speeches the audience, which included Ambassadors of various foreign embassies in Dhaka, were introduced to the five judges of the Fashion Show, and amongst the judges were renowned Fashion Designer Bibi Russell, and former Cricketer Atahar Ali Khan. The audience was then told that two awards would be given to the best designers of each batch titled, "Best Designer" and "Best Creative Designer."

The Fashion Show then began, and one by one each of the eleven graduating students demonstrated their work through a certain theme. The range of themes that the students had chosen included: The Majestic Art of Medieval Dhaka, Tribal Rhythm, Oriental Dream, Romanticism, Seasons, Tajmahal, Rickshaw Art, Khadi, The Hippies, Modern Greek and Desert. The models that displayed the work of the students sashayed on the stage very confidently and this was complemented with well-chosen background music. Consequently, the audience remained absolutely spellbound and at the end of each student's presentation they applauded generously.

At the end of the Fashion Show everybody eagerly anticipated the results, and shortly afterwards Atahar Ali Khan went up on the stage to announce the names of the winners. From the 2nd batch, Farhana Yesmin, who had chosen the theme Tribal Rhythm won both the "Best Designer" and "Best Creative Designer" awards. As for the 3rd batch, Tajia Sultana, who had chosen the theme Rickshaw Art, also won both the awards of "Best Designer" and "Best Creative Designer." Both Farhana Yesmin and Tajia Sultana received their awards and graduation certificates from the Chief Guest. The Chief Gust also handed out the graduation certificates to the other students of the Fashion Show.

So, there you have it. In terms of Bangladesh entering the world of fashion, FID Fashion Show 2005 would probably be described as a small step. Nevertheless, this small step should not be viewed with disregard, as every journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Hopefully, the graduates of FID will continue to work hard at their designing and consequently entrench Bangladesh's position in the world of fashion. Who knows, one day they might become famous designers like Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren, and end up bringing immense laurels for Bangladesh. Here's wishing them all the best in their future designing endeavours.

By Sayeed Mahmud Nizam

News flash

Swimming Lessons at Sheraton

Dhaka Sheraton Hotel's Learn to Swim Program provides instruction for swimmers of all ages and abilities to develop their swimming and water safety skills. The program is design to ensure swimmer a fun but positive learning experience in a logical progress.

Lessons will be supervised under the direction of a highly trained professional swimming instructor. Lessons will be offered to four groups:
Group A : Boys of 6-16 years
Group B : Girls of 6-16 years
Group C : Male above 16 years
Group D : Female above 16 years

So, to improve your swimming, enroll yourself now in Sheraton's swimming courses. The enrollment fees for group A & B is Tk. 7,000 and for group C & D is Tk. 8,000.

In this summer the three month long swimming courses commence from May 06, 2005. During or after the lessons treat yourself to refreshing drinks and snacks at the poolside.

Advance bookings are essential. For more information and to enroll please call 8613391, ext 4115.

Cookbook clips

BY Sherifa Ahmed

Jira Pani
Ingredients :
½ cup tamarind extract
2 tb sps cumin (roasted and powdered)
A pinch of chilli powder
Fresh mint (chopped)
Salt to taste
4 cups water (hot)
1 tsp dry ginger (toasted and ground)
1tb sp rock salt
¾ tb sps sugar or gaggery (gur)
¼ tsp black pepper

Method :
Mix all the ingredients with hot water and stir well. Strain through a muslin cloth. Chill it. Add iced water. Pour into individual glasses. Garnish with mint leaves. Serve with crushed ice.

Raw Mango Drink
Ingredients :
4 raw mangoes (roasted)
1 tsp rock salt (powdered)
2 cups sugar (powdered)
1 tbsp cumin (roasted and powdered)
salt to taste.
Method :
Skin the roasted mangoes and extract the pulp. Add sugar and all the other ingredients. Dilute to taste and serve well chilled with crushed ice.

Almond Milk Drink
Ingredients :
1 cup Almonds (blanched and ground)
1½ cups castor sugar
1½ tbsp Rose water
3 cups milk
4 cups water

Method :
Mix all the above ingredients and strain through a muslin cloth. Chill, stir and serve with crushed ice. Garnish with Rose petals.

Ingredients :
Sweet Lassi
1 cup yogurt
6 tbsps castor sugar
A small piece of nutmeg (powdered)
2 cups cold water
4 cardamoms (powdered)
Food colour (optional)

Salted Lassi-1
1 cup yogurt
Rock salt to taste
½ tsp cumin (roasted and powdered)
4 cups cold water
salt to taste
Pepper powder to taste

Salted Lassi-2
1cup yogurt
Juice of 2 limes
6 curry leaves (roughly chopped)
4 lemon leaves
4 cups cold water
Fresh coriander (chopped)
Salt to taste

Method :
All three types of 'lassi' are made in the same way. Beat the yogurt well with water. Add all the ingredients respectively. Chill well before serving.
Note : Sweet 'lassi' is always thicker than salted 'lassi'.


Summer and Pimples
Well, summer has crept into our lives and carried along with it a wide variety of gustatory fruits, humid weather, longer days and of course, pimples! You must be wondering how pimples get along with the other three features of summer time, but for those who undergo the pimples dilemma, know how much affliction they endure during this time of the year. This year, get ready with your sunscreen lotion, umbrella and face wash to combat these awfully unpleasant pimples. Wash your face properly at least twice a day with warm water and really mild soap. Use ample water to rinse your face during each cleansing session. Don't even think of using those granular facial scrubs as they can worsen your acne or pimple condition by causing irritation on skin. You shouldn't squeeze, pick, scratch or pop your pimples as it makes the problem worse, and might even cause scarring. Instead of washing your hair once or twice a week, build a habit of regularly shampooing your hair, and try to keep it off your face if possible, especially at night. Make exercise a part of your daily routine as it will ensure proper blood flow under your skin. However, remember to wash yourself thoroughly after each exercise session. Avoid unnecessarily touching your face. And don't lean on things that are likely to contain dead skin cells and sebum such as, telephone. So, here is new information for you--if you spend too much time on the phone, your pimples are likely to get worse. Only wear makeup on special occasions, and then make sure you remove it completely. Buy a good quality cleansing lotion from stores like Almas or Priyo if you don't already have one. Make sure to throw away all old makeup. If you wear glasses or sunglasses, make sure you clean them frequently to keep oil from clogging the pores around your eyes and nose. If you are a man and have a habit of wearing caps then remember to wash them regularly. Many of us develop pimples on our bodies too. If you undergo similar trouble, then avoid wearing tight clothes; instead wear loose outfits and let your skin breathe through cotton fabrics. And lastly, drink a lot of water to keep your skin glowing throughout this sticky season. Laugh to your heart's content and stay healthy.

By Penelope

Chittagong chitchat

Ocean's Café

'Miss, you haven't been there yet? It's the best Fast food joint in Chittagong at the moment! Trust me!' When my students had repeatedly enthused about the new 'Ocean's Café', which had recently opened up in Kulshi, I decided to go and check out what was so special about it. Once I finally did make my way to Kulshi, I could see what they meant. The exterior is bright and enticing, without being too flashy. And the softly muted glow coming from inside suggests a promising interior. However, once I stepped inside, all my primary impressions were dispelled. The interior was just like any other fast food shops around town. However I could see why my students had been excited about this place; they had one thing that other fast food joints didn't: Arcade Games. The food is pretty much the same in terms of pricing, but they do have more variety. The presentation of food is good; after once it is served you can't wait to dig in. But, that's when another problem crops up: the food quality isn't that good. When questioned about the quality, the management mentioned, in its defence, that they had started 'Ocean's Café' on a trial basis. They said that their 'Broast Chicken' machine wasn't ready yet, and that when it does arrive next month, they will be doing an official opening. They further add that the quality of their food is sure to improve by then. Asides food, the atmosphere is jovial. The chairs are comfortable and tables are arranged in a very orderly way, fit to accommodate quite a lot of people if the need suddenly arises. The music can be improved upon. However, since the management says that this is just a trial opening, let's wait till they do an official opening next month. Hopefully things will have improved by then!

By Jennifer Ashraf




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