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Black is popular in fashion, conveying a stylish and timeless ambience. Always a dramatic colour, when used wisely, black exudes elegance and class. Whether in the form of an eye-turning outfit at night parties, or something sobre for funeral programmes, black is always in vogue. It is a colour that conveys a sense of power and authorityWhite has the ability to emphasis a sense of space. A versatile colour, white can be used extensively in any room, providing the best backdrop to suit any furnishing. So, black and white is always an attractive combination.To decorate a house or a showroom you can easily combine this universal colour chart. You can implement black stripe fabric for the upholstery of your sofas. If you want to create a soothing atmosphere, then use white drapes for lightening the atmosphere. White provides an excellent foil for other colours, highlighting dark or brilliant shades or subduing them. Associated with light, white make a room brighter. Because white reflects light and dissolve space.How about our bathroom?
Bathroom comes in as many styles as people do. Choosing a style that matches your personality is your second step after determining your needs. A chance glance at your bathroom toiletries could be the inspiration for your bathroom's designer look. Colour schemes in bathrooms have gone from bashful to bold. Here, we play with black and white.Black and white make an elegant statement. In the absence of light and therefore colours, black is present. An antithesis of white it symbolizes the opposites of white: death, darkness and eccentricity. The colour of night and shadows, no other colour is as mysterious as black. It characteristics are diverse, symbolising protection, silence, infinity and even comfort.Now let's go to the guestroom. We used black tiles along the lower part of the wall and white tiles are placed over a geometrically-patterned border. We used white tiles on the floor, and created a geometric pattern with black tiles. No doubt this combination looks different. The striking black marble for cabinet and a pure white bowl basin set on top is a bold addition to this wash room. Its strong visual presence creates a focal point that can be commanding on its own or used in combination with other interesting features. Lighting is an essential feature in every bathroom. We placed a small tiny false ceiling over the basin for spotlight. We used both tube and spot light. The illuminative spot lights effect turns the room dramatic.Thus we can let the colours work for us in bringing a striking look to our surroundings.NAZNEEN HAQUE MIMI

Interior Consultant
E-mail: journeym@citechco.net
Photo Credit: Journeyman Archive



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