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Fruity fiesta

Summer is here, bringing with it sweltering heat and lazy afternoons. The sun overhead is so unbearable you are almost on the verge of melting by noon time. Summer does have its redeeming qualities though; for one, you get to sink your teeth into a mouth watering array of seasonal fruits. From tangy mangoes to sweet watermelons, you can get anything your heart desires at the different markets in Hatirpool, New Market Mohammadpur, Mirpur, Rampura, Shantinagar, Shukhrabad, Gulshan 1 and 2 markets, Banani Bazaar and so on.

Nothing refreshes you more than a glass of sweet watermelon juice. You may find watermelons, crisp and green outside and rose pink inside, in abundance right now, and these are brought fresh all the way from places like Chittagong, Natore, Bhola and Faridpur. Prices vary according to size with the small ones ranging from Tk40-50, and the larger ones from Tk80-100.

If you are a fan of the sweet and tangy flavour of pineapple, you're in luck. These are now available at every market, alongside watermelons. Pineapples are rich in vitamins, and are no doubt a pleasure to eat with every chunk melting in your mouth. These prickly, yet delectable fruits are being imported from Srimongol in Sylhet, and Modhupur and come in mostly the medium deshi sizes, priced at Tk20.

Whether you choose to make sweet and sour Aam bharta with shockingly tangy unripe mangoes, or prefer the sugary sweet orange kind, you shall certainly find a variety of them right now. T'is the season to fill up on mangoes. From the slightly tangy sweetness of 'Lengra' to the sugary sweetness of 'Himshagor', (all different kinds of mangoes) you may take your pick! Other kinds that you may find right now include 'Gopalbhog' and 'Fozli'. The prices of these vary between Tk50-70 per kg.

Ripe and yellowed, jackfruits from Gazipur and Modhupur are sugary sweet inside while others are lightly sweet and harder in texture. Prices of jackfruits at the market range from Tk40-100, depending on the size.

Lychee lovers get ready to send your taste-buds on a journey! Deliciously, enticingly ripe lychees are being sold in bunches everywhere. These have arrived from Rajshahi, Dinajpur, Gazipur and Norshindi, and prices range from Tk150-200 for a hundred lichees.

You are sure to run into an assortment of sweet and sour 'Jaam' from Gazipur, priced at Tk40-70 per kg, including ripe, sugary sweet papayas and 'Bangi,' a cylidrical shaped greenish-yellow fruit with a light, sweet taste, and grainy texture.

By Rubaiyat Khan

Shop talk

Sunscreen Lotion
The bright sunshine that we've been having in recent times might look pleasant, but if you're not careful it might end up giving you skin cancer, as sunlight contains harmful ultra-violet rays. Now that's a scary thought, right? However, this doesn't mean that you should avoid exposure to sunlight. All you need to do is slap on some sunscreen lotion before venturing outside, and you're safe from the harmful ultra-violet rays. Many brands of sunscreen lotion are sold in the supermarkets of Dhaka, and Lakme is one of them. Lakme's SPF 40 is appropriate for normal skin, and it can be bought for about Tk 180.

Honey's sweeter for more reasons than one. That's because scientific research has proved conclusively that honey consumption can prevent various diseases. Apparently, it can even reduce your chances of having a heart attack! Need another reason to buy? At the supermarkets of Dhaka you'll find various brands of honey like Dabur, Premium etc. Their prices depend on the size of the jar that you buy. Usually the jars are priced between Tk 45 to Tk 435.

Bengali to English Dictionary
Is your son/daughter a candidate for an O-Level Bengali examination? If yes, then buy him/her a Bengali to English dictionary, as it'll come in very handy to get a firm grasp of translation. Translations are an easy way to score high, and a good bilingual dictionary is an indispensable language learning tool. Bengali to English dictionaries can be bought at quality bookstores and they cost about Tk 150.

It is fun and tasty to have paratha and beef for breakfast, but on weekdays, if you want to be on time for work, there's no way you can fit a big breakfast into your schedule. What you have to come up with is a form of breakfast that's quick to make and filling too. Here's where cornflakes come into the equation. The other advantage of having cornflakes for breakfast is that it is very nutritional too. Cornflakes are widely available at the supermarkets of Dhaka. A 500gm packet will cost in the range of Tk 180 to Tk 235.

If you're fed up of western formals, try wearing a panjabi once in a while. Panjabis look great on men, and you will also look trendy and fashionable. At the outlets of Aarong you'll find that many panjabis are being sold. The ones made of the finest quality cost in excess of Tk 1,000. If you think that's too pricey for a panjabi, then you can try out Pir Yemeni Market. Located in Gulistan it is a market famous for selling decent panjabis at a reasonable price.

Magnificent manes like the ones sported by Jennifer Anniston are hard to maintain. Besides oiling your hair regularly you'll have to use good shampoo to wash it. There are various brands of shampoos available at supermarkets, and you're going to have to choose a shampoo that is suitable for your type of hair. Head & Shoulders and Pantene are two renowned shampoo brands and they can be bought for about Tk 350.

By Sayeed Mahmud Nizam


The greatest dilemma that people encounter everyday is that we all want to look good but we don't want to exercise. In an Utopian world, we would all probably be a Brad Pitt or Jessica Alba without exercising one bit. But alas, we have to face up to life's harsh realities.

Start and Stick to Exercising
The trick is sticking to exercise once you start. Statistics say that 90% of people have at one time or the other signed up for an exercise class but only 30% of those people end up enrolling for a second month. Most people don't even complete the first month.
Here are some tips on how to continue with your exercise regimen.

Expect to feel fatigued
Most people opt out for a second month because they feel too bushed. But it's only natural. The first five weeks may well be deadly but once you stick that out, working out can be reinvigorating.

Work towards achievable goals
If you are exercising so that you can look like the, afore mentioned actors, you might as well give up now. It's good to start with a perfect body in mind but evolve your opinions as you continue to exercise. Plus, work towards achievable short-term goals, with a broader plan in mind. That will help.

Don't try too hard
You don't have to do bench presses or stomach crunches all the time. Start slow. Simple Cardio-Vascular exercise helps more than you realise. And you don't even have to go to a gym. Do your 'spotty-dogs' and 'stride jumps' at home after dinner for about fifteen minutes. But keep it low enough so you don't wake your neighbour downstairs.

Participate in sociable activities
To keep fit you don't have to enroll in a gymnasium and pump weights in solitary confinement all day. You can play basketball or football or even go swimming. Not only are the games, fun and competitive, you also make new friends and get exercising done. Plus, swimming is the number one way to burn off calories.
Here is to hoping you stick to exercise!

By Quazi Zulquarnain Islam




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