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all aboard the style scooter…

Join us on this fashion trek

Fashion is a continuous process. What's new today turns old tomorrow. But then again, sometimes a fashion trend comes back to where it began from in a new form, in a new rubric.

Fashion house Trendz has begun its journey with the concept of modern and trendy clothes where one will find clothes in western formats as well as a fusion of eastern and western styles making it look both ethnic and chic. Products in this category include tees, blouses, tank tops, long tops, skirts, trousers, kurtas, fitted tops and pants for the girls. For the boys there are executive and casual shirts, kurtas, fatuas, polo shirts, t-shirts, formal and casual trousers. This diverse collection of clothing forms the Summer Collection of Trendz, where the colours have been chosen from the various colours of summer flowers and fruits.

Trendz has a unique variety in formal and casual shirts. Special attention has been given to the fabrics, the textures and the colours. Stitching and patterns are of export quality. In most cases exported fabrics have been used, colour and texture of which is very attractive. Along with it, there is a special collection of formal and casual trousers too.

One of the main attractions in the summer collection is denim with different types of wash effects. Enzyme wash, sand brush, and heavy stone with enzyme wash have been used in various forms on soft denim fabrics. The colours include blue and black and the styles have been created suitable for summer and with keeping the textures in mind. In some cases different kind of modern stitching have been used.

To make the fashionable young girls look even more fashionable and trendy this summer, Trendz has a big collection of tops, short tops, tank tops, skirts etc. in bright colours.

And for the girls, tops in a shirt pattern and blouses in summer colours are a big attraction. In this collection, not just imported cotton fabrics, locally produced and cotton and taat fabrics have also been used. Apart from pattern-based clothing, frills, pintacs, plit, zigzag, saddles stitch. And to add values to the collection, kantha stitches, karchupi, machine embroidery and sequence have been used in the clothings as well.

Their only outlet is at Bashundhara City, Shop no 114-115, Level-2, Block-D, Panthapath, Dhaka-1205.

-LS Desk

etcetera continued

What started off as a flamboyant bookshop in a glitzy, off the main road location in Gulshan, has now evolved into what Director Maher Murshed refers to as " a lifestyle oriented department store."

Etcetera Bangladesh continues its unabated expansion by opening its second branch in the heart of Dhanmondi. With a wonderfully decorated interior that includes a state of the art escalator amongst other things, Etcetera brings all its clout to the residential hub of Dhaka city.

The first thing that one notices after walking through the doors of the Dhanmondi Branch is how much bigger it is than its Gulshan counterpart. This is in keeping with its department store theme, explains customer care expert Noushaba Hoq. The idea is to cater to all ranges of population and making sure that everyone has at least one or two different things that interest them. She goes on to explain that the most important thing in shopping is not bargain rates but the comfort factor and convenience. She is confident that Etcetera will soon have an avid following in and around its new branch.

The Dhanmondi branch is very nicely organized into two floors. The ground level has colognes, gift items, which have been carried over from Gulshan and expanded considerably. Also there is the totally new clothing line. Many reputed brands are on display here and Noushaba Hoq expressed her belief by saying that they would cater to many more brands in the near future.

The upper level though is where most of the departments lie. The coffee shop has a well- articulated interior and lies just beside the book section. So you can grab a book/magazine of interest get yourself a cup of coffee and sit yourself in the comfy sofas for the long haul.

Also on the upper level are the children's section, the electronics section, which carries everything from flat screen TV's to hairdryers and the CD/DVD section, which has been expanded even further. Also in the CD section, Etcetera now offers its customers a chance to sample the music before they purchase it making shopping thus ever more interesting.

All in all, Etcetera has put forward a store that rivals the very best in Western style shopping. Their like is something that the people of Bangladesh have rarely sampled before. Executive Director, Amer Ahmad sums it up by saying that, "whatever may be your lifestyle, you are bound to find something of interest under our roof." Be it books, music, TV's or just hanging around with friends, Etcetera offers it all.
"Shopping is an experience," says Noushaba Hoq. After visiting Etcetera, most would unanimously agree.

By Quazi Zulquarnain Islam
Photo: Zahedul I Khan



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